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TMZ's Cheer-tastic Photo Contest -- WINNER!

9/14/2010 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The tribe has spoken -- and the high-flying Daddy Daughter Duo destroyed the competition in our Cheer-tastic Photo Contest -- scoring the $250 prize and some great gifts from TMZ!

This week's contest is our Second Annual Celebrity Look-Alike Contest -- so if your not-so famous face has been mistaken for the real deal -- email in a picture and your faux-celebrity snapshot could help you win BIG!

**CLICK HERE for contest rules and regulations!**


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Yes, by all means reward this jacka$$ who endangers his daughter like that!

Sad how stupid we've become in the last few decades.

1468 days ago


that was so obviously photoshopped, I can't believe you guys fell for it!

1468 days ago


Seriously that is her dad and he is looking up so that he can make sure she doesn't fall. I think we all know who the perverted ones are. Always turning something innocent into something it's not. You should be ashamed.

1468 days ago


It is not photoshoppped! The little girl is fearless and her father knows what he is doing! He looks like he was a cheerleader and he knows how to handle a flyer. She may be small but you can see her feet in her Dad's hand. Leah has great balance and is very trusting that her Daddy will not drop her! Sore losers! As for the pervert that is suggesting the father is looking up Leah's skirt? He is looking up to make sure she doesn't fall. She has tights on underneath the skirt.
So there is nothing to see.

Only a pervert would think something like that!!!!

1468 days ago


Yep, looks photoshopped to me too! I mean really? Can't everyone tell?? The "pervert" comment was uncalled for, though. "Leslie" must be Mom or a relative haha Nothing wrong with that, though.

But yeah, it's a (bad) photoshopped picture!

1468 days ago


Pervert comment indeed uncalled for.

BUT, that is clearly photoshopped!

No matter, cute photo, and this is what counts, yes?

1467 days ago


haha. I can't help but laugh at some of these stupid comments. Photoshopped? I doubt it. The dad looking up skirt? haha... you're an idiot. Endangering?... Oh, please.

After looking at the rest of the photos... This is by far the best one. I can't believe these other competitors thought they had a chance. And if you're someone making stupid comments- don't be a sore loser. Try again next time :-)

1467 days ago


Still, she`s awful small and that`s quite a drop. I just don`t get putting such a young child in harms way, mistakes do happen. I hope there`s a safety mat down.

1467 days ago


its totally photoshopped.

1467 days ago

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