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Lindsay Tweets: 'I'm Prepared to Face Consequences'

9/18/2010 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan apparently has had a change of heart.  After telling friends TMZ's story was dead wrong -- that she tested positive for cocaine and flunked a drug test -- she then took to her Twitter page late Friday night and fessed up.

Regrettably, I did in fact fail my most recent drug test and if I am asked, I am prepared to appear before judge Fox next week as a result.

Substance abuse is a disease, which unfortunately doesn't go away over night. I am working hard to overcome it and am taking positive steps forward every day. I am testing every single day and doing what I must do to prevent any mishaps in the future.

This was certainly a setback for me but I am taking responsibility for my actions and I'm prepared to face the consequences.

I am so thankful for the support of my fans, loved ones and immediate family, who understand that i am trying hard, but also that I am a work in progress, just as anyone else. I am keeping my faith, and I am hopeful....Thank you all!!! 

As we told you yesterday, Lindsay actually failed two drug tests -- the second was not for cocaine. 

Nonetheless, she's now acknowledging a problem.  For her sake, we hope these are her words and not those of the people who have so adeptly gotten her out of numerous jams.


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Emma Stone is nipping at your heels Lindsay.

1494 days ago


I couldn't face her bad hair color.

Girls, don't color your hair; when u are not battling the gray, leave it natural.

1494 days ago


Name one person that supports you that you aren't paying or giving drugs. You are among the most despised people on earth, right up there with your twin, Paris and your other twin Britany. Shape up or join them in the trailer park with bad skin, 6 teeth between you and doing favors for strangers to get a cheeseburger.

1494 days ago


I think she tried to beat the system and thought it would be out of her body before her next drug test.Once she realized the gig was up her team went into big time damage control via twitter and by osmosis Tmz

1494 days ago


to whateverpeeps... Jesus is a fairy tail? Please. LL has already gone down your professional road... and has gotten no where. ZERO. Now you want her to continue to trust those same professionals that said she was not a drug addict? Or the ones who prescribed her pills? There is no test the professionals can give. Try an MRI? CT Scan? Identify anything other than the damage caused by your sinful behavior. Get with it, whaeverpeeps. JESUS is the savior of the world...not some fairy tale. I know thousands who have been once drug users who are now delivered by the power of the living savior, Jesus Christ. Thousands!!!!! That is not fairy tale. Can your professionals say that?

1494 days ago

Just Sayin    

this makes me want to do coke
do anybody know where i can get some

1494 days ago


Lindsay is what you call a lost cause. UCLA was a waste of time and even bigger waste of money.
She deserves the full penalty of the law and I hope the judge gives it to her. All this special treatment she gets for being a "celebrity" doesn't help. She is a ****ty actress but obviously did a good enough job to fool everyone at rehab that she was paying attention and behaving well so she could get out early and start her destructive lifestyle.
She is a drain on society and everything that is wrong with the world. A waste of time and I have no sympathy for people who have every chance in the world to get help and refuse to do so. I pray she gets what's coming to her, because obviously her punishment so far has not been enough to wake her up.

1494 days ago


Getting Lindsay off of drugs is one issue she has. The others:

Jewelry/fur coats seems to disappear when she is within 10 feet.

Partying/bar hopping while paparazzi are following (bad judgment)

Unprofessional behavior on the movie set (public scolding when filming Georgia Rule). When actors/actresses do not want to work with you, it does not matter if you are drug-free and not stealing other peoples property.

1494 days ago

Jim in Cali    

Good luck Lindsay.

1494 days ago


She needs to get the hell out of Los Angeles. She is in a place where she is vulnerable to drugs and alcohol. Don't you people get that? Her mom is making the right choice of deciding to take her out there. At least she can face the fact on what lies ahead for her, without crying like she did last time. I hope the best for Lindsay, and I have strong faith that she can get her life back together. :)

1494 days ago


I still want confirmation from the NY Times or Wall Street Journal and hear it from a D.A. or Lindsay's attorney before I believe it.

IF .. and that's a big IF Lindsay really failed this drug test then this is a huge "cry for help". Maybe at some level she really DOES want to be in a lock-in rehab place or mental hospital for 6 months or whatever. Jail too comes with the package. I'm sure Lindsay is well aware of that.

Hard to believe if she really did this. If she did, it is far beyond my range of COMMON SENSE and sanity. I've done some stupid stuff when I was younger, but I wouldn't be THIS mind boggling stupid. The only thing you can call it is self-defeating insanity to the max.

She was about to maybe on on Oprah and start a big comeback for her career. Maybe at some level she really doesn't want to be a rich and famous Hollywood entertainer anymore. Even if she has a few million fans, some of these child actors just can't handle it I guess they just want to go back to being a "regular person".

Jeez. Being an actor or actress can't be THAT bad that you just HAVE TO take lots of drugs and booze just to pacify yourself like you're 2 year old or whatever.

1494 days ago


Jesus, my gardener, says he will fix her for 25 large but he really hates chubby chicks; she needs to lose 25lbs first. He also says he can't heal liars, they are incurable. He calls her a "two striker" and says she has no soul. That is what Jesus says!

1494 days ago


I guess your dad's been right all along!!

1494 days ago


Lindsay is not a lost cause. Just lost. There is always hope for the lost. She does not have to be lost. Once I was lost as well. Then I was found...many years ago by a loving and very caring savior, Jesus Christ. Who totally transformed my life... as He has done to hundreds of thousands of others... and will do the same for Lindsay or Paris or anyone else who will call upon the name of Jesus. He is the author and finisher of our faith. We have to have faith in something or someone .... try Jesus. The wonderful thing about it is .... it works. He is alive and will come inside of you. That is the mystery of the Gospel and what makes Him different than any other. He is spirit ...

1494 days ago

Lady V    

Finally she steps up and takes responsibility!

1494 days ago
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