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Sarah Palin To Appear at 'Dancing with the Stars'

9/17/2010 3:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sarah Palin will be in the audience to cheer on her daughter, Bristol, for Monday's season opener of "Dancing with the Stars" ... sources connected with the show tell TMZ. 

Our spies say security has been "beefed up" for Sarah's appearance.

And get this ... We found out the song Bristol Palin and Mark Ballas will dance to -- in front of Mama Palin.  It's Three Dog Night's, "Mama Told Me (Not to Come)."  Classic.

We're told Bristol will wear glasses and a conservative outfit but tear off her clothes mid-dance ... just like in the old days.




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Jade spewed: "Yeah because every kid who gets pregnant is automatically an expert on what not to do, right? Because she knew all of a sudden that she did something wrong, not because her mom's handlers coached her in the proper thing to say and do and represent to win an election?"

Again, my bitter little window-licker, experience is one of the best teachers. So I guess you really do wet your panties when a former drug user tells others not to use drugs.

1464 days ago


Maybe she'll bring a gang of T party peeps with her for support.

1464 days ago


Maybe Limbaugh can come with her and show them how to do the limbo wearing his T party hat..( mischievious grin)

1464 days ago


After wards, they will go have a "tea party". ctfu

1464 days ago


This dysfunctional family is a big piece of crap!! Why do they even call this show Dancing With The Stars?? Bristol's fat ass is definitely not a star.

1464 days ago


I can pick on Chelsea easy. I could say that when she talked to the Pope that she didn't even have enough class to take off her sunglasses. I could also say "why was it necessary for the million dollar wedding? Have you seen the mess this country is in and you want to flaunt it?"
BUT I don't say that because it's her freaking life and I couldn't care less what she does as long as she's not killing someone.

1464 days ago


That's the thing about Sarah Palin, she's like us. If your daughter was on Dancing with the Stars, wouldn't you be in the audience if you had the chance? That's why she is so popular, she connects with the real people.

1464 days ago


I perfer not to support any of these idiots....they all tell you what you want to hear to get voted into office and then once in,Its personal agenda time and screw the public.Last good president we had was Ronald Reagan,and even he had his faults but he did truely care about doing the right thing...

1464 days ago


Forget my earlier comments. I was just being plain silly :-)
Maybe, Palin and her Hubby, Limbaugh and his new wife, Sean and his wife could all do a courtesy dance in T party hats.
Wouldn't that be just spiffy folk? ( Stepping away from my pc)

1464 days ago


Won't be watching until that spawn is voted off!

1464 days ago


listen to all you sorry "A" libs. You not only do not know how to run a nation but I am guessing the majority of you who have nothing nice to say, would yourself have to be rolled onto the stage in a wheelbarrel! Feel free to go live somewhere else after NOVEMBER!

1464 days ago


I can't wait for the season premiere and I hope Bristol does great. I respect her and her mom! I voted for Sarah for president and I would probably do so again.
Contrary to what Liberals believe you don't have to be born with a silver spoon in your mouth to be respected and trusted.
Count me as a fan of TEAM BRISTOL!

1464 days ago


Just ruined that show for me. Keep the politics off my entertainment. Guess I'll watch Chuck instead.

1464 days ago


Aww HP_Loveshaft (loveshaft LOL)

Can't you put your personal bias aside and drop the ad hominem attacks to argue a point?

I don't think you are capable. You'd rather flight personal attacks. It serves nothing, because the bottom line is Bristol Palin isn't a star, and she has very well-paid handlers and coaches.

1464 days ago


#133 now that's a new low! Comparing a down syndrome kid to a loaf of bread. Lot's of haters on here for sure.

1464 days ago
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