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Lindsay Lohan -- Not Home, Not Alone

9/18/2010 10:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan spent what could be one of her last night's of freedom with a few friends in Hollywood, flashing her mildly prophetic tat "I restore myself when I'm alone."

Earlier in the day -- after TMZ broke the news of her failed drug test ... and after we broke the news it was for cocaine ... and after we broke the news it was multiple failed drug tests -- our camera guy spotted Lindsay out for a drive. 



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Notice her Hermes bracelet!
All hoes/sluts need to wear Hermes like Kim fat ass K.
Maybe spending all that wasteful money @ Hermes helps these lowlifes cleanse their guilt at their failure lives!

1496 days ago


Lindsay was just trying to keep up with Paris Hilton.

The dummy needs to understand that Paris is a rich girl that can party all her life. She is not a working actress.

No-talent Snooki & Kim behave better than LiLo.

1496 days ago


and if "by restore myself" she means "blows lines", then ya, sure.

1496 days ago


An addict or alcoholic doesn't get better until the negative consequences of their continued use CLEARLY outweigh any benefit they are still receiving from their substance abuse. Most addicts/alcoholics have an incredible tolerance for pain & suffering - thus the reason for the amazing amount of destruction they do before getting better. Ms. Lohan has an army of folks enabling her and that only adds to her downward spiral. The fact that she was allowed to leave treatment early is a clear indication that even the treatment centers are being manipulated into doing things her way. Time for her to face some serious consequences or this disease is going to kill her.

1496 days ago

Michael Knight    

You know she must have been high when she was Tweeting that she was guilty. What lawyer would let their client admit to breaking the law ON THE INTERNET before they went before the judge. But she'll only get 20 minutes behind bars again. And after getting busted 2x for parole violations for drug use, do you really think it's smart to go out partying??? Stupid whore.

1496 days ago


jerry lewis was right. someone needs to bitch-slap some sense into that poor stupid girl.

1496 days ago


wasn't she supposedly terrified to be alone while in prison/rehab??

1496 days ago


Who Friggin cares? Lets talk about someone who has a bright future....not a grim one!

1496 days ago


I doubt she will be in jail very long. Her lawyer will see to that.

1496 days ago


GOSH! That picture make her look like a 45 year old woman. Ugh!

1496 days ago


Lindsay, get rid of these so-call "FRIENDS."

While you're at it, get rid of that so-call "MOM," too

1496 days ago


this poor kid has OD written all over her. I hope that she kicks it before it happens to her.

1496 days ago


Lindsay has had enough rehab now that she knows how to "talk the talk" of the rehab folks. They tell you that you will most likely relapse and she took it and ran with it, using that theory as an excuse to use dope again. People are sick of you Lindsay. We're sick of your family too. I hope you NEVER get another acting job, you don't deserve a 120 minute spot of time in my family room any longer. The other old line for the psycho-babblers of "fake it til you make it" no longer applies to you. You faked it but you aren't making it.

1496 days ago


Who is her mother going to blame it on this time. How long before she does another paid interview about how her daughtor is the victim. Lock Lindsey up. March jher before a grand jury and force her to cough up the names of her dealers. Lock them up as well. Any fool that hires her for a movie now should be boycotted. No need to keep giving this addict attention. If you want to film an addict just head for the hood. They ar on every corner. they do not whine when tey get locked up.

1496 days ago

scott Schmitt    

At least She'll leave a "Good looking Corpse"....seems like that's what she wants anyway!
Kills me when people Dream of being an actor or actress, and work so hard at it, only to do everything in their power to ruin it!?? Her tattoo says it all "I restore myself when I am alone"
The Bible says in proverbs 3:5 "Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding."
In order to get any better, "If she really wants to anyway" she's got to get it together with God, cause she's shown over and over again that she really .."Can't" RESTORE HERSELF. Sad but not over Lindsay ..He'll meet you where you are!

1496 days ago
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