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Lindsay Lohan -- AA, Day 2

9/19/2010 9:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan was smiling, upbeat and a tad sexy when she was spotted leaving an AA meeting in Hollywood last night.

It's two days in a row that Lindsay has attended a meeting

Let's hope this becomes her new habit.


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She's getting better!

1462 days ago


I'm with the others that are suggesting that you leave her alone at meetings. You guys are nothing but a bunch of parisites.

1462 days ago



You are going to jail or maybe even die. You had better wake up and read some comments here or elswhere. AA and NA are good but you are lost and they will not help you at this point in your addiction. You need to check into a program for at least a year if not much, much longer. Think of it this way. What is your career and more importantly your life worth, everything right? So what is a year or two out of the spot light? Nothing if it means getting sane and living out the rest of your years which will be very, very long if you play this right. You need to check in, sister. You are playing with the devil and it is right between your ears. Trust not the monster within, question all your thinking. If anyone around you is enabling you in ANY WAY, get rid of them. Attack the LIE, don't play with it or feed it.

1462 days ago



1462 days ago

Mr. Justice    

It’s just another stunt to manipulate the law because she is caught with her back against the wall. This WMF and the judge that cut her loose need to spend some jail time. When will these judges get serious when she drives her new Maserati up someone ass. OH please that spoil bitch does not need rehab she needs some serious prison time

1462 days ago


Yea....It would have looked sincere if it would have been

done when she got out of UCLA.

1462 days ago


Please judge don't send my sorry ass 2 jail,i'm trying 2 put on a Good show for tha cameras.

1462 days ago


I agree with #8's post. Leave her alone and stop taking her picture coming out of AA. If she is serious about this time will tell, but take what she is doing serious. The kid has been through enough and maybe she is really trying this time. Addiction is never easy. Good Luck, I hope you make it

1461 days ago


I thought she just resently insulted and belittled the judge in her case by declaring that she is not an addict, and that she felt she was owed an appology. I guess she assumes a few photo op's and maybe some tears at her next hearing will mitigate her, already liberal, California punishment. How pathetic that she only spent 2 weeks in jail. This judge and the entire system is just pathetic.

1461 days ago


AA has a lot more people with solid years of sobriety and more than half of AA members are cross addicted to drugs , so AA is probably better for her to get a sponsor and work the steps of the program and get to the solution of her problems, I hope she does well in recovery

1461 days ago


Other celebrities in similar situation were able to overcome their addiction and moved on with their life. Drew Barrymore appears to be doing well. Motherhood seems to have rehabilitated Britney Spears. So there's hope for Lindsay. What she need is a good support system and a strong manager, which unfortunately, she does not seem to have. Her mother is in denial. Her father, regardless of his motive, is at least speaking the truth. Her parents should work together to help Lindsay. She is indeed one gorgeous and sexy lady and she still has plenty of time to turn her life around.

1461 days ago


Stargazer, why do women spend thousands to look like a hollywood street walker and then get upset if you ask them "are you really a whore" ??

1461 days ago


So much for the ANONYMOUS part of Alcoholic Anonymous.

1461 days ago


AA is a great organization. However, given her history and recent alleged peepee test failures...wouldn't NA be the organization of choice?

1461 days ago


I sincerely hope no judge is taken in by this stunt. However, we are talking about California....

1461 days ago
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