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Katy Perry's Dress -- Too Hot for 'Sesame Street'

9/23/2010 6:46 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Katy Perry's costume -- and song -- have been yanked from "Sesame Street" ... after the show began receiving complaints like, "that was the most messed up thing iv [sic] ever seen."

Katy shot a segment for the show -- which was supposed to air on New Year's Eve -- in which she sings a cleaned-up version of her song, "Hot N Cold" with Elmo.

The song made its way to YouTube Monday and racked up nearly a million views.  But some parents started complaining her cleavage was too front and center.  We've learned producers have decided not to air the song on the show.
Fact is ... what looks like Katy's bare chest is actually covered in flesh-colored mesh that goes all the way to her neck. 


Gwen's Wax Figure: Abs-olutely Perfect

Gwen Stefani flew into Las Vegas today for the unveiling of her new wax figure at Madame Tussaud's -- and attention to detail is uncanny ... especially in her stomach!

The No Doubt star's abs have always been sick -- and the six-pack on her double is just as impressive.

Check out the pics -- and see who else has been immortalized in wax!

Gisele & Ben: Playtime in the Park

Gisele Bunchen took her son with Tom Brady to the park in New York this weekend -- and it resulted in some of the cutest photos ever taken.

Forget about Vogue, W or GQ -- these are the supermodel's best shots!

David Hasselhoff Time Warp

While David Hasselhoff is facing off in this season's "Dancing with the Stars" -- take a trip down memory lane and watch his tantric talent grow as the years fly by!


Justin Bieber -- Sucking Face with His Opening Act

Justin Bieber was locked in a serious make-out session with the chick who stars in his "Baby" music video ... but the shocking part -- it all went down in the back of a Honda!!!  And TMZ has the photos.

The chick playing tonsil hockey with The Biebs is 16-year-old Jasmine Villegas -- who also happens to be the opening act on Bieber's concert tour.

The photos were taken on Thursday, September 9 in Venice, CA by some Canadian tourist who just happened to notice his country's most famous pop star in the midst of a make-out session with the luckiest teenage girl on the planet.

The two had been rumored to be dating ... but they insisted they were just "really cool friends."

Sorry to disappoint you, Chelsea Handler Rihanna Kathy Griffin Kim Kardashian America.

Courtney Cleans Up for Premiere

Shia LaBeouf, Michael Douglas, Josh Brolin, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Carey Mulligan all hit the red carpet -- but, surprisingly, Courtney Love was the one who really stood out at the "Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps" premiere.

Showing off her body and tattoos in a tight red dress, Love really glammed up for the event at the Ziegfeld Theatre last night in New York City -- where her makeup was also top notch.

Check out more shots of Courtney and everyone else at the premiere!

Katy Perry -- The Bachelorette's Bikini Party

Katy Perry strapped a wedding veil to her butt this weekend for one last fling as a single woman -- at a bikini bachelorette party in Vegas with Rihanna and a bunch of her friends.


Our pals at obtained a whole bunch of awesome photos of the singer lettin' loose at the pool at the Hard Rock Hotel.

Perry -- who was doin' some boozin' at the pool -- was clearly mentally prepared for the weekend ... dropping the following tweet before the weekend kicked off, "Signing up for a liver transplant now.”

Celebrity Scramble!

Can you guess whose beautiful famous face was given this nasty celebrity scramblin'?!


What's the Big Frigin' Difference?!

Take a glance at these sneaky snapshots and see if you can spot the differences in the following photos!

**HINT -- There are THREE differences in the above photo!**


No Avatar


Sasame Street is only for children.
Why expose them to this, if they dont need to see it?
My son would have noticed for sure, kids are not stupid.
If this dress is alright, then why dont grade school teachers wear this low cut type of dress?
Because their not allowed to, its too much skin for younger kids.

1470 days ago


It is SESAME STREET!...A Children's show that has been on Public TV for DECADES. Don't like their call?.. It's viewer supported TV at it's finest.... Don't watch, don't contribute.

1470 days ago

Donald Ross    

It's sesame street not mtv, wake up woman.

1470 days ago


Oh, please. Tinker Bell wears less clothing, and no parent says ANYTHING about her, even if he is a cartoon character. Little girls look at her all the time; dress up like her for Hallowe'en, have her all over their birthday party decor. Figure skaters wear nude mesh all the time to give the illusion of scant clothing, but NOBODY bats a frickin' eyelash.
What a bunch of easily offended hypocrites. I'm not a fan of Katy's...but this is just stupid and seems more about Katy Perry hate than "we-need-to-protect-our-children-from-the-evil-cleavage".

1470 days ago


Really? At least Katy is wearing dress up clothes. Elmo is nude.

1470 days ago


Do you mean that skank Katy Perry couldn't cover up her jugs just once for the kids? I guess if she did people would then concentrate on her lack of talent instead of being hypnotized by her b**bs. That's why Madonna, Lady Gag and all the others have to be naked. So the world won't hear their immense flat voices.

1470 days ago

M. Jordan    

I have 4 kids that love SS. That outfit was not appropriate. Good move for SS.

1470 days ago


you can tell its fabric #1 and second how is this any worse than figure skater outfits??? give me a break,I am a 40 yr old mom and not offended by this

1470 days ago


Let's have a Muppet character who is HIV positive, two men, Bert and Ernie who have lived together for, oh, 40 years, and their sexuality has been in question, and the biggest scandal is how low someone's dress is? Seems to me there are a lot of people out there with nothing better to do than to stir up a tempest in teapot, over a low cut dress, which may or may not show Katy's breasts. You don't think these kids have seen Mommy's boobs while breastfeeding? Give me a break..if SS wants more ratings and publicity, congratulations. They've got 'em.

1470 days ago


I was at school in the kindergarten section. A mother walked in wearing a long black tube top like dress. She had lots of cleavage. All the 5 year old boys could not take their eyes off of her! The little girls made comments like " what is Johns mother wearing?!" Kids notice. Bravo SS.

1470 days ago


yes, anyone can walk in a mall and see women dressed like katy perry, however, we trust sesame street would have the decency to take care and respect small children...its time to think of the children first....they grow up so fast and have so much to deal with...lets let them be innocient as long as they can be...just change the costume, all is well....not get so upset about...just do what the company wants...its easy...change out of the outfit that doesnt fit the mold for sesame street lovers.

1470 days ago


It would have been cute if Katy wore something more appropriate.
Sure, it may not seem like a big deal to the adults, but this is a children's show and if you haven't stepped out and noticed, little girls are acting "sexier" at younger ages each year!

1470 days ago


anyone who thinks it is no big deal that katy perry's outfit is of no concern, must not have children, or they do and they let them have mohawks and draw on walls.....its time to respect each other....given reasons to be rebellious, they will be. These people are giving young children tickets to be their "own" person, without understanding that they are just too young...hello Angela Jolie and her little boy/girl....because of her. Its time to become wonderful parents and care about what happens to children before they are a disaster.

1470 days ago


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1470 days ago


Typo, sorry--hinky "s" key: obviously Tinker Bell is a "she" and not a "he". LOL.

1470 days ago
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