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Lindsay Lohan

Will Bail Out of Jail

9/24/2010 9:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

UPDATE 10:10PM PDT: TMZ has learned that Lindsay's favorite bondsman has posted her bail. She can now leave the Lynwood jail as soon as she can get a ride.

UPDATE 6:02PM PDT: Lindsay will have to get a SCRAM bracelet (this will be her third) within 24 hours -- and under the terms of her bail, she is not allowed to be around known drug users ... and must submit to search by law enforcement at any time.  Also, nightclubs will be a major no-no ... Linds has to stay out of places where alcohol is the "chief item of sale."

Lindsay Lohan
will be a free woman soon, because a judge has just reversed Judge Elden Fox's decision and has granted LiLo bail ... TMZ has learned.

Judge Fox ruled earlier today ... Lindsay could be held without bail.  But apparently the Judge's ruling flies in the face of California law, which gives defendants the right to bail in misdemeanor cases.

Judge Patricia Schnegg, Assistant Supervising Judge for the L.A. County Criminal Courts, just threw Judge Fox's bail decision out the window.  Judge Schnegg has set bail at $300,000.

Lindsay, who is in Lynwood Jail right now, should get out soon ... probably in a few hours.


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damn!!! i'm moving to california so i can do whatever the hell i want and have no reprecussions from it. i think our justice system already sucks to high heaven but the judges and system in that state makes us look like a joke to the rest of the world!! look what Japan and a whole lot of other countries did to Paris. they should fire these judges!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1452 days ago


Lindsay is guilty of making a lot of poor choices, however that doesn't make her a "BAD PERSON". Furthermore, who are we to "judge" her behavior anyway. She isn't guilty of killing anyone, she's guilty of not following the guidelines of her probation.

For those of you who are old enough, think about all the times you broke the law, and were blessed to not have been caught.

Keep in mind, she does live in CA and they do have different punishments for different crimes than other states. That doesn't make CA unique, almost every state in our country has different punishments for the exact same crime.

Case in point, in CA DUI's fall of your record after ten years. What does that matter? Well let's say you ac***ulate a DUI when you're 16 and another when your 21. If you happen to get one at 40, it would be considered a first offense.

In TEXAS under that same scenario, the offense at 40 is considered a 3rd offense and results in a felony and generally prison time.

Life is not FAIR, get over it.

1452 days ago

for now    

Over 700 hundred comments here. Wow!
Is Lindsay the most famous,most relevant,most important,most hated,most loved,
most popular,most talked about person in the world?

1452 days ago

Blondie Girl    

our criminal system is meant for punishment, not dianogostics.

so if she is to be punished... jail her.

if she needs treatment... then she needs to get it herself.

Just take her cars away, so she cant' kill anyone else.

1452 days ago


The worst Lindsay get's the more publicity she gets until of course if she dies off (overdoses) I think that would end her publicity she is no Michael Jackson and family.

1452 days ago


Man if I got a dollar for every **** shes sucked to get out of jail I would be a millionaire!!!!

1452 days ago


Look she'd still be in jail right now if she couldn't afford to paid her own bail. That is the only difference, her part of the bail was thirty thousand dollars.She is paying almost a thousand dollars a day to not set in jail plus the fee's for the scam.This is only a fraction of what she has spent in the past 3 years for her crimes.If she was setting in jail it would be costing the residents of Ca. not her. Most of us couldn't afford the bail.That's why.

1452 days ago


Lock her up and throw away the key. What a "great" role model for our children. The sense of entitlement has to stop. And what about the movie moguls backing her ? Condoning bad behaviour ? Like I said lock her up and let her dry out the hard way.

1452 days ago


What have we learned from this, People?

1. Next time you in LA, you get popped for driving under the influence and you need a lawyer---who you goin' call? Shawn Chapmon Holly!!!

2. Although I am not a FAN of Lilo, I respect ANYONE who can publically rebuke and humiliate a JUDGE!!! Judge FOX, you are not fit to sit on the bench, let alone on top of a fire hydrant!!! Hey FOX, what'jed do: Screw the dog and kick the wife this morning?!!! SPANKEY, SPANKEY!!! You CAN'T deny bail on a Misdemeaner Alchole offender who popped poz on a drug test while awaiting their VOP Hearing---What WERE you thinking!!!

3. Forget the Economy, Forget the War, Forget healthcare---what I want to know is what is going to be on LiLo's fingernails when she goes back to court. She can't put 'F*ck FOX' on it because EVERYONE will assumed she meant FOX NEWS and she can't put 'BITE ME' because everyone will naturally assume she is sending a shout out to VP Joe 'Bite Me' Biden. Perhaps a simple, but Elegant 'FJF'!!!

4. Judge Fox, I know you are going to make the right decision to help Ms. Lohan. And I know your decision will not be affected by Ms. Lohan having pulled down your little man panties, picking up a hair brush and paddling your little behind PUBLICALLY!!! You know technically, this is her THIRD Misdemeanor and that could be three strikes...

1451 days ago


You know the fourth time is a charm. I wonder if someday she might end up like michael jackson? Only time will tell.

1450 days ago


No offense but i was the same as lindsey at her age. I went to the same courthouse and got two duis and believe it or not after five years of misery being banned from liquor stores and clubs altogether I realized i i didnt give up alcohol i may never find what my life would feel like without it. I am proud to say I had Judge Elden Fox and my lawyer was his best friends regardless of the communication they held with eachother in my positive defense I found growing up and taking the once what he wanted his words into extremity. I now do not drink do not go to night clubs, do not have sex with random guys, do not use drugs. Instead I am about to get married to my best friend who was an addict as well. I have found that I needed someone that understands me and my past accepts me and wants me to be nothing but a better person. I now am proud to say we are both clean on our journey to elop in a year from now and we plan to have a family. All because of elden fox who has completely made my outllok on life turn around. I always thought cops were bad people when now i have cops in my family(yes hes arrogant but a great guy that sees me for me and tells me he is proud of me needless to say he is younger than me) and I thank the cop that arrested me the judge that made me correct my unevitable path of destruction. But lindsey I was just like you and they asked me two months ago what made me change my life. Guess what I know he saw me in you. Why would he ask that question. I told him we need babysitters someone to encourage us and keep us grounded. I discovered I was sexy, fun, and smart without all the dope. He wants lindsey to do exactly that. He asked me for a reason judge elden and I know he is hard on you. But I can tell you he is the best man with the biggest heart. You find out i you give him a chance. But I assure you Judge Elden Fox will not let you win. Of course theyll take your money until your broke so you cant buy drugs. But lindsey I told him what I said because I was thinking why they would asked me such a question and I know they saw me four years ago at 24 just like you and now I am 28 off probation with a cleared record and happy as can be. I have a new life that I am proud to say I made myself. Again lindsey Elden Fox will not go away they want you to get better for yourself and for society. They are not going to let you free trust me your life will get worse much worse before it gets better. Youll be paranoid so much so scared you will have to go to jail youll never want to make an mistakes again. Take it from me. I was in court a month ago so all this is not new. Its all real and you better red this and find me on myspace I could give you some good advice. You will not prevail I promise. Your life will suck. Be yourself, find love in yourself and then you can find others will love you more.

1448 days ago


628/Ricwis: YOU WROTE
Please stop the babbling about "enablers " though. It doesn't work like that- as anyone who has ever been addicted can confirm - you either use the stuff or you don't . When you decide to quit it doesn't matter where you go, you can go partying in a club too .The fact other folks are drinking doesn't bother you one bit. .....The tough bit is taking the decision to quit,not the quitting itself...Hence her saying she had a "relapse " isn't very credible. It means she didn't yet take the decision to quit.You don't have relapses after that .... She should also stop thinking this is a disease. a Disease is something you have no control over - an "external enemy " if you will - while an addiction is a semi-permanent state of mind. Once you realize that it makes it a lot easier to quit.

I have NO IDEA what kind of recovery you're in. So many bizarre, nonsensical statements, I don't know which to choose. Beyond the idea that one can "take a decision," You MAKE a decision or TAKE a vow. What in the world do you think a relapse is. I'm not talking about Lindsey or whether or not she said anything about a relapse. Back on planet earth, most in recovery, say A.A., know relapse is generally part of recovery. People with decades of time relapse. As far as I know, Lindsey's admission that she has a problem, is recent one. That's a pretty good reason for not naming her use after jail "a relapse." You have to first be clean and sober to have a relapse. Again, can't imagine what you think it is. Perhaps it's just a communication problem. Then again, most classify alcoholism as a disease. It is different from many diseases in the sense that it CAN be controlled, but so can some others. Regardless, in my opinion and according to AA, however you qualify it, alcoholism is a lifelong... let's just say condition. Thanks.

1446 days ago
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