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Lindsay's Friend

Makes Plea to the Judge

9/24/2010 10:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

One of Lindsay Lohan's close friends -- and a co-star in the movie "Machete" -- has written a letter to Judge Elden Fox ... pleading with him to spare Lindsay from jail time.

Lindsay Lohan friend.
TMZ has obtained a letter Electra Avellan wrote for the judge. We're told Electra wrote the letter with a few other friends -- and she's trying to get the letter to Judge Fox before this morning's hearing. It reads:

Dear Judge Fox,

I am writing you in regards to Lindsay Lohan. I have had the pleasure to get to know her very well and have endured the past year with her through her highs and lows. I am desperate to get this message to you. She is working really hard to be better and has done everything possible to stay healthy and clean. We (family members and loving friends) have separated her from anyone who can harm her or deviate her from her goals which are to be a model citizen. She is aware of her impact in this world and wants to rise from this. A few days ago she had a very low moment and made a mistake that has her so terrified it is breaking my heart. I am truly concerned for her well being.

I do not intend to tell you what to do, but as a model citizen to another, I must beg you to please not send her to jail. Jail brought her down, and created so many insecurities and anxiety that we are now fighting to strip from her. She is not going to make this mistake again. She is building herself back up every second and jail will only set her back.

Please Judge Fox look at Lindsay and know that she is a woman who is struggling to get her life back on track, maybe as a day patient and a lot of wonderful community service we can have her pay back the mistake. I also think that community service can show her a different human dimension and allow her to count her blessings more often. I want to see her succeed and shine again. Please help her do it. She wants to get away from this madness. She needs help.

Thank you
Electra Avellan

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Most people have never heard of this "actress" who wrote the letter. Apparently she's a favorite of Robert Rodriquez. Death Proof, Planet Terror and Machete are pretty much the extent of her film career so I'm thinking this was more of a way for her to get her own mug shot and name in the press than anything else. Her film choices certainly aren't doing the trick. Unfortunately she believes than ANY press is good press and that sounding like a complete moron is going to build her fan base. Now sure, most actors in Hollywood are morons, but a few of them are at least good enough actors to fool their fan base. Since she's not fooling anyone and doesn't have a fan base I'm not sure what she was hoping to accomplish unless she's got a thing for Lindsay which is what it really sounds like. At least THAT would give her publicity.

1492 days ago


It was Electra Avellan's letter that made the judge throw Lindsay back in jail, LOL

1492 days ago


Girl pahleessee...can you spell E-N-A-B-L-E-R? That's exactly what you and all of her other "family members and loving friends" are. You are NOT helping her by writing this on her behalf, which in essense is saying that you don't see anything wrong with what she is doing or the lifestyle she is living but instead believe "she is working really hard to be better and has done everything possible to stay healthy and clean." That dear girl is DENIAL at its best!
She immediately went back to her "old" lifestyle as soon as she was released from rehab. Parties, late nights, same people and so on...they don't tell you in rehab that you have to change the "people, places, and things" in your life without good reason. If she truly wants to change her life and stay clean, then people like you and those around her are going to have to go.
Either go away permanently or go to Al-Anon to educate yourselves on what it is to be an enabler, how dangerous it is to someone attempting recovery and how to change yourself. The enabler is just as sick as the user, so before any of you start begging for poor Lindsey and how hard she is trying, try fixing yourself first. If you are indeed a true, loving friend that cares about her, that's the best gift you can give her. Not this pathetic letter.
I'm sure if it got to the judge in time, it only reinforced his decision in locking her up to get her away from all of you "well meaning" people that are doing nothing more than helping her to an early grave!

1492 days ago

My New Name    

There is only one statement that really applies here, or some variations of it:

What a freaking idiot.

Stupid girl is too stupid to even know she should be embarrassed.

1492 days ago


"Shes done everything possible to stay healthy and clean"? Apparently not, since she got high twice. "We (family members and loving friends) have separated her from anyone who can harm her or deviate her from her goals which are to be a model citizen."? Apperently not, since she got high twice. "She is aware of her impact in this world and wants to rise from this." guessed it, apperently not, SINCE SHE GOT HIGH TWICE!! Thats the problem with these celebrities, they convince each other the world will spin off its axis if not for them, and because of that, think they are due special treatment. If i was the judge, I woulda hauled both her parents off to the clink, I mean, I know Californias on the Left Coast, and you can lterally get away with murder (OJ, Dr Murray, etc..) but are there no child exploitation laws on the books??

1492 days ago


Electra Avellan (whoever that is) is a model citizen.....because she said so. What a friggin embarrassment

1492 days ago


she only cares to have LiHo out to have a get high partner. a real friend would never request such, but would want her friend to get the real help that is needed

1492 days ago

Home Skillet    

I can only think this trick was pranking with this letter as a joke. She got together with her friends, "Okay, okay - yeah, then I'll write, 'As one model citizen to another ... ' oh my God, this is gonna kill in court! Hilarious!"

How in the hell, I can barely keep a straight face here, does this trick think anyone would believe this? "We've been trying to keep her on the straight and narrow ... " - (I'm paraphrasing), uhhh - by taking her out clubbing to discuss her addiction issues? Are these the same loving friends who took her out and "accidentally spilled" alcohol on Blohan's anklet monitor? I bet that's a big 'ole, "Roger, Dodger" on that one.

Electra, we ain't buyin' it. I can see that the saying, "Birds of a feather flock together" is truly on display here. Go away.

1492 days ago


yeah so this girl who know one knows or cares about isnt trying to ride BloHo's shortening coat tales.. right. a real friend. off.

YO, TMZ my password is no longer valid.. WTF man?

1492 days ago


I have a plea for sweet Lindsay, judge please throw away the key!!

1492 days ago


oh wait I take it back I do know who she is.. she was in Planet Terror... and was pretty badass for the minor role she had... and now I hate her... soo sad. Robert Rodriguez WTF mate. Look what Lindsay is doing to everything.. ruiner of all that is good.

1492 days ago


Please, judge, lock her up for as long as you can. Don't let her out because of "good behavior" or anything else. Lock her up for the full sentence and then make her do community service and put her on a long probation. Please get her off the street so we don't have to hear about her for a long time.

1492 days ago


stfu bs...i am ver happy to see the brat go to jail. it made my day

1492 days ago

Peter Sc    

I can write a letter too:

Watching the courts in action live is even better than my favorite episode of "Simpsons".

1492 days ago


I bet what that vapid bitch had to say made all the difference in the world.

1492 days ago
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