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Lindsay's Lawyer

Holds Secret Meeting

with Judge

9/24/2010 6:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan's attorney Shawn Chapman Holley has something cooking -- possibly a Hail Mary -- because she just met with Judge Elden Fox in chambers.


This could be an attempt to get Judge Fox to allow Lindsay to post bail. For now, LiLo is locked up at Lynwood Correctional Facility waiting to get sprung.

Stay tuned...


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Good luck!
Probation is an alternative to a jail or a prison term dependent upon your performing the terms of your probation.
If you violate your probation you will be held until a probation revocation hearing. You have no right to a jury trial on the violation. You may end up in jail for months awaiting your violation hearing.
I’m very surprised Ms. Holley is so uninformed with the meaning of probation and the laws surrounding it.

It was also very arrogant appearing with a bail bondsman.
Try a bit of psychology going to court

1458 days ago


She's likely doing this because Judge Fox made the foolish mistake of sentencing Lindsay without hearing any arguments from the defense. I agree that jail could definitely help straighten her out, but the fact still remains that sentencing someone without hearing arguments from the defense is ILLEGAL. Shawn is well aware of that and is clearly determined to use this information to get Fox reassigned to someone else, and it could very well work, you'd think someone with his level of experience would know better then to make a mistake like that.

1458 days ago


I hope you are right
Shawn is seriously the best lawyer anyone could ever have

Free Lindsay

1458 days ago


#32 - "Jail, institutions or death" - SHe has blown off multiple institutions, and she did a crime. The way she is going, it is bound to be death so I believe jail is the best thing for her. An addict needs to be held accountable. INstitutions didn't work so now there is jail or death and I for one hope jail is the answer.

1458 days ago


If it's too crowded...let a couple of Jill Schmos out to make room what's her name. Make her share a "room"".

1458 days ago


I know someone who went to prison for 2 years for stealing a set of keys, simply because they could not meet the terms of the probation. She has been given every chance and she isn't doing it. There is only so much a lawyer can do. I agree she needs help, it's a shame they let her out of rehab early in the first place.

1458 days ago


Lock the twerp in a cell with Paris, and weld it shut!

You can do the crime, but not the time? Piss off.

1458 days ago


Hey I know how to make her stay in Jail. Stick her in with Sam my dog kills things ronson. I line up for the video. After 30 days with each other it will be a real cage match.

1458 days ago


And wait...."secret meeting"? Isn't this what got the previous judge in trouble, secretly meeting with the Shapiro and the prosecution? Why is this okay all of a sudden?

Posted at 2:59 PM on Sep 24, 2010 by Joe Blow


Good point

1458 days ago

Just Do It    

He did not sentence her because that already happened. The whole reason she is in trouble is because she was sentenced to jail, rehab, and to a probation of which she did not meet the terms. This is not a new crime but a violation related to terms of an old crime of which she was already found guilty of.

1458 days ago


Why is Shawn Chapman Holley having ex parte communications with the judge. And why does TMZ know about it?

1458 days ago

pam myers    

Oh please cant they find bigger fish to catch like rapist or murderers or child molesters so she got high she has money and they are making plenty of it off her who cares if she parties so does every other celeb i didnt see paris go to jail

1458 days ago


Shawn Chapman Holley is going to facilitate and vigorously defend Lindsay to her grave.

1458 days ago


Everyone knows there meeting. So what the secret, they screwing?

Forest Gumps mom: we can do this the hard way or the fun way.

1458 days ago


Is everyone on surrounded by this case in denial. So now her lawyer thinks she can sway the law. I have never seen such a circus in all my life. The rules were very clear, and in fact Lindsay stood there saying she completely understood them and now it's like " Wow I did not think I would go back to jail if I messed up" Morons.....All of them

1458 days ago
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