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TMZ User Promos: Too Hot for TV?

9/25/2010 8:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The TMZ TV User-Generated Promo Video Extravaganza Celebration (working title) is in its beta stage and we've found five great ones we plan on using on our show. There's just one small problem ...


We're getting a little push back from the suits at the Mother Ship, who claim promo #3 is too edgy. But we think kids cursing always equals comedy, so we need your help.

Check out the video above and if you think promo #3 is good to go, do us a solid and shoot an email to and let the Big Wigs know how much you love it.

Keep checking back for the latest on the TMZ TV User-Generated Promo Video Extravaganza Celebration and how you can submit your own.

We'll start running the promos on the TMZ TV show beginning Monday.


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1486 days ago


Who is ever going to believe that once upon a time Harvey liked girls? It strains my credulity and I'm wearing a jock strap.

1486 days ago


That'd be good - IF Harvey tells us when he'll be getting MARRIED !

1486 days ago


cute but wasnt great.However the child saying potty words I can do without.I know that generally in today's world 20 somethings and under every other word seems to be a an expletive and after that you know repetively or and um.what ever happened to intelligent thought and sentences that wouldnt make your mother blush.I am guilty of enjoying the TMZ programing but this doesnt come close to the daily funnies they have on the show.

1486 days ago


The kid isn't swearing for no reason, he's quoting Mel Gibson and I found that one the most hilarious by far. (Kids do repeat what they hear so its not far fetched, especially not like Harvey liking a girl).

1486 days ago


HAHAHA loved them all

1486 days ago


#3 is too much. Not only is the child swearing but he is spouting Mel's supposed words. It would be bad enough for a child to repeat a cuss word, but how would you feel for a child on the playground to say "I'll put you in the blank rose garden?" "Where did you hear that, young man?" "I heard it on TMZ."

1486 days ago


Honestly did not find promo 3 funny at all. I'm a mom but I also have a good sense of humor. Didn't find any of it funny honestly :( The other two were good though.

1486 days ago


Have you lost your f'ing minds. It's not funny. I like 1 and 2 more but let's be real they all are not tmz quality humour.

1486 days ago


2,4,5 are the best, in my opinion.

1486 days ago

Love Michael for the Man that he is..    

Totally not suitable for tv. Come on Harv. have a lil bit of responsibility for a child seeing a commercial where a kid is obviously saying a bad word.. Violence towards his toy and also a bad word. If it is just in your show that is one thing.. Kids don't usually watch your show. A commercial is another thing. Please do the responsible thing. I am sure you can come up with a more classy one, it wasn't even that funny.

1486 days ago


Promo #3 must be banned and not suitable for children!

1486 days ago


LOVED ALL OF THEM...esp. the one with the guy who wins the oscar, goes to rehab, and then has the sex tape, the super fan one was hilarious....those were my two favorites...couldn't figure out what the kid was saying in the first one, and the Hollywood one was rather stupid...but the fallen actor and the superfan were by far the best...followed by the kids.

1486 days ago


Sorry, not going to sit through a Wheat Thins ad just to see a promo. I clicked away the second I saw a commercial come up. So no email from me!

1486 days ago


Another link to the video:

I think it's hilarious! Hope we get to see it on the air!

1486 days ago
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