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Michael Jackson's Son -- Healing the World

9/27/2010 1:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson's son Prince is taking after his father -- TMZ has learned the 13-year-old went on a field trip last Thursday ... but instead of going to a museum or an aquarium, dude packed food for starving children.


It was all part of a charity event organized by The Buckley School -- we're told Prince and his classmates stopped by an L.A. warehouse owned by the Children's Hunger Fund ... and assembled over 500 20-pound boxes for children in Peru.

According to sources, the boxes contained all kinds of food -- including canned goods, beans, rice, and pasta.



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I love you Prince !!!

1448 days ago



1448 days ago


I think this school program is great! Unfortunately, I don't think it is says much about Michael Jackson or how he raised his son. But still, I think its awesome that the school has this kind of program, and thus encourages its students to do good work.

Posted at 12:41 PM on Sep 29, 2010 by Skeptic


I agree somewhat with your post. We do not know if this is something the school does on a regular basis or if it was suggested by one or more of the students. So to single Prince out takes away from the other children involved. You're right that it in no way proves that Michael was a good Father even though everyone who knew him says he was.

Either way it would make Michael proud to see his children involved in a program such as this.

1448 days ago


Not sure why the crazys need to turn a nice thing into something pointless. Too many mindless bullies lurking without a good cause for their own lives. Get a life.

Nice to see something about someone doing good. It's refreshing.

1448 days ago


No Good Deed - 2.0...........
First, let me apologize for my HORRENDOUS spelling and grammar on my last post. I've had my moments and probably will again, but never that BAD! Clearly, I was pretty tired when I posted--my only POSSIBLE excuse....
-Hey MiMi and any other Superstars on board!!
-#348: WillOTheWisp, Please, my post was not a JUDGEMENT against you, it was simply telling you why Myrandak had the response she had to your post. I understood what she meant because I had the very SAME RESPONSE at first until I realized that it was the way you worded it, rather than what you meant. You seem to have the word "imply" stuck in your mind, but as you listed the definition, I'm sure you know that it means "suggests" or "appeared to be", meaning I wasn't sure if that's what you meant....
Thing is, I didn't respond to your original post, I responded to your response to Myrandak's post because at that point I was trying to help you see that others saw the same thing she did....and I KNOW you didn't mean it that way.....
This post clarifies your point, because in addition to this statement from your ORIGINAL post:
I think they have a good chance of being slightly normal.
Posted at 11:57 PM on Sep 27, 2010 by WillOTheWisp
You also added:
(being around kids in REGULAR schools)
You know me, when it comes to Michael, if I see something that looks twisted, I call it out and there were MANY posts that from even so-called fans that WERE saying they could be "normal" now, without him. And YES, I got EMOTIONAL....I LOVE him and will ALWAYS get emotional when anyone says anything I perceive as negative against him. He's had more than his share of bad press and my only intention is to make sure he gets a fair shake, and having it perceived that PPB is better off without him bothers me as I hope it would you and anyone else who considers themselves his Supporters.....
But please, let's not have a spitting contest over this because you think that I ACCUSED you, when I didn't. Now that we're clear on this, let's move on and leave the dissention and bad will to OW and his ilk.......
No Peace till Justice!

1448 days ago


Someone said that he looks nothing like his father.. oh yes he does! But his father isn't Michael Jackson!

1448 days ago


susie,i am sorry if i confused you,i was talking about how nicely you decorate your comments.

1448 days ago


To those who say that Prince isn't Michael's son,watch THE FOOTAGE WE WERE NEVER MEANT TO SEE from the bashir do***entary,which was shot by Michael's cameraman at the same time as bashir's and listen to what DEBBIE says about Michael and their children Prince and Paris.

1448 days ago


Hi Andie (big wave ) x

Posted at 3:56 AM on Sep 29, 2010 by Lee lee

Hi Lee lee!! :) Just in case you come back here - big wave to you to xo!!!

1448 days ago


MJ was a great father! This proves it.

1448 days ago


Prince.. you make the world and your father proud. Maybe now all the haters who destroyed your father's genius because they could not emulate it or understand it will really tell the truth about him from here on in and showing this photo of you is where it begins. You will need a very thick skin like your dad to handle all the crap that will come your way. Hold your head up high like your dad did and always display the grace that your father did even in the most dire of cir***stances. NO matter what the situation, your father chose LOVE over everything else and he lived it every day of his life with his words and actions.

1448 days ago


I used to doubt that Prince is MJ's child. Until I saw his hands. The kid has Virtiligo. Look at his wrist on his right hand. Virtiligo is in fact genetically transmitted. Make your research folks.

1448 days ago


To those who say that Prince isn't Michael's son,watch THE FOOTAGE WE WERE NEVER MEANT TO SEE from the bashir do***entary,which was shot by Michael's cameraman at the same time as bashir's and listen to what DEBBIE says about Michael and their children Prince and Paris.

Posted at 1:08 AM on Sep 30, 2010 by sofi

Sofi of course Debbie had to say they´re Michael real kids. What it proves?!
And honestly, it really matters?! Michael raised them! DNA or not, they are his kids!

1447 days ago


Really? Nobody forced Debbie to say that Prince and Paris are Michael's,and hers so it does matter and besides it's unfair that the children have been targeted by the media and ignorant people.

1447 days ago


I am not going into a lengthy discussion about whether or not PPB are Michael´s biological children or not.
But mustn´t Blanket be his? Michael wasn´t married to his mother, how could he then get full custody if he weren´t the biological father?
I don´t know the laws in the USA, but I can´t imagine you can just walk around "buying" children whenever, however you please. There have to be some regulations.
This is really a legal question. Does anyone have an answer?

1447 days ago
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