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Barbara Billingsley Dies

10/16/2010 5:54 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Barbara Billingsley -- best known for playing June Cleaver on "Leave It to Beaver" -- passed away this morning. She was 94.

A spokesperson says Billingsley died early Saturday at her home in Santa Monica. She had suffered from a rheumatoid disease.

According to her Wikipedia page, her hobbies included tennis, gardening and dining.

She was also fluent in jive.


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She was also the voice of Nanny on the Muppet Babies cartoon for a second generation of kids. RIP sweet lady.

1436 days ago


Makes me sad to lose another icon of motherhood from the Golden Age of Television. She was wonderful.

1436 days ago


America's #1 mother is gone as is part of hundreds of thousands of Baby Boomers childhood. What a long wonderful life, she will be truly missed and forever remembered. If only women of today were as classy - pearls instead of tattoos !!! Congrats to you Jerry, you were hilarious as a youngster and brought many laughs into my childhood. Best Wishes to all remaining cast members ....

1436 days ago


well with all the honkin, people and tourists, they probably thought that they were just shooting a's worse than hollywood in santa monica! poor lady. i woulda died a long time ago if i had to live there.

1436 days ago


Dee Dee is a lesbo who wanted June to hate men.

1436 days ago


Oh wow. I really liked her. Not only as Beaver's mom put when she acted in Airplane and was talking jive I thought she was hilarious. She lived a nice long life though. Love you Barbara.

1436 days ago


Pretty sad TMZ that you consider Oksana's lawyers post a higher priority for the top of the page than this.

1436 days ago


i was born in 1962. my memories of leave it to beaver are from the repeats. my mom worked outside of the home. it was still not unusual to see her still in her office job attire around the house once she was home. on sunday after Church it was a common sight to see her dressed in her Church clothes, wearing heels and yes at times even pearls.
for those of you who did not experience this type of life i am sorry for you. the show may not have represented the way Everyone in america lived/lives, but in times past many people did. what tv show has ever represented the way everyone in america lives? it is a shame that many who did not have this lifestyle have chosen the passing of this great actress and gracious lady to vent their own deeply rooted issues about their parents or their own lives. the reality and the irony of miss Billingley's life is that during the time of the production of the show she was a divorced, single, working parent raising two children. the cleavers were not perfect, as anyone who has ever paid any attention to the show can attest, but they did set a good example. an example that is sadly missing in today's pop culture.

1436 days ago


One of her hobbies included dining. Relating to June Cleaver in her older years, I would imagine a sharing a table with June would include proper manners and etiquette and shared light conversation. Ms Billingsley and her June Cleaver put us in mind of a world lost. What a shame. Rest in Peace Barbara/June. I sort of wish we could learn from both of you in retrospect. Oh yes, and by the way Ms Billingsley ... you spoke an awesome jive.

1436 days ago


TMZ: Thank you for the simple and more classy headline and for not saying "_____ _____ Dead" like you often do. That was actually rather thoughtful of you this time around. Keep it up. As for Barbara Billingsley thank you for your class and talent. You have been missed and will always be the standard bearer of TV moms. Sounds like she had a good long life. RIP.

1436 days ago


Read kids, read. RIP Mrs. June Cleaver

I have and will continue to pay my respects to her as a actor yet for me and others that family portrayal was pure fantasty too bad it's hard for some of you to realize and recognize that not all America familys lived like that. We always laughed as though it was a fiction comedy show and for us it was, it was like watching a show from another country it seemed so fake phony and eons away from our lives.

Will be the same way when and if Mrs. Huxtable dies. All the fans will behave as you all, and there will be a few saying, The Huxtables did not represent me. Both have valid points.

Said my piece time to move on fans pay their respects. Enjoy your day, peoples! I'm Audio 5000 from this thread

Posted at 3:56 PM on Oct 16, 2010 by Dee Dee Russell

Dee Dee,
Her name was Barbara Billingsley, not Mrs. June Cleaver.
One was a genuine person, the other a fictional character.
Again, what does it matter that Leave it to Beaver wasn't your cup of tea or depicted real families. She was an actress on a TV SHOW. Your thought s on a TV show has nothing to do with a human beings death.

RIP Barbara Billingsley.

1436 days ago


Siento Muncho Family & Friends of Barbra Billingsly aka Mrs. June Cleaver. She touched my heart. The good ol days for sure; memory's I will treasure forever. Thank You Leave It To Beaver family for good ol fashioned black & white entertainment. Todays comedy can barely get a smile out me. Its sad times like this, that remind me of our dearly departed.

1436 days ago

Dr. Monica M. Miller     

I much enjoyed watching LITB when I was a child. Programs like this one were a part of our lives and form our memories of the past. Actresses like Barbara Billingsley mark our personal time and something is taken away from us when they pass away--even though we never met them personally--still some one like her is personal to us. I pray for the repose of her soul. By the way, Jerry Mathers was an excellent child actor.

1436 days ago


To Dee Dee, Why post something as you did and spoil it for the rest of us? I lot of us did in fact have a great life as that. Rest in Peace, Barbara

1436 days ago

Howard Hughes    

What a loss. A brilliant and loveable actress. She seemed so real in her role. Rest in peace Barbara we all love you. I never miss a rerun of your series.

1436 days ago
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