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Lindsay's Mom $hopping

Post-Rehab Interview

10/16/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Lindsay Lohan's sainted mother Dina is shopping around an interview for after she visits Lindsay in rehab this weekend ... and the asking price is in the five figures.

We're told Dina is trying to set up a deal that would include allowing cameras to film her as she went to the Betty Ford Center this weekend. Some reports have suggested that Dina is pitching a reality show based on the ordeal, but we're told that's not true.

Our sources say Dina is asking "in the high five figures" for the interview. We're told none of the proceeds will go to charity.

Sources close to Dina tell TMZ, “There is absolutely no truth to this.”


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Illinois person    

When you have two parents, neither of whom seem to have jobs of their own, and are full of narcissism, it's no wonder their daughter regardless of her age sits in rehab. If you take Lindsay's drama out of the picture, just look at these two. Like Joe Jackson these two would shake Lindsay's casket (sorry to go there) one last time to see if any change falls out. Like the Jackson case, these parents from hell can't stand the fact that it's their daughter who (formally) has the career they wished they had. I think there are very valid reasons why Jackson cut off his father, why Angelina Jolie refused for years to speak to her father and Lindsay's refusal to have any contact with her own father. For her father to say he'd "fake" relapse to help his daughter - really? How would that be helping her? For the mother to be shopping around a reality show about her daughter's rehab is shocking, shameful, disgraceful, intrusive - but oh so Dina. If you need a buck mommy dearest, try McDonald's as they always are hiring and by the way always have cameras too. You know, the security camera kind which is about all you mommy are worth. They're are times when I've posted comments about Lindsay being so garbage-like but when you think about it, given her up bringing, really it's not her fault. Both parents are soon going to have to accept the fact that 1) Lindsay's career is at a complete stand still, 2) she's broke, 3) she's in rehab with some serious issues, 4) has many pending legal matters waiting her release, and 5) needs to fix her own demons within. I have to keep going back to Michael Jackson. It's the same thing, once the world's best, among the richest yet it all went away except for that father of his always standing in the shadows with that tin cup in his hand. Here with the Lohan's we same to have the same situation. Meanwhile, these two so-called parents need to go away and stay away. Neither have a sincere bone in their bodies and only do anything to put themselves in the spotlight even at the expense of their very ill daughter. Really, how sad is that? The Broadway show "Gypsy" about the ultimate stage mother was really way ahead of its time - what with these awful Lohan's sticking their necks out anytime the red light on a camera goes on.

1411 days ago


Can't you all see the real scam here Li Lo knows rehab is easier than jail she broke the law then knew the judge would lock her up.
So she went to rehab just to play the judge. I sure hope the judge sees through her and gives her a year and he has the power to do that shes a drunk. She violated her probation not a DWI no more shes a criminal, has no respect for the law, it's about time someone locks her up and makes her stay in jail dont send her to camp send her to prison where she will sure learn a real lesson. And don't pay this interview crap so she has the money to keep this crap up

1411 days ago


I wouldn't give a penny to hear what she has to say.

1411 days ago


And people think this is the person on Lindsay's side? I'd take goofy old dad anytime over this woman who does nothing but exploit her daughters. I feel extra sorry for Ali.

1411 days ago


I don't find the story unbelievable. Lindsay has to make money, she has no known skills, she use to be a decent actress, but who's going to hire her except the porn guy? She has nothing bankable except interviews and photo-shoots. Rehab isn't cheap and she has to maintain her rehab shopping therapy when she gets out; I don't think people will be extending credit to her any time soon.

1411 days ago


Lindsay's parents are a direct result as to why Lindsay is sitting in Betty Ford as you read this!

1411 days ago


@39 for starters : she's not a criminal. The reason this has dragged on for so long-ever since 2007 on a misdemeanor charge !! - is due to the extraordinary long probation time. Let's for a moment assume the judge does what you want and sentences her to go to jail ,shall we ? She wouldn't get a year sentence ( if you want to live in a country where you get a year jail time for a misdemeanor you'd better start building jails pronto because large % of US population would have to go there ) but maximum of 90 days . Deduct the time already spent in jail and she'd walk out in days ( if that, most likely she'd be out in a matter of hours due to overcrowding ) .Unless you want someone in jail for armed robbery to be set free in order to make room for this girl ??

And folks thinking rehab at BFC - or any other facility - is easier than spending few days - let alone hours - in jail don't know rehab at all.

1411 days ago


That girl needs to fire her mother.

1411 days ago


wow , what a **** her mom is

1411 days ago


I remember when she pimped herself out last time and gave that wooden interview to Matt Lauer looking like a drag queen. I've lost interest in LL's sobriety, if she's not interested, why should anyone be. These white trash losers need to crawl back home and hide the whiskey and pills...come to think of it, a fatal overdose is what's wanted here - take your pick of the family.

1411 days ago


I am so sick of her fame whore parents no wonder why she has so many issues

1411 days ago


this story comes directly from Michael Lohans filthy mouth
he is so jelaous and cant stand that nobody is paying him for interview anymore and he spent so much money of himself living in LA and no tv or radio offers
sucks to be him
what a rattt

1411 days ago


Dina has said that Lindsay will be leaving rehab after 28 days. If that woman loved her daughter at all, she would be pushing hard for Lindsay to stay longer. 28 days will not be enough for someone with Lindsay's level of addiction, and she WILL relapse.

1411 days ago


What a piece of crap this woman is! Poor excuse for a parent! Egg donor is too good of a reference for her!

1411 days ago


JUST think everytime Li Lo gets in trouble they blame the daddy for it all, its just an excuse for them to get him to speak up, then its all his fault. Michael as I see it really has been out the picture for a long time. Li Lo don't pay him nothing he seems to make his money on his own even if it,s because LiLo is his off spring and he uses her name after all he is still her real father he has claim to her, but MAMA shes the real card in LiLo,s life she uses her for every dime she can get and thats from Lindsy only. Want to stop all this crap just lock the dumb ass bitch up and be done with it all. See who makes all the cash then. She has two parents but she has no mother or father go figure out whos the worst now, Lindsay get a life of your own girl.Drop them both and man up before you kill yourself and it will happen if you don't man up soon. NUFF SAID

1411 days ago
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