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Kim, Kourtney & Ciara's

Right to Bear Arms

10/19/2010 3:00 PM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Kim Kardashian, her big big sis Kourtney Kardashian and good pal Ciara have all been spotted recently rockin' some luxurious hairy arm and shoulder attire.

Their relationships are fur real.


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I'd like to skin these girls and make a skin suit out of them. Man, I'd look hot.

Buffalo Bill

1468 days ago


Perhaps if they actually had to kill what they are wearing they might have a different sense of "fashion". Dead animals are never in fashion and neither are the Kardashians in my book after seeing this. Skinning animals alive for these fame whores for vanity and to cover their own insecurities is discusting to me. I'm not even a member of Peta I'm just an animal owner and lover. Tell Kim to go skin Reggies dog and make a bag, jacket or shoes out of him. Same thing. Same pain. Same senseless killing for vanity. Shame on =them. Courtney is as dumb as a bag of hammers seeing what she is willing to put up with in a baby daddy. I thought Kim might have a a bit more common sense and compassion.

1468 days ago


I am by no means a member or PETA or subscribe to their crazy antics. ( I LOVE meat ) But, this is complete bull***** to be wearing fur-especially when you are not in the middle of nowhere and it's a blizzard and you have nothing else to keep you warm. I would like to personally punch each of them bi*ches in the face.

I honestly used to want a chinchilla coat really bad cause they are so lavish and beautiful. But, a good friend of mine opened my eyes to what those poor animals have to go thru-for some bull***** "fashion."

1468 days ago


Im so glad some poor defenseless little animals could give up their lives for these three idiots just so they can wear fur and try to look cool and fashionable - dumb bitches - i bet they steal candy from babies too.

1468 days ago


Gawd, why are people still thinking it's ok to wear the skin of animals? Idiots.

1468 days ago


i hope in the next life theyre selling kardashian coats made of kim's buried fat cellulite ass that barack obama's son bought on ebay in 2064.

1468 days ago


I would rather Ciara, then Kourtney, a few other people, and then maybe, Kim, . . . or maybe not.

Oh, wait. Was that not the question???

1468 days ago


LOL you bunch of sorry losers are just jealous that you can't even afford to put gas in your tank right now. Maybe instead of sitting on your arses all day everday commenting bad about people who made it in life get out there and get noticed. Oh wait probably are too fat and on disability because you are super obese to get out of your rolling chair. Go loose some weight slobs.

1468 days ago


Regarding the furs, . . . maybe they have some long distance Viking heritage. Yeah, you're right, . . . probably not!!!

1468 days ago


Hey youknowitsme: No, we just are not into killing animals for their fur. I have plenty of cash since I work full time for a government agency to fill my tank and I'm not fat. So, go f**k off. We just think it's trash like you who think it's ok to skin animals alive to wear around our shoulders should take a long walk off of a short bridge. What, are you bashing kitties in the head as we speak to make some ear muffs?

1468 days ago



why yes i am. where is your cat.

1468 days ago


fur reals?

I hope they got the fur from shaving their backs.

animals deserve to keep their fur year round.

round up the PETA mob stat!

1468 days ago


It was the night after a full moon, unlike werewolves of yore, all the years of electrolysis caused the fur to remain. This dilemma inspired Kim to come up with the brilliant idea of recycling the very hair that grows from their bodies, so Kim, Kourtney and Chloe took to a pair of hedge cutters and went to work, together they made beautiful fur arms that can be attached to any item of clothing they so desired.
So now they can turn heads where ever they go, accustomed to attention Chloe decided to turn their fellow wolf pack brethren Ciara with their Idea, and so became the quad group of bush arms. If you listen closely after a full moon, you can hear them howling, and with a good pair of binoculars you can see them perched upon the Hollywood sign devouring a male they found wondering around L.A.

1468 days ago


Selfish little ****s. They remove twenty pounds of hair from their bodies and face, then wear a dead animal?? Weird.

1468 days ago


To post #23 youknowitsme - You are an idiot. You are on here too. What does that make you? There is nothing to be jealous about. These women are s*** for wearing those outfits. I would rather die in poverty than be anything like these women. And as for you calling people obese and losers, go take a look in the mirror your royal plumpness, or better yet, just go ask your mama why she had the nerve to spit a nutjob like you out of her womb just so you can be a jackass. Now get back to the grill and make me my cheeseburger. And remember, I said no onions.

1468 days ago
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