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Kim, Kourtney & Ciara's

Right to Bear Arms

10/19/2010 3:00 PM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Kim Kardashian, her big big sis Kourtney Kardashian and good pal Ciara have all been spotted recently rockin' some luxurious hairy arm and shoulder attire.

Their relationships are fur real.


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Real or faux fur, those clothes are the most absurdly ugly looking rags I've seen in a long time. What stylist convinced them to wear that? I'm sure he's laughing his balls off right about now. Remember what the "Countess of RHONY" says, "Money can't buy you class.." lol.

1443 days ago

Christina from Jersey...Biatch!    

Post#30 is the funniest ish i've ever read on TMZ.... SERIOUSLY! :-D

1443 days ago


skkkanks..nasty fur wearing bitches..famous for's saggy tits and disgusting ass somehow makes her a sex symbol..?? yuck..oh and kim..not all chicks have cellulite like u claim..glad she had a drink thrown on her !!

1443 days ago


I thought I couldn't hate on Kim anymore than I already do...and trust me it is NOT because I think she is beautiful...cause I really DO NOT THINK SHE IS BEAUTIFUL...fake to the core h e l l yes...but naturally beautiful FFAARR from it...she is stupid and vapid and controlled by her mother who is also her secret there...both ugly beastly people on the inside...almost too terrible for words...but how the media keeps shoving this nasty manufactured no talent ho down the publics throat it what really gets to me. I am not a jlz h8r, cause there is nothing she has I want. Her face will fall as soon as her fake buttocks fall...and mark my words she will be celebrating her 40th without a man as well cause everyone knows that this ho is only concerned with herself and will NEVER EVER be loyal to ANYONE but her pimp of a mother. This family is disgusting and the fact that they have no problem wearing fur makes me detest them even more. Low class to the core...W H O R E T R A S H I A N S!!!

1443 days ago


Any girl who would wear fur now,in this day and age,is such a pathetic loser.You ARE being a part of an industry that abuses,and finally kills these beautiful animals. In fact, it exists BECAUSE of you! I hope your children die horrible deaths and you all get horribly disfigured in some type of accident, You would deserve it!LoL!

1443 days ago


lets start a Facebook campaign--"Who is SICK and Tired of the Kardashians"!--And who isn't!--they have been shoved down our throats for so long--and are on practicly every channel all the time!! What did they do? Buy the network? Is this really the best America has to offer?--And you can bet..Kim DOES read TMZ!!--She probably can't wait to see what people have said about her--she is THAT pathetic!!! Go Kill some more Animals, Kim!! You pathetic piece of....

1443 days ago


Top companies in the fur industry gave influential designers free fur and paid them to use it in their 2010/2011 collections because the fur industry isn't doing well. Some designers used it. People think fur has made a comeback as a natural phenomenon but that is not the case. These celebrities are a by-product of something that was chosen for them. How ridiculous is that? Makes my head spin...

1443 days ago


HEY # 23!! You need to just die,2! You really must be a sick mother "f"--sitting here thinking "fur" is the definition of making it--what a real Loser you must be, trying to defend someone who would consciously choose to harm animals...hope you and your family get sick and die real soon.

1443 days ago


Kourtney looks like a little monkey.

1443 days ago

Fashion Insider    

Like most celebrities they're wearing the fast fashion trends of the season and have very little authentic or original fashion sense. They follow trends blindly for the most part, and they lack the kind of depth and spirituality needed to refuse to wear fur. How could you possibly expect them to speak up for the animals? It's like... SO FALL 2010 and they must have the latest fashions!! "Like, can you please kill another baby seal so I can get more cameras to follow me? I didn't get enough attention in my childhood so I'll do anything to stay in the spotlight!!"

1443 days ago


Um, just because the majority of the people think wearing fur is discusting, repulsive, cruel and shameful doesnt' mean people are jealous, fat, ugly or stupid. It means they are educated as to where the fur comes from, how the animals are treated and how they are killed or just skinned alive for THEIR clothing and protection from the cold, just so an a vapid, shallow, attention whoring "fashionista" can feel good about her looks between trips to the plastic surgeon.

1443 days ago


am sure all of you dumb pigs do not own any leather trimmed designer purses do you? I am sure none of you opted for leather seats in your cars, because cloth doesn't kill. Or for that matter leather coats, skirts or shoes, now do you? You are probably vegans, Right???????Why don't all you old wind bags with leather faces look into the mirror first before opening your yap. And if you do not own one piece of leather anything, any animal by product, and you do not eat meat or fish, I appoligize. Pigs.

Well j..
I am happy to say that I am vegan and I don't buy leather.
What's your point, j. jerk,?
I am so happy to see all the posters here against fur. Even the ones who still eat meat or wear leather. Maybe in another 20 years people will be as outraged about leather or eating meat as they are now about steps.
Posted at 1:18 PM on Oct 19, 2010 by j.

1443 days ago

Mark Phillips    

now where do you buy red paint?......complete waste of oxygen...

1443 days ago


Stupid ignorant tacky attention WH0r3s!!! Let's skin them alive and feed their empty brains to the animals...IDIOTS!

1443 days ago


that whole family makes me wanna puke!!
I'll be so glad when they're old and ugly so we wont have to put up with their dumb asses anymore!
kick them outta the gene pool plese

1443 days ago
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