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Stanger's Ex-Employee: 'She Treats People Like Crap!'

10/18/2010 4:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Patti Stanger's right-hand woman has flown the coop to start her own matchmaker agency -- and if you think Chelsea Autumn has nice words for Patti on her way out ... think again.



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I have no idea who this person patti stranger is....nor do I care TMZ report about REAL Celebrity's please

1466 days ago


Chelsea wil l be successfull. I've known her for years and she is a very driven individual. I know she will run her business with integrity and class. There is no need to hate here. Anyone can start their own business. What a lot of commentators on this board need is a good dose of class themselves instead of their catty comments. What goes around comes around.

1466 days ago


Who the hell is that D-Bag in the video?? She is soo hot. I hope that it is not her boyfriend!!!

1466 days ago


patti is a total bitch. bravo needs to let her go, she only brings down what used to be a respectable network. there's a reason patti (a matchmaker) isn't married.

1466 days ago


Chelsea is a very classy intelligent beautiful young lady, and you can see what a jealous controlling person Patti is on the show. Best of luck to Chelsea in her new adventure!! Think Tina X, I mean Patti Stanger has too much time on her hands. Everyone needs competition in life and glad someone is finally showing up heart broken single Patti.

1465 days ago

Tiffany Darling    

Soooo just for clarity:
1. I am familiar with legalese and I've decided that Tina X is clearly Patti Stanger because no regular joe would know or have reason to think that Chelsea 'signed an NDA' (Non-Disclosure Agreement)or any of the other seemingly personal information revealed in her rants.
2. Having seen the show, I thought Chelsea did a great job of being professional and appropriate (the person who decribed her as classless, clearly doesnt know the definition of class).
3. Saying that Patti treats people 'like crap' is not defamation by any means...have you seen the show!!!
4. Because you all should think like me and clearly need direction you can find more insight on

1465 days ago


Patti is a tore up, beat down, blown out DOG. A money-hungry c*nt jew if I've ever seen one. I used to like her show but her gig is up, watching her **** on people is no longer entertaining.

1463 days ago


I totally agree that it was unprofessional for Chelsea to bad-mouth Patti. Regardless of how Patti behaves--she is the reason that Chelsea even exists. For Chelsea to take her clients and start her own company is extremely wrong. If she hated working with Patti--which I'm sure would be brutal--she should have bowed out gracefully.

1456 days ago


Patti is beyond classless. Met her many years ago when signing up with her - something i never do. Very dumb move on my part and could not imagine doing something like that again. The entire office was filled with 18 year-olds in mini skirts who looked like they were on a cattle call. Not sure for what though. I am a successful attractive tall thin gal and she couldn't even think of 1 guy for me. She then set me up with one 'dork' like guy and then all she had for me was an ex of hers and I refused to go out with hand me downs. I said adios to her and told her where to go. Then months later someone mentioned to me that she sets women up with older guys to get their rent paid. I then realized that's why she didn't have anyone legit for me and why there were a bunch of trashy chicks there. She is really is no better than Heidi and I can't believe she is allowed on TV.

1407 days ago


No employee is obligated to keep their employer's verbal abuse a secret. If your ex treated you that badly, you wouldn't keep it a secret to protect their reputation, and you wouldn't feel a misguided sense of loyalty towards them. Bosses do NOT have a special dispensation that allows them to act as badly as they want and never be exposed. That is not loyalty or "professionalism" - that's enabling.

1169 days ago


Patty Stanger is a total lowlife, she thinks she is a class act but class, hard, agressive, knock-kneed, loud, obnoxious NY witch who could not fit in the So Cal lifestyle if her life depended on it...take her back to the NY ghetto from whence she came and please shut her up.

1062 days ago


This woman is a bitch! She just told a lady n her show that she looks like a drag queen and should go and have a makeover and then come back! I hate this woman, Don't give her a second of viewing time!!!

376 days ago

Tom Karlsen    

Where did Andrea something who was employed by Patti Stanger?

261 days ago

+sick of this nasty    

patty you are SKANK! You are nasty and every time I see your face i think of crotch rot...You are rotten and your boyfriend is just as nasty ugly

225 days ago
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