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If They Were Pregnant...

10/24/2010 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

(Which they AREN'T) they might look a little something like this!



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You need to add some fat in the thighs, arms and neck. Sorry men but you don't just get a baby bump.

1439 days ago


Did they remove the Miley one??

1439 days ago


This is what happens when there is no news and you play with Photoshop... bored much TMZ?

1439 days ago


They don't look pregnant! Women who are pregnant just don't get a bump on their abdomens. What about bloating, chipmunk cheeks, fat ankles and huge boobs? BTW, don't you guys use spell check? You need to.

1439 days ago

Gloria Unread    

Geeze, these are meant to be funny - They don't have to be accurate!
(But on a side note, just a little shadowing on the edges with the darken tool would help add dimension to the bumps!)

I love how you picked notoriously desperate women like Jennifer Aniston and Jessica Simpson! That's mean on so many levels... Keep up the good work, guys! ;-)

1439 days ago


Must be a REALLY slow news day, huh?

1439 days ago


This is completely evil because you don't know which women are privately experiencing heartbreak over a miscarriage or struggles with infertility. In that situation, seeing any woman pregnant can be emotionally painful but THAT is a fact of life to cope with (not easy). But these images would be heartbreaking for a woman who is privately praying to become a mother and can't. Shame on you for taking "baby bumps" so ridiculously casually.

1439 days ago


This is very got nothing else to do,grab a "Snickers" for god's sake.

1439 days ago


Her mom says she is not pregnant and if she were she would be swoll more than just in the belly. Why are so many people wanting her to be pregnant anyway?
on another subject--
Free T.I. from the bonds of modern day slavery -- When people like Lindsay Lohan get to once again get rehab and Paris who ADMITTED it was cocaine in her purse. HER PURSE --SHE LIED ABOUT THAT IN THE BEGINNING. She even gets to get probation. The state that imprisons him, be it Georgia or Calif where he violated, who wants to pay close to 30,000 to warehouse T.I. and other blacks who are non-violent and caught up in a system that is MODERN DAY SLAVERY! TAXPAYERS are footing a bill that he could foot himself, by going to Rehab he could thus pay his own way and people are just broke,skid row, losing their homes, and unemployment rate is high sky and where would you like to see your TAX DOLLARS go. This young man could be going to REHAB --footing his own bill and not Wasting the taxpayers money. PRISONS ARE OVERCROWDED WITH MORE PEOPLE LIKE T.I. AND YOU WONDER WHY YOUR STATE IS BROKE AND CUTTING CHILD CARE AND PEOPLE ARE GOING HUNGRY AND THE ELDERLY ARE ACTUALLY SOME OF THEM--BUYING CAT FOOD TO SURVIVE.

1439 days ago


One can only hope Speidi never procreate.

1438 days ago


Christ don't let this hood rat breed with that other hood rat.

1438 days ago

Gloria Unread    

#11 Catherine: Should pregnant women be hiding themselves because it might hurt an infertile woman's feelings?
-Should women with babies not be proudly showing them off because it can hurt the feelings of a woman who doesn't have a baby?
-Should women who are married not appear beside their husbands because it can hurt the feelings of a woman who wants desperately to be married but isn't?

Should TMZ also not show any of the above because someone's feelings may be hurt?!?

What about all the women who merely gained some weight, and are accused of having a baby bump? I'm sure that hurts feelings, too.

Anything (and everything) can offend someone somewhere. There's always going to be someone who is truly hurt or outraged by something posted here or elsewhere on the Internet! (I am offended by Oksana Grigorieva, but if I posted a rant about it every time I saw a story about her on TMZ, I'd only be aggravating myself and wasting my time.)

BTW - I am sorry that you or someone you know may have gone through a tough situation being infertile. Being that I am also infertile I can completely sympathize and am compassionate towards those in the same situation. But going on a rant on the TMZ comment board is pointless and will not help your cause any. This is TMZ for heaven's sake! T-M-Z!

1438 days ago


I thought they were hilarious!!!!! Lighten up people.

1438 days ago

Hey Now    

The real crime in this photo is the get-up. Beyonce is so beautiful, but those outfits her mom makes for her don't do her any favors.

1438 days ago

Duke Steele    

What would be real funny she would have a girl who grows up with a fat ass and her daddys face. Can you say Alexa Joel?

1438 days ago
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