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Russell Brand and Katy Perry

Get Married

10/23/2010 9:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Russell Brand and Katy Perry finally tied the knot today at a ceremony in India.

A rep for the couple released a statement saying: "The very private and spiritual ceremony, attended by the couples' closest family and friends was performed by a Christian minister and longtime friend of the Hudson Family. The backdrop was the inspirational and majestic countryside of Northern India."

Mazel tov!

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No Avatar


Mazel Tov is a JOKE.........Get a life.

1428 days ago


I am hindu, hindu people are not jewish. so people get your fact straight. I think its outrageous that he came into our country and insult our photographers and get married in our hindu tradition, its really stupid. I believe that this marriage wont last at all. They are not even indian citizen, so their marriage doesnt count.
I think they are ashamed of been catholic or christian. Everybody should marry in their cultural, not other people.

@ josh, I totally agree, it wont last more than 5 years.

1428 days ago

comanche black    

Re--"HOw hypocritcal---married in a Hindu ceremony and a Country India that doesnt promote, in any way, pesonal violence against another---yet Brands bodyguards just a couple days ago beat to a pulp unsuspecting photographers..." Posted at 11:04 AM on Oct 23, 2010 by Q

Disclaimer: Not all people from India are bad. There are s*** bags in all countries.
They don't promote personal violence? Tell that to the ship of Somali pirates they blasted out of the water in the last year or so. BTW well done Indian Navy. Or that they can "get rid of" wives that are not acting the right way by burning or beating them to death. How about a forty year old man being able to throw acid on a 12 year old girl so he can save face because she declines to marry him? What about the child brothels that are several stories high because men believe if they have sex with a child they won't get a STD, much less HIV. Watch Slumdog Millionaire--that is only a starting point. You are not very well read if you honestly believe they don't advocate violence. India is beautiful as are many of their people, but if a nation stands silent on such issues they condone them. Just like women's rights, LGBT rights and other issues that are at the forefront right now in USA.

1428 days ago


It's a case of one can't do any better than the other and they're both glad of it

1428 days ago


how romantic....NOT. Boring! Why is that hollywood damages the common sense module in everyone's brain. Did they film it for Sesame Street???....were they barefoot????...laughable.


1428 days ago


I thought her father was a Christian paster. What an insult to him.

1428 days ago


I give those two idiots a few months to a year.

1428 days ago


Let's just hope they don't reproduce.

1428 days ago


early dec 2011,she wont what to waste the time to buy and wrap a xmass gift for this douche bag.

1428 days ago


I love them together. Kind of a bad picture of Russel though. I hope it lasts. He's so funny. Really, with the she could do better comments? You personally don't know either of them so just stop it.

1428 days ago

Vote NO Meg Whitman    

Hollywood does not damage the common sense module in their brains, they arrived in Hollywood already damaged with empty souls.

Perry's on stage rant at her former high school shows just one of many issues she has. She's seeking attention, from her public claim of lesbian experimentation to her percieved marrying of a bad boy, she wants attention so bad she'll do anything. This marriage, either fake or real, will be over in a year when it doesn't garner her the attention she craves.

1428 days ago


People, TMZ knows Mazel Tov is Jewish lol. It's just a little funny they did, that's all. I thought it was cute, haha. Chill out.

On another note, this marriage won't last. And the demise will have nothing to do with fame or Hollywood.

1428 days ago


What's so great about these two? Katy can't sing! Russell is clearly gay!

1428 days ago


I don't like this guy.he looks like charles manson!!!this marriage won't last.

1428 days ago


He should get himself a shave and a haircut as a wedding present to his new bride....

1428 days ago
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