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Capri Anderson -- I Will Sue Charlie Sheen

10/30/2010 11:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Capri Anderson is getting ready to drop a legal bomb on Charlie Sheen -- TMZ has learned the porn star is planning to sue Charlie for the events that went down during his hotel meltdown in NYC.

Capri Anderson
Sources close to Anderson tell TMZ ... she believes Charlie was acting so crazy in his hotel room at The Plaza Hotel on Tuesday morning -- that she felt her life was in danger ... and she also felt like she was being held in the room against her will.

As we previously reported, Charlie tore the room apart -- busting a chair and causing damage to several hotel items. Capri ended up locking herself in the bathroom and calling hotel security.

Capri claims Charlie also threatened her in the hotel room, although she made no mention of this to NYC cops when they interviewed her about the incident.

FYI -- law enforcement sources tell us officials have no plans to file charges against Charlie.


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How about we all sue for the trauma of having to hear this? The fame whore will get the attention and someone grossly overpaid to act will get knocked down a few pegs into reality.

1425 days ago


I hope we don't read "Charlie settled for an undisclosed sum and her promise not to talk about it". Don't give her a penny - this is another extortion attempt - it's called the Rachel Yuketel settlement.

1425 days ago


She wasn't able to sell the watch.

1425 days ago


You are judged by the company you keep. No wonder Denise bailed early. Charlie, you wear a watch that would take me years to buy, but I have something you can't have. SOBRIETY!

1425 days ago


I hope she wins, If anyone else tore up a hotel room they would be in jail. The hotel would go after them.
CBS just throws money at Charlie while at the same time
if he was a noboby they would have a news report on a violent offender who never had to serve time.
I hope she wins and at the very leas he should pay her--HE HIRED her. If he thinks its too high he should have hired a cheaper non ex-wife look alike.

Posted at 7:01 AM on Oct 30, 2010 by Shenna
someone with a brain,I agree totally

1425 days ago


whore, prostitute, stripper, porn star = all are strips of the same candy..............
There is nothing to respect about them. Sure most women could opt for the EASY - BRAINDEAD method of making money....but we have our standards and would prefer earning and maintaining our dignity and respect. Not worry about 30 years from now, what will our sons say when their buddies watch us screwing others on a tv screen.

Posted at 7:14 AM on Oct 30, 2010 by kittey
sounds like you caught your husband going to one or he is addicted to porn..and whats dignified about working at walmart or the drive thru at a local macdonalds.Until you walk a mile in their shoes dont make assumptions about something you know nothing about

1425 days ago


In the immortal words of John "Hannibal" Smith....I love it when a plan comes together. Albeit a sleezy, lowball effort to extort money from a drunken, overpaid jack@$$'s working out just like she planned. Maybe better.

1425 days ago


And he will counter sue for the return of the $12,000 based on an illegal contract, and for conversion of his $150,000 watch. Should be interesting.

1425 days ago


Hope she uses her sue money and FIXES HER TEETH. Disgusting!

1425 days ago


"Porn star - prostitute....what's the difference?"

What's the difference? Honesty that's what. By definition a "porn star" is also a prostitute. If you accept money to perform sex acts you are a prostitute. Look it up in ANY dictionary "Capri". It doesn't matter if your performing the sex acts with the person who's paying you, or performing them on someone else for the person who is paying you. You got paid to perform sex acts. you are by definition a PROSTITUTE.

The fact that the porn industry is a legal profession doesn't matter either. Your still a prostitute. Your just working legally in the porn industry.

"Capri" is an idiot for trying to spin her way out of being a hooker. Does she think ANYONE believes she went back to Charlie Sheen's hotel room to have sex with him for FREE? LMAO!

Give Charlie his watch back you dirty whore.

1425 days ago


She is a porn actress whad u expect she gets paid for effing people.

1425 days ago

Ms Thang    

What a tramp! Another Trailer Park Trash trying to make a name for themself at the expense of someone famous. If she does come into some money, do something with that FUGLY face! Your look like a cross between a turkey and a coyote.

1425 days ago


why not just go out the front door and leave, WTF, bull****

1425 days ago


maybe he was blocking the door you butthead...duh!!!!

1425 days ago


Just what the world needs , another s***bag hooker who wants to be an actress by latching on to someone famous . I guess she'll pay for her lawyers with the watch she stole off Charlie . This very well could backfire on her, here's why; WE LOVE CHARLIE SHEEN YOU SKANKY BITCH! We the public know all about his hookers, drugs, drunkeness, and all around bad boy behavior ...and we still love him! He is just one of those people who you just can't help but like . Let's also call it what it is, if you hadn't stolen his watch and who knows what else none of this would have happened. It's all your fault hooker, leave Charlie alone!!!!!!!

1425 days ago
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