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Oksana Grigorieva's Lawyer -- 'She Told the Truth'

10/30/2010 8:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oksana Grigorieva just walked out of a marathon deposition -- about 7 hours long -- but O.G. has much more she wants to say, according to her attorney, Daniel Horowitz.

On his way to the parking lot, Horowitz told us about Oksana's long day getting grilled by Mel Gibson's attorneys ... and said she's looking forward to telling the world everything.

Mel will get his turn to open up -- to lawyers -- when he sits down for his long-delayed deposition on Monday.


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Celebrity Worship Sydnrome
Within a clinical context the effect of celebrity might be more extreme, particularly when considering extreme aspects of celebrity worship. Maltby, Day, McCutcheon, Houran and Ashe (2006) examined the relationship between entertainment-social, intense-personal and borderline-pathological celebrity worship and obsessiveness, ego-identity, fantasy proneness and dissociation. Two of these variables drew particular attention; fantasy proneness (time spent fantasising, reporting hallucinatory intensities as real, reporting vivid childhood memories, having intense religious and paranormal experiences) and dissociation (reflects the lack of a normal integration of experiences, feelings, and thoughts in everyday consciousness and memory and is related to a number of psychiatric problems).

Though low levels of celebrity worship (entertainment-social) are not associated with any of the clinical measures, medium levels of celebrity worship (intense-personal) are related to fantasy proneness (around 10% of the shared variance), while high levels of celebrity worship (borderline-pathological) share a greater association with fantasy proneness (around 14% of the shared variance) and dissociation (around 3% of the shared variance, though the effect size of this is small and most probably due to the large sample size). This finding suggests that as celebrity worship becomes more intense, and the individual perceives having a relationship with the celebrity, the more the individual is prone to fantasies.

Posted at 1:18 AM on Oct 31, 2010 by me"

Nothing worse than stealing the work of others and passing it off as your own. The above is a copy and paste job from Wikipedia which "me" fails to point out. That's a violation of both the wikipedia user agreement and TMZ's user agreement.

Posted at 4:15 AM on Oct 31, 2010 by Bubba

no worries, relax .... it's like a book club

why so serious

1419 days ago


THANK YOU FUDDY FOR STANDING UP FOR ME. I was wondering when someone was going to do something about that THING that has been on here almost all day.


Posted at 11:57 PM on Oct 30, 2010 by kelly
You're welcome, Kelly. I did not like some of the posts last night at all. The poster 'Me' was awful. I'm sorry that you had to read some of that filth.

I hope you had a good night's sleep. I've been on the go all day. I read the new article and I hope that Mel's attorneys can find a way around this that is beneficial to Mel and Robyn. One of these days I look forward to celebrating Mel's victory. I know you do, too.

Hugs, Kelly! I'll be back later.

1419 days ago


"no worries, relax .... it's like a book club

why so serious

Posted at 12:13 PM on Oct 31, 2010 by michelle"

If you were familiar with the poster I was referring to ("me")you would understand exactly why I was "so serious" to use your expression.

1419 days ago



As I was calling EVERY BAR ASSOCIATION in the US on Friday to find out if Mr. garbus was active and in good standing and allowed to practice in that state, I heard over and over about

pro hac vice - I was told that sort of admission was used in criminal courts for criminal cases NOT civil court for civil matters. I was even transferred multiple times to FEDERAL Court offices. (some thought after I read Mr. Garbus' bio that maybe he was somehow listed with the federal courts for the state). EVEN the FEDERAL courts told me the same time -

Everyone said the same thing -

CIVIL COURT requires a lawyer to be versed in STATE civil code. There are only two ways to do that and trying to join a case using that particular method was not one of them.

CRIMINAL COURT is different because federal laws are possibly in play and therefore out of state attorneys routinely join cases using that method.

Neither Mr. Garbus nor Mr. Horowitz are FAMILY LAW or even CIVIL LAW experts. Mr. Horowitz is a CRIMINAL attorney. And Mr. Garbus is a CONSTITUTIONAL attorney who doesn't even LIVE in CA much less practice there. He also as of FRIDAY AFTERNOON had NO CA BAR LICENSE OF ANY KIND and according to the man I spoke with the records he was reviewing were COMPLETE. THE ONLY GARBUS who practiced in CA DIED several years ago.

I have been so puzzled how this man can join Oksana's case at all.

I also found this -

And this -

It seems Mr. Garbus has active suits in both DELAWARE (can't explain how he can practice there either) and NJ - there I CAN explain - NJ courts are part of some sort of UNITED NY court recognized system apparently.

Posted at 11:58 PM on Oct 30, 2010 by V
V--you did some great work! Thanks for doing that. What you found out seems to clarify some things.

I recall Judge Gordon stated that the motion regarding the computer hard drive search should not have been filed, and that if OG's team had a problem with what was being searched it should be addressed in criminal court. Judge Gordon told Garbus taht he could file pro hac vice for the November 10 hearing. It doesn't mean it will be granted. When a pro hac vice request is filed the judge can grant or deny. attorney can practice out of his juridiction under another attorney. I can't recall what they have to file; maybe it is a pro hac vice. I thought there was another term though; I can't recall. I don't have time to research now. If you get a chance, try researching 'Unauthorized Practice of Law' in CA. It will tell you what UPL is, but it will also tell you what an attorney has to do in order NOT to be in violation of UPL. That may be how Garbus is able to be on this case in CA.

I have to go for now. I'll post this on the new article for you in hopes that you will see it. Again, you did some outstanding work, V! Nice job! Hugs!


1418 days ago


Just wanted to offer my best wishes for a good outcome tomorrow to Mel, his family and his attorneys. Take a deep breath and remember a great many people are cheering for you and care about you. We understand the great stress this woman has put you through and wish you serenity for you and your family.

1418 days ago


And....just in case you missed it on the other thread

I could give you a little cash too if you need guess is you do.
Posted at 6 :06 PM on Oct 31 , 2010 by pray for mel:

My guess would be that you need to pull that stick out of your a.s.s. (=

1418 days ago


shes a lying gold digger!

1416 days ago
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