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Marion Barry on Charlie Sheen: I Don't Know About It

10/31/2010 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

If there's one person who has gotten in more trouble in a hotel room than Charlie Sheen, it's Marion Barry. But when we caught up with the former DC mayor on Friday, he said he didn't know anything about Charlie's current predicament.

Considering Barry actually got elected mayor again after being caught on video smoking crack, Sheen will easily bounce back from this one.


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Big Mamma Cornbread    


1454 days ago


I'm not sure what's stranger... TMZ having paps in DC, or the fact that Marion Barry is still considered newsworthy. Is DC now a full-time beat?!

PS - TMZ please get your spam under control!!!

1454 days ago


-Forget about the Russians, I wana here about that crack Mayor-

1454 days ago


Seems to me to bring up Berry's hotel drama from long ago and then refer to Sheen's, lesser of two evils, comparing so we don't think Sheen's actions are so bad.... - good PR work guys... Nah both are pretty bad... How disrepectful and rude people act in their lives 'famous' or .. not

1454 days ago


Well go to Israel I guess but I really didn't mean they as people are bad bad - just bad behaviour period because of whatever...

1454 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

What, jealous Barry? So you pretend not to have heard? Either that or your cells are really that fried like those of your former constituents. They probably still vote for you on election day.

1454 days ago


Are you (TMZ) really asking this guy ANYTHING!?! WHO CARES what he thinks!

1454 days ago


Just remember his immortal words, "The bi*&h set me up!" He earned a permanent place in pop culture with that whole incident, and that classic statement in particular.

1454 days ago


Crack is no joke, it shouldn't be legalized. I have a father in law who is totally addicted to it, and has lost the nerve function in his feet and hands as a direct result. That means he can spend a couple weeks with a carpet tack in his foot and not realize it. He gets terrible life threatening infections, and has lost a toe because of it. His relationships with people are very sad since they take a backseat to crack. If crack were made legal, more people would be more willing to use it, thinking it was relatively safe. That is a scary world to imagine.

1453 days ago

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