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Sarah Palin -- The 'DWTS' Conspiracy Theory

11/2/2010 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nobody can explain why Bristol Palin has managed to stay on "Dancing with the Stars" despite the fact that she sucks at dancing ... nobody except Harvey Levin.

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People people people - it's not always about the "star" dancer. Sometimes it is also about the professional dancer. Sometimes the professional dancer is so obnoxious that people won't vote for their star because they don't like the pro. Some people are just more likeable than others and Bristol is very likeable. Audrina Partridge may have been a good dancer but she has the personality of a doorknob. Anyhow - this show is so over!! The judges are boring too. Same old stuff every season...

1440 days ago


Who cares if we voice our opinions on this issue? That's exactly the response I think TV execs want us to make. So, I'll make a different one: Really?! Bristol Palin has survived this long? There is absolutely no argument that can be made based on her talent. Audrina, even Kurt, had more natural grace and ability. I gave up on American Idol when it became clear that the fans' votes counted for more than the judges'. We are headed in the same direction with DWTS. Sure, Bristol's tango was better than her previous dances. But, was it better than Kurt's dance? No, it wasn't--she made mistakes, lost the count (she or Mark) and failed to remain "in character." Kurt, though his footwork could improve, stayed in character, was always in step with Anna, and was sent home. And they received the same judges' scores: 8s all around. Are the judges in on this? Convince me otherwise--a couple of 9s for Kurt would have made a huge difference. I won't use the word "conspiracy," but I would say that at this point, Bristol herself should preserve the integrity of the dance competition and go on record saying, "The others are clearly better than me." Maybe then her "fans" will calm down and distribute their votes elsewhere.

1440 days ago

susan sinisi    

are you one can explian why SHE is still on the show...Mommy Dearest is behind her daughter for a change...she has all the A**es from the Tea Party calling very unfair, that good dancers were kicked off before Palin...she is not good at all...the show is awful this year so much tension and politics...Max is a rude sore loser...jennifer was the best this week...he should act more professional...palin has to go or the judges should just leave be cause their scores mean NOTHING...if she wins i will never watch this show again...i don't even look forward to watching it anymore...and i love the show and vote everyweek...SHAME on you "Dancing with the Stars", why the hell is she considered a STAR to begin with....big mistake guys

1440 days ago


i don"t understand how ms. palin is still on the dance team. she really cannot compet with Brandy and the others. It seems to me that this is all a hoax. (just like the family) If she wins i will never watch this show again.

1440 days ago


you're right carolyn, bristol can't compete with brandy in the dance aspect, but she is getting more vote thanks to the republicans. if bristol wins this competition, i will NEVER watch dwts again. just like any reality show, it is fixed or rigged. if the show was on the up and up, bristol would be gone. the judges are afraid to give her the real comment on her dances. the judges and the bigshot for the show are afraid to tell her the truth. the better dancers are getting kicked off instead of bristol. WHY?????

1440 days ago


I think young girls are voting for Bristol. Pleasantly full figured, really cute, humble, made some mistakes, trying to make her parents proud... how many girls wouldn't identify with her and want to continue to see her desired by a cute, talented dancer, wearing sparkly, beautiful clothes and just having fun?

1439 days ago

Done with DWTS    

I agree with Harvey that Bristol could very likely win, but no one could ever convince me that it's because of public voting...or even the judges' influence either, for that matter. Personally, I believe that the execs at ABC are behind it. In my opinion, ABC is either being paid to keep her on the show, or the execs are doing it on their own to create a false showing of support by the general public for Sarah Palin and/or the Tea Party. And people say Fox is politically biased. What a joke DWTS has become!

1439 days ago


i agree that the execs from the show are behind bristol winning this. the judges are blind with their comments about how bad bristol really is. and the politicans are behind her too because of sarah. it is very unfair to the real dancers. if by some chance that bristol would happen to win this(God forbid), i will NEVER watch the show again. my money is on Brandy. Brandy is 1000% better dancer than bristol. i am tired of seeing bristols big ass every week. everybody makes mistakes. the show made a mistake keeping her on for so long. should have been gone the 1st or 2nd elimination round.

1439 days ago


I think what everyone is failing to see with Bristol is that this is a talent competition. She can dance to get by, but isn't close to the caliber of the other dancers. If the show was a popularity contest well then there you have it, but it's not and it is a real travesty to see talented people go home because conservative republicans are following the Sarah Palin trail. Really people, Really?

1439 days ago


To all of you hate mongers. Bristol should win. I thought Dancing with the stars was about someone who does not know how to dance pairing up with a professional not two professionals together. Jerko it is not political and Sally what if everyone hated you because of your mother how pathetic you all are.

1438 days ago


Just like everything else you never get picked because of your talent. Palin should have gone home along time ago. She does not have a graceful bone in her body. She stomps around like a 300 pound football player. I personally don't think the votes from the viewers is coming across right but I guess keeping Palin in is good for ratings.

1438 days ago

Dottie Sinkler    

Dancing With The Stars should be renamed Dancing With The Tea Party. It is clear WHY Palin is still on this program. I no longer watch it because it has been "commandered" by the Palins and is no longer a legitimate contest. It is unfair to the dancers who have been booted in favor of Bristol, and what I find amusing is the fact that each week she gets worse. This was NOT a contest to see who is the most popular with the right wing but it has become that. Obviously talent does not matter and that was the original concept of the show in the first place.

1437 days ago


My gal pal and I have been DWTS fans since season 3. This season, Bristol Palin has ruined the show, and we intend to NEVER watch another episode. Politics and entertainment don't mix!!! Shame on the producers of DWTS. You have lost two very loyal fans!!

1436 days ago


The voting is rigged. Mama Grizzly is paying off the producers. You would have to be blind to watch the competition and think that there is an improvement in Bristol's dancing from week 1 to week 8. You don't give someone 8's because her family is sitting in the front row. You can't compare Bistol's dancing ability and score of 8 to the ability of anyone else who got an 8. She deserves more like a 3 or 4. Mark does all the dancing and Bristol is like a fat whale walking around and shaking her fins and blubber. The pregnant seal needed a diving board before her dancing party could lift her. If he isn't dancing tonight, it is because he is recovering from his hernia surgery or has torn muscles. The posters who write comments about how beautiful--how graceful--how talented--what a good mother the Pistol is have got to be paid employees or relatives of her. If she looks like a whale, waddles like a whale, and has the personality of a whale--she is not a dancer--it is the Pistol the Whale from the waters of Alaska.

1436 days ago


Don't be hard on the pregnant gal from Alaska. At least she isn't embarrassed about getting pregnant and she isn't having an abortion. She is a fine Christian girl who is doing her best. Not the brightest, not the thinnest, not the prettiest, doesn't even want to practice or to win, but her Mama and her Aunt want her to win. How would you like to live with this family that doesn't care about you--all they want is to see their name in the media and to keep the money rolling in. The Palin family is a family of grifters--look how Todd and Piper can't get their pictures taken enough; kudos for Willow and Track and Trig for trying to keep a low profile, and a rant for Chuck and Sally Heath and Heather--who want to ride on the gravy train. Easier to be a grifter than to be a hard working American.

1436 days ago
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