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Sarah Palin -- The 'DWTS' Conspiracy Theory

11/2/2010 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nobody can explain why Bristol Palin has managed to stay on "Dancing with the Stars" despite the fact that she sucks at dancing ... nobody except Harvey Levin.

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Bristol is a lovely, calssy girl and while a new mother, she is trying to dance and learn what is not so easy for all of us. Give her a break. She has gotten better every time and judges who are usually slovenly rude (not the girl..she's nice) but they critique her work often favorably. I never believed in a system that allowed phone calls to determine who would be the winner cause it's a set up. If she's getting the most calls why don't you get over it AND stop bashing her. Harvey Levin you're gay and I'm not but I don't put you down for your personal bedroom habits that roll out into the public. Stop bashing a sweet girl who has never been the least bit churlish or crude and live with your own sins and shut the F up. You're a nasty little man as many gays can be. A lot of us love her and respect her for who she is ... in fact I'm not a Palin fan and I don't agree with the system of voting but I never initiated it .. you did and thrive on taking sides as in the goulsh Oksana money grubbing scheme. Get a grip on yourself or anyone you reach out to .. but lighten up. You're exposed buddy.

1449 days ago


First of all, Harvey should watch Fox News, the number 1 cable news station. CNN is in 2nd place, BTW. Sarah Palin has been on several shows since Saturday. She has said that she enjoys speaking her mind & wouldn't be able to do so if she was running. But she hasn't closed the door to running.

But I agree that she does affect the DWTS voting. I don't watch the show but I make sure I vote for Bristol EVERY Monday night, using every medium. Tammy Bruce even tweets "Operation Bristol" get-the-vote-out campaigns on Mondays. Face it, a lot of Americans like Sarah Palin. You might not like it but it's the way it is.

1449 days ago


Everyone knows who will win; so do the producers. Therefore, they have to do something to make it interesting so, football players who love attention and oddballs like Palin, Kyle, etc. Throw in some pros showing their stuff and voila, you have someone for everyone and great ratings. And it is enjoyable and half the contestants can't dance, at all!

1449 days ago


the truth is there are more conservatives who watch this show than liberals....that is why she is still there it has nothing to do with her dancing...conservatives out number liberals 2 to 1.

1449 days ago

Lynn M    

Sadly, in this day and age, it would be surprising if she was 18 and had NOT had sex. If she hadn't of gotten pregnant while being the daughter of a right-wing politician, this would be a non-story. Sadly, teens of all ages are being pressured to have sex before they are emotionally ready to deal with the potential consequences.

1449 days ago


The GOP and normal Republicans HATE Palin.

It's only that small contingent of uneducated wal-mart white trash that admire Plain and THEY watch DWTS bother to vote.

Educated Republicans do not watch reality TV, most have never heard of it.

1449 days ago


Answers to the 3 main questions:

1.) How is Bristol a "star?" Well...actually she isn't a star and wasn't known to the general public until the horrid media called her out on being a pregnant minor! Disgusting, if you ask me! The media has dragged this young girl through the mud and made her a "star" an "underdog" a "victim" that many feel has been unjustly villified. No one would have ever even known her name had she quietly gotten an abortion. She chose the hard way and many conservatives applaud that. Taking personal responsibility for the choices that you make.

2. Why is she still on there? Well...because more people vote for her than for the others who have not gone one.

3. Why do conservatives vote for her even though she isn't that great of a dancer? Well...besides the fact that she is the only non-performance person on the show and has made great strides throughout the weeks and seems sweet and genuine and to be truly trying hard...I think it goes much deeper than that. I think many conservatives are voting for her because they want to send a message that even though the Palin Family haters are the loudest and have the most media voices, there are a LOT of people who really like this family. This should send a message to the Democrats. Watch out! If the conservatives can vote enough to push Bristol through this far, just think about what they will be able to do today and in 2012!

1449 days ago


Fiona - the only reason that FAUX is #1 is that most sane, reasonalbe Americans have better things to do with their time than sit on the couch and watch cable news. We like to get outside and spend time with our families.
Name one of the "several" shows that Palin has been on since Saturday that were not on FAUX. Did you know that she is PAID by FAUX?? And so is Newt Gingrich. AND Karl Rove. Really sounds like a "fair and balanced" station to me. Name me ONE political figure who is considering a run for office who is a paid employee of another major cable news station.
To admit that you don't watch the show, but vote anyway for Bristol - AND to admit that some other moron tweets a get out the vote for Bristol?? As a rational, sane American, that really sounds f%$ked up - you need to get a real life outside of your obsession with the Palins. Take a deep breath, turn off FAUX and you will feel much better. The fears and paranoia will be gone before you know it. Seriously, put down the teapot.
Everyone is entitled to their own opinions in this country - but not their own facts.

1449 days ago


Kate Gosslin was sicking to watch, she couldn't move for poop.
she can't act for the same reason. I'm not fond of cristal but she tryed, and hasn't made a a*&^% of her self like Kate.
I'm a democrat she turned out well having the mother she has.
She another mistake. They need new judges on DWS.
have a good day!!

1449 days ago


The entire show is rigged from the start. The producers are interested only in who is politically correct and who will bring in an audience.

In support of this theory, take that drugged out Osbourne kid. She couldn't dance her way out of a marijuana field. Yet the Judges proclaim her great. Could it be Daddy and Mommy wanted therapy for the poor child?

How about the year Stacy Keibler gets beat by Jerry Rice and Drew Lachey? Drew was good but Stacy was far better.

I am sorry for sounding so negative but it gets old when you think you are watching a dance contest and try to figure out who is best and then the best get eliminated. I suggest the producers simply tell us that regardless of who is best, it is simply about money.

1449 days ago


" To capitalize on their stupdity is a travesty!! "

"stupdity"??? - Hilarious!!!

I know it's just a typo, but still, best line of the post!!!

1449 days ago


That "booing" controversy (did the audience boo because Sarah arrived? or was they didn't like the scores of the prior dancer?) would never have happened if Sarah had the common coutesy to arrive when all the other families do == at the beginning of the show and had stayed until the end. She poped in to "be seen" for 15 seconds. And her poor daughter Piper was with her and I'm sure Piper would have liked to see the show rather than be dragged of to some political event. Rude, rude, rude.

1449 days ago

donald yagle    

Sounds like all you so called ladies and dumbacrats are a little jealous of Bristol and eat to many sour grapes lighten up a little the sun will come up in the morning if Bristol is still voted to stay on.

1449 days ago

Laffn Bear    

I see a comment about support for "they resonate with what she stands for."
I can't figure out what that may be unless it is teenage unwed pregnancy.
Why that is something to be admired escapes me.
As to the country being "mostly conservative," that was proven false by the last presidential election.
No matter how much you may wish something to be true, wishing belief don' make it so.
Get over yourself.

1449 days ago


I told you she was only kept on the show because of ratings. Her mom sits in the audience and this republicans watch the show just to see her dumb, fat ass in the audience. THE WHOLE SHOW IS FIXED!!! The same happened with Erin Andrews. She should have never been a I've heard...I don't watch this sh*t!!

1449 days ago
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