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Capri Anderson -- Time to Go Public

11/4/2010 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Capri Anderson -- the porn star who locked herself in Charlie Sheen's hotel bathroom -- surfaced in Los Angeles yesterday ... and was grilled like a cheeseburger over Sheen's missing $150k watch. 

Thing #1 -- it's not our camera guy ... and not the way we'd ask the questions -- the dude hits Capri pretty hard about everything that went down in New York last week.

Anderson was leaving an L.A. restaurant with radio personality Sam Phillips ... who told the photog Capri's only comment was "no comment."


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the watch is in her

1411 days ago


He forgot one question. "Why didn't you tell the police he threatened you?" I'll answer for her. Because he didn't, and she has his watch, and she's full of ****. She saw an opportunity to get rich and famous, and embezzle, so she's doing it, and no one's buying it. So **** her. Mind you, Charlie Sheen is an ass and he deserves this humiliation, but just the same, she's a skank.

1411 days ago


Capri is a lowlife s***bag Ho. She's something that you wipe off the bottom of your shoe. The watch she probably put up her ass or snatch when the cops came.

1411 days ago


I'm a porn star. NOT a whore.
I'm a porn star. NOT a whore.
I'm a porn star. NOT a thief...uf, errr, I mean, idiot, uh, no, that's not it, ho bag, ohhh, not, what I meant to say is low-life...argggg, opportunist, ahhhh...I mean...whore.

1411 days ago


LOL love how TMZ tries to pretend they have a set of standers.

1411 days ago


Another HO after money the watch wasn't enough.

1411 days ago


AHHHHHHHHHHHH `````` Looking 4 your 15 minutes`` bitch? I BET YOU ARE!! Good luck with that!!! Now get back to work `````` on your back `` dumb a$$!!

1411 days ago


Since when did TMZ start buying extremely poorly staged fake interviews? That guy asking the questions is her friend and representative. It's all scripted.

1411 days ago


she sells her body, which is a pretty bad thing to do in regular basis and for a living (I mean every night).
therefore whatever she says makes zero impact (to me) , none.

nada, zip ... absolutely nuthing. like never happened.. air floating around

Im saying this 'cause lately I see strange things happening in the media: like in Italy where a prostitute talks about "politics" .. I mean.. come on ...

1411 days ago


Hey Capri- you are a whore! Whatever happened to you in that hotel you deserved! Why don't you try getting (instead of giving) a job you skank! She looks like trailor trash! Charlie is a spoiled junkie a-hole but at least he works. She put herself in that position by being a money grubbing symapathy from me and hopefully no money from Charlie. She should be in jail.

1411 days ago


The Bitch took it now she's tryin to sue him!!! I hope he sues her ass right back and makes her loose some of that money shes got off this!!!

1411 days ago


Before Charles was coked out of his mind he had the presence of mind to give his wallet to his assistant but not the quite valuable watch!!!!!Who is he trying to fool with this one.
Say Charles, the place was busy and more than one person saw you blasted and making a fool of yourself so the spin feat that your people is feeding to the public is trite.
You and your assistant can figure out how you're going to spin the watch story since by what we can see here by TMZ standards that almost everyone here "saw" her take the watch even thought they didn't get 1/2 of what went on that night nor do they want to get the true story, hahahaha. Now let's see if you're going to man up and confess that she did not take your watch you expensive cheap trick.
BTW, she lawyered up because she didn't do anything wrong and that bathroom scenario sort of falls under that holding a person against their will law. He'll settle in private so as not to disappoint his jaded fans. Hahahaha What a maroon.

1411 days ago


TMZ, you seem to go out of your way to distance yourself from this photographer due to the way he asks his questions. This is how questions should be asked. This is what we want to know. Quit being so easy on them (Ox) and pu**yfooting around. Are you afraid to make enemies?
Ask the tough questions. We don't care how their day is going, what they're wearing, or what they're driving.

1411 days ago


Well, if she was cowering in the bathroom -naked- I'll bet I know where she hid the watch...ewe!

1411 days ago
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