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David Cassidy -- Busted for DUI

11/4/2010 10:58 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Former "Partridge Family" star David Cassidy was arrested in Florida last night on suspicion of  DUI ... after cops found a half empty bottle of bourbon in his 2008 Mercedes.

The 60-year-old former teen idol was spotted weaving on and off the road a number of times on Florida's Turnpike around 8:00 PM  ... and was eventually pulled over by a member of the Florida Highway Patrol.

According to cops, Cassidy told the trooper that he'd had a glass of wine around lunch time and popped a hydrocodone painkiller a few hours before the arrest.

In his report, The trooper claims he instructed Cassidy to get out of the car -- and dude was "swaying while standing."  Cassidy took a breath test and blew a 0.139 and 0.141 -- way over the .08 legal limit.

The trooper then searched the car and turned up a half empty bottle of Labrot Graham Woodford Reserve Kentucky Bourbon in the back seat.

We're told Cassidy was taken to a nearby jail and booked for DUI. He was released this morning at 3:22 AM on a $350 bond.

David Cassidy is adamant that he was NOT hammered on booze when he got behind the wheel in Florida last night ... and says he plans to fight the DUI charges tooth and nail.

David's rep, Jo-Ann Geffen, tells TMZ ... the former teen idol admits he did take a pain pill for his back earlier in the day -- and may have been tired from an early morning funeral he had to attend -- but he definitely wasn't drunk.

Cassidy is also disputing the results of the two breathalyzer tests he took at the time of arrest -- insisting his true blood alcohol content was not properly measured.

Cassidy's rep tells us the actor is already on the hunt for a lawyer and plans to fight the charges adding, "He would never jeopardize anyone on the road and he would not have been driving had he not had to go to a funeral ... he's never been arrested in his life before for anything."


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I have seen David 3 times and not once was he drunk! People love to point the finger and love to put down anyone with such huge success as David Cassidy. I am sure you all have friends that drink and drive, and would you call them addicts and drunkers?I am sure you would'nt. Also, those of you that think you know what really happened to Jack Cassidy,just go off all the rumors. If you read the # 76th comment that someone made that will give you an insight.
You all know that at one point in his carreer David Cassidy was bigger than The Beatles or Elvis. HE IS THE ORIGINAL AMERICAN IDOL PERIOD!

1447 days ago

Mark Robinson    

I like to think that the bottle of bourbon was found half full, not half empty

1447 days ago


lol you seen david 3 times 3 whole times and you know all about him to funny go have a drink

1447 days ago


Keep him off the road in Florida. Please commend the Trooper for fine work !!!

1447 days ago


I hope Florida justice is not like California. They should get tough with him . At least one hour in jail and mandatory two hours in rehab.

1447 days ago


I've worked with David among many other celebrities. These people can really hold their alcohol. He may not have thought he was drunk even though he was over the legal limit.
Still a crime. If you're gonna drink and take pain killers, you need to stay in the pool.
It's how I spent my summer vacation..,

1447 days ago


typical liberal liar...remember Clinton, all red-faced and wagging his finger, 'I did not have sex with that woman'...

1447 days ago


Hey David,

Thank you for all the great entertainment you have given to people over the years. Keep the faith, because there are better opportunities for you in the future that you haven't imagined.

Thank God no one got killed or hurt. You will get through this. You have friends and fans!

1447 days ago


denial denial denial that's the road he was driving when he got popped!

1447 days ago


It runs in the family...............

1447 days ago

Susan Mintzer    

I've been reading the comments.
It's wonderful that people are so opininated! Every brain deserves respect.

1447 days ago

scik and tired    

50ct. Help out children..hell just help out black children, show the world your selective love but playing with yourself in kidding it is true then. " stupid is bone deep "your mother would be disapointed. I said this because I can

1447 days ago


This would make a good Mad Magazine story, especially about former child stars who now are face down in the gutter, or will be soon.

1447 days ago


#94 Lets just say I know more about him then most people do because I have followed him since 1974. I have also met David on many ocasions. I would like to comment how RUDE Eyewitness News was busting in during the Oprah Show when his brother Shaun Cassidy was doing a medely of his past, the came in and posted DUI David Cassidy....just plain rudeness....and so unprofessional and babyfied! Shame on channel 7 ABC.

1447 days ago


Nice hairdo, dave, so what was so special about you anyway?

1447 days ago
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