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Miley Cyrus -- Bilingual Underage Drinking ... Sorta

11/5/2010 12:33 PM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

With her parents in the middle of a divorce, underage Disney pop princess Miley Cyrus, 17, threw back a Corona cerveza at a club in Madrid, Spain last night ... where the legal drinking age is technically 18 -- but there's a catch.

TMZ contacted several Spanish authorities who each confirmed the law ... and then made it clear that underage drinking is simply no big deal in their country.

One police officer told us ... people as young as 16 are cool to consume "certain" beverages in Madrid -- but the cop refused to explain what those beverages are. 

In that case: Salud!



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This is absolutely ridiculous. It's a beer. You can't even get drunk off one beer. And the drink she's holding is full, so we can assume she drank it but we don't actually know. If Miley doesn't drink, that makes her in the minority. I grew up in the U.S. and almost everyone I know in all the places I've lived started drinking in high school. Certainly by the age of 17-18, aka starting college, most everyone drinks. All the parents on this site who think their high school- or college-aged kids don't drink are kidding themselves. Stop talking about how Miley is going down the path of self-destruction until she does something actually bad, like drunk driving or hard drugs.

1415 days ago

Santa Clause    

i dont give a **** WHAT age u are, drinking is bad for your health.

1415 days ago


Dude she is going to go fomr this and then shave her freakn head... She is going like freakn nuts... She is going to regret thins stuff one day.... Firts this then getting high.... I feel sorry for them parents

1414 days ago


honestly, who cares? it's her life. i like parying and getting drunk and im only 16 and i do much more, i aint sayn i like miley or anything im just sayin this drama needs too ****ing stop!

1410 days ago


honestly, who cares? when it's a normal , non-famous teenager nobody really cares. but, when its her oh god everybody freakout. can you people honestly tell me at 17 you werent doing that or at least thinking about it?

1406 days ago


As far as I am concerned - she's 18. She can do whatever she wants. People have it in their head that she's still a little kid, and yes, she may be considered a role model for young girls, but what about actors like Johnny Depp, etc. that go back and forth from doing R rated films to G rated films. If you're going to pick on someone - at least make it consistent, but nope that's not picking on someone.

If the cops in spain turn the other cheek to Miley drinking beer then that's on Spain and Billy Ray and company. She looks wasted in the pic.

I do hope she slows down though. No need to rush into that. Had a family member started drinking at her age=now an alcoholic. Another family memeber went over seas at her age and drank, found passed out on the curb

1389 days ago

what the heck?    

what the hck i m a couple yrs younger than her n i know ppl in gr. 6 who drink n smoke weed.

1346 days ago
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