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Gayle King -- Ain't No Gay Vibe With Oprah

11/9/2010 3:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

They fish together ... they camp together ... they shack up together .... but Oprah's BFF Gayle King still insists the famous lesbian rumors are purely "ridiculous."

Oprah and Gayle:
Gayle and her daughter Kirby hit the Museum of Modern Art in NYC last night -- when she told our photog that she's never put out a gay vibe with the famous talk show host ... because "there isn't one."

110910_oprah_gayle_video3Can't two single, middle-aged women hang out in peace? All the time? Without men? Ever?


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en Todo Momento!!    

no female past the age of 17 is truly 'gay'!!! they all realize the real truth at some point in life! fortunately (for them that is, of course...)!!

1441 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

oh, i mean except ellen, of course...portia is not really gay.

1441 days ago


oprah has a man & gayle is quite open about finding one. 2 women who hang out ALL the time is called BEST FRIENDS. i'm the same way with mine.

1441 days ago


Nope not gay. Both straight. No gaydar going off.

1441 days ago

paul a.    

Its a totally fair question.

If the worlds most famous/richest man hung around his best buddy constantly leaving his wife at home and not in the spotlight, you KNOW what the media would be saying......

1441 days ago


OMG...give me a break! They're best friends for heaven's sake. This is what friends do...hang out together!! I would think nothing of going camping with my best friend. She's married with children. She's not a lesbian nor am I. Are men "gay" because they go on fishing weekends together or attend sporting events together? Of course not! The media is just trying to sir up a story and this is a ridiculous one!

1441 days ago


I am female and almost 60 and have never seen a female friendship like this! It's not what they are that is so disturbing to me. It's that they spend so much energy denying it ! ! ! ! Why? It's their personal business and choice. If they are lesbians or if - more likely - they are bisexual, it's all fine. Just own up and stop this endless nonsense. The more they deny it and camp together they less likely we all are to believe it.

1441 days ago


Even the BEST of female friends do not act like and do what these two do. All this overnight stuff and privacy over and over is not what two women do. This has been decades of this between them. I had to laugh at posters who claim this is normal between women. It's not.

1441 days ago

Gsharon 710    

Gayle.....B.U.L.L. S.H.**

1441 days ago


Women can be friends without being Gay - Are we supposed to sit alone with a cat and wait for prince charming? Give me a break, I have had so much fun with my girlfriends I wouldnt change it for the world - and nope not gay in the slightest...

1441 days ago


I blame John Tesch.

1441 days ago


Gay ...but who really cares

1441 days ago


So ridiculous that anyone even asks that question. First of all it doesn't matter, and second, it's no one's business.

I hang out with lots of my female friends (I'm female). No one ever asks me that questions.


1441 days ago


It's so stupid for people to say these two are gay. I have had a best friend for almost 25 years, and we hang out all the time together and love each other in a PLATONIC way. We don't and never have had sex together. We are like sisters to each other because neither one of us has a sister.

In high school, there were some pervert guys who accused us of being gay together. We were shocked because that had never even occured to either of us. We were both boy-crazy. People need to grow up and stop being so sick in the head. Two women can be very close and not be lesbians. Jeezus. What is wrong with people??

1441 days ago

Throwback kid    

Oprah has never been married, does not have any kids and this Steadmen guy doesn't even live with her, he seems to around only when she needs an escort to an event. The big O seems to rather spend her time with Gayle.

PS Dee Dee Russell, your post was very funny!

1441 days ago
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