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Matt Lauer

'We Stand By'

Kanye Interview

11/11/2010 3:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Matt Lauer is holding his ground against Kanye West -- claiming he stands by his recent interview with the rapper ... despite Kanye's allegations that Matt manipulated him into showing remorse for George W. Bush

Matt Lauer and Kanye West
Kanye flipped out on Twitter yesterday -- after "Today" aired a clip of the interview -- claiming Lauer "tried to force" his answers during Tuesday's sit-down ... in which the rapper said, "I would tell George Bush, in my moment of frustration that I didn't have the grounds to call him a racist."

But Lauer stood by his interview -- which addressed the rapper's famous post-Katrina remark that Bush "doesn't care about black people" -- airing the entire segment this morning to prove that nothing was taken out of context.

Kanye is scheduled to return to "Today" for a performance on November 26th -- and sources at the show tell us they're still expecting the rapper to show up. 



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Get this big baby a DIAPER. He'll never grow up...The only "brutal" thing about the interview was having to watch it. I can't believe Lauer didn't loose HIS cool. I would'a.

One good thing that might come from this is this whiny little child might not do any more interviews. There's always an up-side.

1451 days ago


Kanye is correct!!! I hate it when any interviewer does that to a person they invite on to speak. Playing the Taylor Swift incident so Kanye could hear it while he was trying to speak about Bush made it confusing for both Kanye and the audience. I was glad Kanye spoke up and said it was wrong. It was a set up and many people like Matt Lauer do it all the time. They want to make the person speaking have an emotional moment because its good for ratings. They want to make asses of people for ratings...plain and simple. Matt Lauer, shame on you, why couldn't you just let him speak without derailing him that way?

I also think that Matt Lauer made Bush look good, and that is criminal. Matt didn't hold Bush's feet to the fire at all, only Kanye's. Ambush journalism.

1451 days ago


I watch the Today show most days and always have. That's always how they conduct interviews. Something seems to me to be seriously wrong with Kanya. He made the interview ridiculously awkward. I did watch the entire thing and Matt Lauer did absolutely nothing wrong or out of the ordinary.

1451 days ago


West is a no talent A hole. No problem ruining Taylor Swifts best moment but doesn't like it when it happens to him. Poor baby felt sandbagged.

Grow up, what a major d bag. I guess this is how he needs to get his publicity.

1451 days ago


Kanye needs to be stop being invited for interviews, performances - period. His ego grows every time whether or not it goes his way. I'm very disappointed that the Today Show or any show/network invites him to perform or interview to tell "his side" ... let him tweet to his "fans" and let's move on from this poor pathetic excuse for an "entertainer"

1451 days ago


Typical whiny Kanye...go away, your 15 minutes are so up! I saw this interview on the Today show and I agree with others here that he came across as an *******.

1451 days ago


Kanye, do us all a favor and stay home on November 26th. I don't want to toss up my Thanksgiving meal.

1451 days ago


Kanye was upset because Matt led him to address his off coments about George Bush and then to address his insulting encounter with Taylor Swift....then he was mad at his handlers for allowing the questioning and airing of his MTV shana****ns. It is a shame to waste his talent on his huge ego that is going to end up costing him the loss of support of his fans some day. He needs to get off his high horse.

1451 days ago


What a cry baby bitch. Can't stand Kanye. Never could. He is an arrogant bitch who for some reason thinks the world cares what he has to say. Go away Kanye. No one likes you!!!!!!!

1451 days ago


I am a born and bred Texan and I still live here. I was of age when Bush was the Gov. and I live in Austin. I know that Bush doesn't like Black people and he especially hates mixed race couples, and I could site examples, but why bother. Because when it all boils down to it, it IS my "idiot" opinion. Ahole

Surprisingly to some, I like Kanye's music, but I'm not a fanatic. My opinion has nothing to do with Kanye, just Bush alone. He has shown African-Americans in Texas many times over that he doesn't give a damn about them; both he and his stepford wife.

So why don't you people show me that I'm a liar. Show me some proof that he does care about Blacks and I will recant. Until then, STFU because you don't know what the eff you're talking about!

BTW, I didn't vote for Obama, so don't even bother going there.

Oh yeah, and I do like little boys (dumba$$) cuz I'm a "little girl." LMFAO at the MJ reference. Ouch, that hurt...NOT! Try again.

1451 days ago


Kanye West couldn't carry Bush's jock strap.

1451 days ago


Why do you base your survival ,on what people thinks of you? There are some who like our Former President, and we don't blame him for our oatmeal being cold.

1451 days ago


Kanye dug his own grave let him get himself out of what his big mouth and rudeness got him into.

1451 days ago


If he starting "singing" on a flight I was on I would tell him to shut the hell up. I am so tired of his huge ego.

1451 days ago


"Show me some proof that he does care about Blacks and I will recant."

First Female African American Sec'y of State: Conalisa Rice
First African American Sec'y of Defense: Colin Powell
First Hispanic WH Lawyer: Alberto Gonzales

All G.W. Bush appointees.

The list goes on and on...
why don't you research it while you're eating your crow.

Do your research. He doesn't hate Blacks but he should hate dumb!

1451 days ago
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