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Princess Diana's Ring

Now In Kate's Hands

11/16/2010 2:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Prince William has revealed that he proposed to Kate Middleton with his mom's engagement ring -- the same one Princess Di stopped wearing after Charles cheated on her ... which in turn, ruined the marriage, embarrassed the royals and tore the family apart. Bling Bling!!

Kate Middleton Engagement Ring
Diana famously picked out the £30,000 ring -- which consisted of 14 diamonds surrounding a sapphire -- back in 1981. They divorced in 1996.

So we gotta ask ...



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maggie mae    

The ring isn't cursed, Charles was just an *******!

1406 days ago


I think the ring is 100% beautiful.

1406 days ago


Leave it to TMZ to take a beautiful moment and trash it!

Sometimes you guys are funny and sometimes not so much.

1406 days ago


I never liked that ring.

1406 days ago


That ring should be worn by Miss Middleton. It is not cursed and it is an enormous honor that William would present it to her. He would never marry someone that wasn't as honorable and beautiful as his mother and I'm sure Kate must be incredibly humbled and joyous that William honored her and his mother in this way! Way to go will make a wonderful King!

1406 days ago


Uh, William is her bloodline you moron. So, the boys got to choose one item of hers that they wanted? Nothing like Chuck being his usual @$$ and only allowing her memory to continue with only one item. I loathe him and the monarchy - they are about 200 years behind the times. With Britain in financial crisis, the last thing the subjects need is to foot the bill for a royal wedding that will collapse in a few years.

1406 days ago


I do like William - I think he will make a fine King.

1406 days ago


I fail to understand why the people of the United States should really care about all this. If the Brits want to make a big deal about the royal family then so be it - we've got real problems to deal with here.

1406 days ago


The ring is lovely and it is not cursed . The ring had nothing to do with Charles cheating on that poor girl, she was picked out because Charles was screwing around with a married woman and queen mommie had to pick out someone who was dumb enough not to notice before the trap closed on her and that was Diana. to save the royals face. I think is lovely he wanted his love to have something his mother use to wear.

Shame on TMZ for being so sleazy !!!! with this story Shame !!!!
Harvey you need to stop letting the kids write out your story bits they are making you look really bad and trashy only 20 somethings would find this remotely funny !!

1406 days ago


I don't like the ring, but Diana she was an Angel.....Charles didn't deserve her at all. Kate she seem to be a nice woman....I hope they marriage last forever.

1406 days ago


Always did LOVE that ring! So beautiful:) Kate seems like a very humble woman & she's got a smile that seems very 'real' & just radiates & lights up her face. I don't think William would be marrying her if he didn't think she was up to the task of 'dealing' with all that goes with being 'HRH'. Something in her eyes makes me believe she's probably a very strong woman who can deal with 'the other strong woman' in Prince Williams life too:) Diana just didn't seem to have that 'strength' until much later in her life & was simply unable to deal with the certain members of the monarchy. When she DID try to speak up, 'sides' seemed to be chosen, usually Charles's & she was simply frozen out. How 'alone' that must have made her feel. Hope Kate doesn't allow herself to suffer the same fate. She's 'been around' for 8 yrs in Williams life so surely if she didn't 'fit in', he wouldn't be marrying her. I hope. Diana was irreplaceable but it sure will be nice to have this beautiful young lady around. She's got some huge shoes to fill. She should be judged on her own merit but unfortunately, people are going to be looking for 'another Diana'. I'm sort of guilty of wanting 'another Diana' myself. Hope she's up to living up to everyone's expectations. She seems like a pretty 'tough cookie' to me & I really hope they 'live happily ever after'. This is exciting & I can't wait to see that wedding dress!!

1406 days ago


My sons are a few years younger then Diana's sons. William and Harry are fine young men. Diana would have been thrilled with Kate and Kate's mother has helped William a lot since Diana's death. Congrats to them.

1406 days ago


Waity Katie is as much like Diana, as Michelle Obama is like JackieO. No friggin comparison. Waity Katie, the bully and the one that wears the pants in that relationship, will not last. She will eventually divorce William and write a scathing book about the royals. She is not of the stature of royalty, and has no loyalty to them. Why he chose her I will never know. The royals will eventually do her in like they did Diana. Why would a woman wait 8, EIGHT, years?? He was getting the milk for free for a long time, and not just hers either. She appears very desperate to me.

1406 days ago

a long time Leno fan!    

Its not the ring that's cursed its the requirements of marrying a Royal.

According the tabs, Kate already agreed to accepting the Prince's deliances with a mistress and whatever else he chooses to do. They took the time to explain the "rules" to her perhaps to avoid the debacle they experienced with Princess Diana.

Its a hard life to be married to a Royal and what the tradeoff? A life of compromised unhappiness, misery. Good luck to Kate, she could use it.

1406 days ago


I fail to understand why the people of the United States should really care about all this. If the Brits want to make a big deal about the royal family then so be it - we've got real problems to deal with here.

Posted at 10:45 AM on Nov 16, 2010 by gadr

That's EXACTLY why THIS 'American' is interested in this. Don't you ever just get SICK of all the 'bad news' & 'problems'? What a breath of fresh air as someone else stated about this story. It's part of a history & tradition that has been carried on for hundreds of years. Kind of nice actually. Sure...'solve the real problems' but I don't want to 'wallow in them' 24/7. People need an escape every now & then & what BETTER escape than the belief in 'true love' & 'kings, queens, & handsome prince's'?? With all the absolute CRAP on tv? Give me a HAPPY royal wedding anyday unless viewers would rather tune in to the latest episode of 'Bad Girls Club'?

1406 days ago
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