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Palin Kid Says the Darndest Homophobic Things

11/17/2010 7:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Willow Palin dropped the homophobic f-bomb on Facebook -- and someone must be to blame!! Is it Sarah Palin ... the entire state of Alaska? We smell debate ...

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Wow - the first time in history a teenager said a bad word. I'm shocked, shocked I tell you!

1438 days ago


Throw the words "homophobic" and "zenophobic" into the TRASH!
That is called "terminology". It's design is to politically slant an argument into the opponent's favor in a way so subtle it is insidious. It is a trap.
You can acquiesce your beliefs for the opposition until they conquer you into a glass jar and put a lid on you like an insect. Stand up for what you believe in. The whole "-phobic" label is to make you feel guilty for what you know is right or best so you will passively submit to the dominance of another belief system. Take those words OUT of vogue!

1438 days ago


For a group of people who's supposed to be America's family, they sure carry themselves like a bunch of elitists.

1438 days ago


That the Palins are white trash isn't news. The moment Sarah stepped on the national stage with her dysfunctional family it was obvious. Then to watch the morons who support her, the fact was confirmed. You expect rational discourse from these 2 genetic clones? Long wait.

1438 days ago


Is that the best news you can report? Give the Palins a break. You guys are giving her so much power and she's cashing in big time.

1438 days ago


"Throw the words "homophobic" and "zenophobic" into the TRASH!
That is called "terminology". It's design is to politically slant an argument into the opponent's favor in a way so subtle it is insidious. It is a trap."

Absolutely correct. I know of nobody that has "a fear of homosexuals". What they have is disgust and distain. That is very different than fear.

1438 days ago


GOOD POINT! "Phobia" means "fear". So who is afraid of homosexuals? The word is a misnomer. Time to change the vocabulary.

1438 days ago


Thank you TMZ for having the journalistic integrity to stand up to what will undoubtedly be crushing opposition. This quality of reporting is sorely lacking in America today. I now fully understand why an overwhelming majority of decent people look to you for relevant news. That parenting poll really will shake people up. Knowing that a large number of un-wed teenage girls voted in that poll only makes it that much more credible. I am perhaps the only person (other than yourselves)that understands the hidden genius of having fun babies. Can you please bring us more hard hitting news? Maybe a new story on Lindsay Lohan? She is worth saving as I really believe that she has it in her to one day do something great, like cure cancer.

1438 days ago


Ooooo, good point "Davidtoo". But you need to pull your head out of your ass. The "disgust and distain" is how the fear manifests. You fear homosexuals, dont kid yourself. Just like my fear of your ignorance makes me feel disgusted and makes me distain your ideas. Tell you what, I'll work on my disgust with you and you do the same with gay people.

1438 days ago

That Woman is an Idiot     

Why not cover the Willow story where she ' remodeled ' an empty house... with $20K in damages?

1438 days ago


Now Willow?! When Twig Palin was rumored to being using obscenities I was doubtful. Then later that year Bookshelf Palin was said to be bullying other kids at school. When does it end?

In any event, I still think Sarah Palin can and will beat Obama in 2012.

Go Sarah!

1438 days ago


The whole family is classless and shows their ignorance daily. Palin isn't qualified to be a dog catcher let alone any other elected representative. Americans show their fear based bigotry and ignorance when they support trash like this.

1438 days ago


Some of the same people who are supposedly so concerned about all the homosexuals will not miss the opportunity to utterly ridicule and demean the Palin family. What's wrong with being nice and polite to everyone?

1438 days ago


Are you sure she wasn't talking about a british cigarette?

1438 days ago



Like you TMZ crew didn't say stuff like that when you were sixteen. Praise the high and mighty TMZ

1437 days ago
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