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Eva/Tony Divorce -- He Wanted To File; Denies Sex

11/18/2010 10:08 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sources tell TMZ ... the divorce between Eva Longoria and Tony Parker was in the works for at least a week before Eva filed, contrary to the story Eva's people are telling. And Tony denies he ever had sex with an ex-teammate's wife.

Erin Barry, Tony Parker
Sources connected with Tony tell TMZ ... Tony did indeed have a "sexting relationship" with Erin Barry, the estranged wife of former San Antonio Spur Brent Barry, but it ended months ago. The sources insist, "They never had a physical relationship."

And sources connected with Tony tell TMZ ... Tony and Eva were well aware that the divorce would be filed. We're told Tony was planning on filing for divorce in San Antonio, Texas because it was more convenient, but, "Eva talked him out of it because she wanted to file in Los Angeles." 

Sources also tell us -- contrary to the statement Eva's rep made to TMZ -- Eva not only knew she was filing for divorce, but it was timed to coincide with the Us Weekly interview.

As for why Tony and Eva are telling different stories about the divorce, a close friend of Tony's says it's simple:  "She was into the whole PR thing.  He wasn't."

Eva's people say Tony's story is untrue ... with one source telling TMZ, "Eva and Tony were still talking about working out the marriage up until the morning she filed."

Tony Parker and Erin Barry

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I knew it would never last. He's a professional athlete...enough said.

1435 days ago


A FRENCH NBA SUPERRRRRSTAR!!!??? & FIDELITY!!!!!????...***ettaBoutIt!!!

1435 days ago


where da whi woomun at?

1435 days ago


my two cents is the same as Dee, Look up porn on the web, hell go to the mall women and teens are walking around with their tits hanging out for everyone to see. If it walks and acts like a slut. Then it's a slut, and sex is far to open and common in today's age. The women who will eventually be lusted over will be the one in the turtle neck when she leaves it all to the imagination.. Men love a chase and will have sex with anyone who give it away, and today everyone does. It's actually sad to see where the world is going. I'm not a prude I love sex but not with just anyone and my body is the only thing I truly own and will take to my grave with me, why would I share it with just anyone...

1435 days ago


You ppl. look at all these handsome, wealthy men or these beautiful women you see on fake tv and think they are what you see. Do you really think that great looks define a person.
How silly most of you ppl. are lol. You live a dream lol.

1435 days ago

susi any sports lover will love this site!!!

1435 days ago

Lou Werbe    

Remember, no matter how good looking, how nice, how good in bed, she is, someone, somewhere, somehow, is sick of them... that's where I step in!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1435 days ago


What did she expect? For that matter, why do women at all expect their mate to stay faithful? It doesn't matter if you are a gorgeous star in Hollywood or a normal housewife or girflriend, men are going to's in their nature and they are never going to change for ANYONE! Its a case of men never growing up. They are interested in only THEIR wants at the time and could care less about others. It's pathetic!!!!

1435 days ago


Can anyone in Hollywood try to work things out?? It is horrible they all put their hands in the air and run! Understand the problem - learn to do better - forgive if it is possible. Stop running - work on it!

1435 days ago


of course he cheats.....duh! I do have to say that it is not surprising, she seems like she would be really annoying!

1435 days ago


Why does anyone give a crap about these two????

1435 days ago


Women wanted unlimited sexual equality with men and got it with the Roe v Wade decision! That led to multiple sex partners and a complete re-definement of committment! Men found the new woman movement full of willing sexual partners and unlimited and frequent one night stands!
Now the new morality has changed the way men & women look at relationships! Men & women came hop from bed to bed, from host to host & never have to make a committment or keep a plege of monogamy!
You must be careful of what u wish for, the consequences are sometime to painful to bear! But be thankful, there is always another host waiting to be cuddled...

1435 days ago

Tom Genin    

You can tell who all the 20 year olds are posting about what a shock it is to cheat on a gorgeous woman.

You'll soon learn that being around someone you can stand for more than 5 minutes is waaaaay more important than looks.

Gorgeous and annoying isn't pretty.

1435 days ago


You all DO realize these gorgeous, famous people are...... just people! They love, hate cheat, whatever. She is not exempt because she looks good. And no one knows what they are like to live with. I thought they were in love. I feel sad. One more failure for marriage. Next...

1435 days ago


with these things who knows the real story, they tried, ,it didnt go, and now time to hit the road, even though i think both of them are somewhat alittle not with the truth because all that leads to better more down the road too, ,and i see too Eva wants for the alimony, even though they had a pre-nup before so that a little strange too too considering she does do very well with her TV show and her assets too, ,anyhow, ,good luck to both of them with the future,

1435 days ago
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