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Death Threats Targeting Bristol Palin, Mark Ballas

11/22/2010 5:23 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Bristol Palin and Mark Ballas have received death threats and "Dancing with the Stars" has measurably heightened security ... sources connected with the show tell TMZ.

Bristol Palin Death Threats
We're told the threats began to come in last week, after Bristol and Mark made the finals.  Execs on the show told Mark to stop tweeting because it was inciting people.  Mark complied.

Sources connected with the show tell us extra security will be on hand tonight for the show.  And, if Bristol and Mark head to New York, execs are talking about breaking format and not doing their interview outside in Times Square -- but rather in the studio, where it's more secure.

TMZ broke the story ... a staffer on the show opened a "fan letter" to Bristol on Friday and white powder fell out.  Turns out it was talcum powder, but the FBI is investigating nonetheless.

As one source said, "Everyone is genuinely worried.  This is a dance competition, and it's just gotten crazy."


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So sad...what a bunch of pathetic haters. I hope she wins and for the first time, I will vote for her.

1393 days ago


So sad...what a bunch of pathetic haters. I hope she wins and for the first time, I will vote for her.

1393 days ago


I'm a Democrat, and our block party mass voted by scripting with hundreds of PC's for Palin so we can further blame the Tea Party and Republicans for voting her win.

1393 days ago


If the Palin family is able to divide the people over a dance show; just think what they will do if the mom were to become president. Why have we had to see the shots and cameos of the mother if this is JUST a show about dancing? They instigate hatred and ignorance on both sides of the fence---not good. I enjoyed getting off watching Dancing with the Stars---I am through with it after this season.

1393 days ago


If Jane Fonda's daughter was attempting to dance & win...
wou;d we have the same reaction?? Bristol has accomplished a LOT and deserves to be in the top 3 Her partner is a great guy!

1393 days ago


How pathetically silly this all is. The kid's trying hard, and America is voting. Obviously, these slimy comments are just a reaction to all the liberal childish hatred and vitriol directed at the Palins. This family has hurt no one, and tiny minded liberals think the fate of the world is connected to them. Get an education! Read actual publications from the 17th and 18th centuries and quit believing the silly liberal propaganda. Lordy! Idiots are so stupid and gullible these days! Go back in history and study the truth. THEN, watch the show and enjoy it for what it is: A HOLLYWOOD PIECE OF FLUFF and nothing more. There are better things to get upset about than just silly TV fluff. Educate yourselves!!! And start with ECONOMICS!!! Then you might realize how little "dance" matters.....and what trouble your country is in.

1393 days ago

Aaron Salmon    

It's sad that such a simple dance competition has to have so much politics involved.

Though, working in politics = being exposed to the possibility of being assassinated. I don't think it's right, but how many politicians or their family members have been threatened or killed in the world?

I am neither shocked nor surprised by this article.

1393 days ago


If Bristol or anyone in her family the person responsible will be caught and I don't know how you can sleep with these evil thoughts and wishes. God Bless you and keep your evilness away from the innocents.

1393 days ago


Truly a tragedy [sins of our fathers] except in this case, it is sins of our mothers.

What a legacy to hand your child. Hopefully the mother 'will get it'. Tempting as it is to run around with the verbal diarrhea as she does, sowing hate, division and ignorance with a side helping of elephantine stupidity, perhaps this shall wake her to the peril she's placed her family.

To issue death threats to the kids though? The quarrel is with the mother. Yes she might have considerable input in her child's view of the world but, the quarrel is with the mother. Not that threatening the mother would make sense either. She is 'special'. Extra grace required for her elephantine stupidity.

1393 days ago


Sounds like some of you are very jealous of Bristol. I'm sorry your life didn't turn out the way you would have liked but that's the breaks!

1393 days ago


Where are our priorities when your so consumed by a silly dancing show that you make death threats against a 19 yr old child. And as far as money hungry, I seem to recall that Obama is only president in history to go on talk shows while in office, he is the fame whore. He's more concerned with rubbing elbows with celebrities than doing his job which doesn't include concerts at the Kennedy center or whisking Michelle off on air force one on the taxpayers dime to new york and paris for date nights. I voted for Bristol because she came the farthest with absolutely no prior training, she was real and this is america so I have the right to vote for however I want and you do not have the right to stop me. You people need to realize that the vast majority of americans do not think like you do and we are fed up. It had nothing to do with politics period but you have to always have someone or something to blame, point those fingers away!!! blame blame blame

1393 days ago


Glad the Democrates have nothing better to do than threaten the life of some gal on Dancing With The Stars. If they are worried this much about Bristol, what are they thinking of Sarah? Gees, focus on the crappy job being done in the White House.

1393 days ago


The Palin family HATERS, are no different than the islamic terrorists. Whats wrong with you people?

1393 days ago


@406: Your comment is beyond ridiculous. "Palin family HATERS" do not blow up woman and children. Your hyperbole demonstrates just what a huge, ignorant tool you are.

1393 days ago


@399: You obviously listen to Glenn Beck. You are a BeckerHead. You are so misguided and sad. Imagine someone on the right telling ANYONE to research Economics. Don't you have some recycled, failed economic ideas to advocate for? You are a sad case and an example of why the Palin's are so hated. They made it ok to be ignorant. The country is in trouble but you are the reason it is.

1393 days ago
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