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Death Threats Targeting Bristol Palin, Mark Ballas

11/22/2010 5:23 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Bristol Palin and Mark Ballas have received death threats and "Dancing with the Stars" has measurably heightened security ... sources connected with the show tell TMZ.

Bristol Palin Death Threats
We're told the threats began to come in last week, after Bristol and Mark made the finals.  Execs on the show told Mark to stop tweeting because it was inciting people.  Mark complied.

Sources connected with the show tell us extra security will be on hand tonight for the show.  And, if Bristol and Mark head to New York, execs are talking about breaking format and not doing their interview outside in Times Square -- but rather in the studio, where it's more secure.

TMZ broke the story ... a staffer on the show opened a "fan letter" to Bristol on Friday and white powder fell out.  Turns out it was talcum powder, but the FBI is investigating nonetheless.

As one source said, "Everyone is genuinely worried.  This is a dance competition, and it's just gotten crazy."


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Moe Green    

I don't believe in violence and death threats are wrong. I'm just surprised she has not gotten more and earlier because she is such an untalented fat pig. Her dancing reminds me of that Will Smith movie where he's trying to teach some white guy how to dance. She does all the things he says not to, not particularly on the DWTS show but in all her other media pictures. Like dropping her jaw and giving some soft of sign like she's cool.

1399 days ago


I'm voting for 'BRISTOL AND MARK' tonight. Liberals are just angry that ... Sarah Palins ... DAUGHTER' ... made it too the finals. This gives me more reason to vote for 'BRISTOL & MARK'... PLUS! They make a 'CUTE COUPLE'.

1399 days ago


People know I'm real and not hollywood...gag gag she's really believes this sh*t. Go home and take care of you out of wedlock baby.

1399 days ago


LMAO --- Someone had the nerve to call 'BRISTOL PALIN A COW'. My GOD --- THE BLACK DUDE IS AN 'OINKER' WHO NEEDS A BRA! FOR SUPPORT ... Looking forward to cast my vote for 'BRISTOL & MARK'.

1399 days ago


Liberals want to control everything, even stupid dance shows. But come on, death threats to an a teenage girl. Get a grip!!

1399 days ago


look folks i thought this was america guess not this is dancing with the stars look at this bristol is not a star its dancing with a star are all stupid and soher mother is sarah palin bigdeal her mothers view are her mothers view this is america i thought we had freedom of speech guess not why dont we just have alguida come in and take us all out thisthing has become a hateful thing against one girl its so sad and again this is dancing with the stars not being a star thisisbristol not sarh
and im a demoractis and ivoted forbristol each week because i feel shes come a long way so people is this america take your awful comments and stick it its just a show butyou people are making it a war and thejudges have favored jennifer grey all thetime all you that dumb getlives or should be all go back to 911 isthat theway thiscountry has become its sad very sad

1399 days ago


Liberals don't make death threats? Well apparently they do JW. Apparently they have a hard time "restoring their own sanity" when a young woman advances to the finals of a dance show. Amazing how wacked out these people can be. I think it says something about our culture our society. Hey Joy Beyhar will you be happy if Bristol Palin is hurt? Because you're going to have blood on your hands. In fact all of you Palin haters posting here will. You keep up these posts and some whack job just might do something terrible. Of course some of you are evil and hateful enough to want that to happen. Maybe Seth McFarlan could make a song or a joke about it and Hollywood could give him an award. I think we all see behind your supposedly bleeding hearts and kindness to what is really just a bunch of pathetic control freaks who cannot handle the fact that most of America just doesn't agree with you. Get over it. Get a life.

1399 days ago


The only reason DWTS chose Bristol to be on the show was because they knew it would stir up controversy which might up the ratings. While I am not a fan of Sarah Pain or her politics I sure don't hate Bristol. I just do not think she deserved a place in the finals. At this point since Maks and Brandy are out I actually am hoping Bristol wins. The dancer at the bottom of the leader board for most of the season, winning the mirrorball trophy might teach ABC to be more careful about their choices in the future. Of course the judges will step in and not let that happen. I am predicting low scores for Bristol tonight. Too bad the didn't step up and do that before the best couple was sent home.

1399 days ago


Death threats? Really?! God, you just gotta love liberals, huh?

1399 days ago

CJ's just a freakin' dancing show. In the big scheme of things, it really doesn't matter who wins.

1399 days ago

steven husen    

i remember and episode of All in the Family where mike and gloria were fighting. at the end of the show edith, the mother, says to mark that her family had a huge blow out over maple syrup. mike says to edith, "mom this is more than maple syrup." edith said, "yes but if maple syrup could lead to that blow up than what could this problem lead to. this episode with dwts is maple syrup. we're getting carried away with this in a way that distorts who we are. this isn't america. i remember when 9=11 happened. i was in jeruslaem at the time. even though i am palestinian when i saw the the towers go down, i was only american. i was american by birth and bey nationality but at that moment, and every moment since, i was american by choice. the reason is because i know what is at the heart of america. america is good. that is why everyone especially those who hate america want to come live here. this pettiness over a dance contest can not rise to this level of insanity. it doesn't matter enough. it does matter but not enough. not enough by far. we are first americans who value fairness and democracy. we dont like election results, maybe, but we abide by them because there is a higher principle in play. dwts has morphed into a symbol, which is great for ratings, but an overwhelming burden. we react like we do because they symbols we value we see as being under attack. but if we just step back and look clearly we realize dwts, even if it is a symbol, it is not a substance, at least not in the way it has been perceived. in honesty its not even a symbol. but we're treating it that way. that is dangerous. but that's also my point. even if it was an agreed upon symbol, or worst substance, (which it absolutely is not) americans can stomach it. americans can rise above it. thats whats in our hearts and souls. i know some will criticize me for being polit-philosophical about this but death threats and white powder have changed the rules. the cruelty in some comments is too much. this isn't maple syrup but if maple syrup could tear people apart what could this do?

1399 days ago


i'm guessing mamma grizzly is doing it herself....some sort of sick twisted monchhausen's syndrome

1399 days ago


Does Bristol drink a lot of beer? She has that "freshman 15" look the college girls used to get when the drinking age was 18.

1399 days ago


your suppose to be a STAR!, something you had accomplished and contributed to society like in the field of movies, music, art or sports. Palin shouldn't have been invited to the show. ABC GOOD ONE NOW EVERYBODY THINKS YOUR SHOW IS FIXED !!!

1399 days ago


The real story........the show is investigating to see if all of this is a Palin attempt to get a sympathy vote.

1399 days ago
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