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NFLer Drops Game-Winning Touchdown, Blames God

11/29/2010 7:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Buffalo Bills WR Steve Johnson dropped what would have been the game-winning touchdown against the Pittsburgh Steelers today in overtime -- but it wasn't his fault he choked, it was God's.


The Steelers ended up winning the game 19-16 ... but we think Steve Johnson has bigger problems on his hands.

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Steve, Satan desires to sift you as the wheat, and God allows for these siftings.

1432 days ago


I think Steve Johnson is a spoiled prick. He can come see me in Fresno and say it to my face .I'm God!

1432 days ago

Bills Fan    

What an awful spin to put on this players comments. Typical rag magazine reporting. He is an honorable man and if any of you actually knew anything about him, you would retract your comments. Go see his post game comments, he blames nobody but himself. TMZ should talk about the things that actually matter instead of singling out a kid that's doing a hell of a job for his team. He made a comment out of frustration that is being taken out of context.

I thought TMZ was above the normal Enquirer and Star type reporting. I guess not, you're all the same.

1432 days ago


God didn't drop the ball, you did, Steve. I think I heard he also dropped some others during the game. Time to practice.

1432 days ago


Did God cause all the other drops today? I THINK NOT!!!! Blame the right person Johnson. Thank goodness God forgives you.

1432 days ago


Of course it's God's fault. If God gets all the credit when the guy succeeds, then it logically follows that He should get the blame when he fails. Simple.

1432 days ago


I think he has a sense of humor and is actually blaming himself, although TMZ is too ditzy (and likes to cause trouble/make money, stir it up) to notice..the THX THO at the ending. Never assume anything.
How's come it is always 'TMZ Staff' writes the story instead of an individual. Scared?

1432 days ago


dont blame GOD you retard, did anyone else see the guy dropped not 1 not 2 not even 3 passes but he dropped 5!!! thats something were used to seeing out of Ochostinko here in cincy, give me a break man, its not GODs fault, blame your hands!!!

1432 days ago


It bounced off your chest and you didn't want to hold on.

Yes, God is a Steelers fan when playing against Buffalo.

And a Bears fan the rest of the time! Evil Vick felt it today, lol!

1432 days ago


If his fingers were that good taking the time texting on twitter and blaming God, Buffalo would have won that game!

1432 days ago


Scientists have proven for eons that prayer is meritless, and that "god" is just a figment of the imagination. Why do some people continue to adhere to archaic beliefs believing in a "god" and following some made made faith? Lack of education plays a role; mental illness and instability in life are other contributing factors in one's "connection" with "god." It's much easier for some people to kneel down and blubber away to some nonexistent "god" looking for salvation rather than attacking the problem themselves. "God" doesn't pay the bills, "god" doesn't cure the sick, "god" doesn't provide you with shelter, food, clothes and transportation nor does "god" protect you in any sort of way. Everything in life happens by chance. All life forms happened by chance. The universe all happened by chance. There's just NO such thing as luck or miracles. There's also rational explanations for everything that happens. Some things may be a bit harder to explain than others, but there's always a rational, logical explanation for EVERYTHING that occurs in life. "Miracles" are just plain bogus and so is any kind of "divine intervention." There is no god(s), no devil and no angels; there's no heaven or hell; the only world we'll ever know is this life on earth. So enjoy yourself. It's later than you think!

1432 days ago


"I know a couple who recently lost their young son, a woman with a debilitating illness, a young husband/father out of work and literally trying to feed his family, a refugee with absolutely nothing...and all of these people live humbly, give thanks, and acknowledge that God is good." by higgins1990

What are they idiots? At least Steve Johnson had enough sense not to thank god when he dropped the ball.

Don't you folks ever tire of sounding like complete morons every time you open your mouths?

1432 days ago


Steve, you not only dropped the pass, but you got the diss wrong. You've obviously been taking lessons from "blame someone else" Obama, so you should know it's not God's fault, it's George W. Bush's fault!

1432 days ago


God got him there, but it's up to him to perform.

1432 days ago


What a crybaby!! How 2nd grade is that?!

1432 days ago
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