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Britney SLAMS Ex-Hubby -- 'Kiss My Lily White Ass'

12/2/2010 7:55 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears just lashed out against her ex-husband Jason Alexander -- and both of the publications responsible for publishing a phone call allegedly featuring her voice -- advising them all to "Kiss my lily white southern Louisiana ass!"


As we previously reported, Britney claims the person on the tape is not her -- and her lawyer has already threatened legal action against everyone involved in its release.



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Calling her trashy? What would you do if someone made up rumors about your husband/wife beating you? The only trashy people here are Radar Online, Star Magazine and Jason A. They are lucky that's all she said.

1386 days ago


IT'S Y'ALL... NOT YA'LL... YOU ALL ... Real southerners know this. Dang!

p.s.-to the copy editor wanna be.. keep your day job.

Posted at 3:13 PM on Dec 2, 2010 by Geeez

Beg to differ Sweetie !!!!

All depends on what part of the south yo're from. "You All" would probably come from northern Virginia or around Atlanta or down in Florida where a lot of you northerns seems to have invaded...

Now around the Middle south it's Ya"ll or Yu"ll depending on how mad you are when you are saying it. This is my way of saying it.

Down around Louisania and Georgia it's a Ya"LL and Y'all so she is saying it her way.

Hell... down in Texas I've heard the forget the all altogether and just say U'ns !!!!!

1386 days ago


These hangers-on who keep using her for their own gain are disgusting. They're liars.

1386 days ago


just because she hasn't officially sued yet doesn't make her guilty...maybe, just maybe, since this guy WAS a childhood friend, she would like to give him the chance to apologize and come clean publicly before she gets all legal and bankrupts him. seems like the decent thing to do, not that most here gets the concept of 'decent'.

1386 days ago

Miss Bu    

Let's just hope she washes it first!

1386 days ago


#4: "Please get that apostrophe out of "it's release." Hire me to be your copy editor. I need a job!"

No wonder you are out of work as a copy editor. The possessive is when one actually is supposed to use the apostrophe.

1386 days ago


go girl, let them all have it

1386 days ago


Gal, your ass hasn't been "lily white" in so long you family doesn't even recognize your skanky butt!

1386 days ago


I laughed, so, hard' at the, people looking, for; editing work?

1386 days ago


How Quaint !

1386 days ago


What a bunch of gullible people you all are.

One of Britney's assistants wrote that tweet, not her.


1386 days ago


She should have said - Why don't you kiss my grits!! Southern humor is the best - ya know so down home and etc!! Just look at Jeff Foxworthy & Larry the cable guy - right at the top of the pile!!!

Posted at 3:45 PM on Dec 2, 2010 by Bippy

OMG, I bet you have never so much as set a foot anywhere near the deep south! Lived in Louisiana my entire life until Hurricane Katrina and NEVER, EVER, have I heard ANYONE raised in the south use the expression "kiss my grits." The only person I have ever heard say that was a character on a TV show in the 70s. Those of us who grew up in the south are so tired of the truly stupid portrayals of "southern people." Please, believe me, NO ONE in the south ever says "Kiss my Grits."

1386 days ago


Cafe456/Kelly/Mia: If you're going to post multiple times under different names within 1 minute you need to be smart enough to take the caps off, honey.

1386 days ago


is this what passes for class in Louisiana? How sad!

Posted at 5:19 PM on Dec 2, 2010 by richard pierce

I don't where YOU are from but whatever little patch of hell it turns out to be, I take it that "journalism" full of lies from classy mags like Star is what passes for class there. THAT'S SAD. I guess the little patch of hell you are from, it's considered classless to defend yourself. Again, THAT'S SAD.

1386 days ago


Jamie already had to take her cell phone away and now he's going to have to take her computer too.

1386 days ago
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