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Brad & Angelina's Twins Get Carried Away

12/6/2010 4:00 PM PST BY Johnny Lopez

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie shared parenting duties as each carried one of their adorable twins, Knox and Vivienne, out of a store this weekend.

The Big Apple is now officially the twin city.


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I think Knox looks okay, put there seems to be a problem of some sort with Viv..IMO..

1416 days ago


WOW! I just read all of the comments; what is happening to people to have to be so judgmental, critical, hateful and obviously very miserable. I'm no big fan of theirs, but Live and let live ... a/k/a Get a damn life yall! be nice!!!!

1416 days ago

the truth    

i wonder if there will be another daddy/Angie reunion? or will his name be mentioned.every time she has a movie coming out they always say father and daughter are talking again or fighting again.just for our attention.i watched Angie(who i just love) in interviews and she always says the same thing about boyfriends. she says ...they are my best friend , i just lovee him so much. she needs a new speech. as far as the twins they are normal.when Shiloh was that age she looked just like them and now look at her shes cute as a button. all the kids are so adorable.they are gonna grow up beautiful. brad is still hotter then ever . i like how they let the kids eat real food and dress them warm when its cold out. Katie Holmes daughter seems like shes just show and tell. u never see her dirty like a normal kid or a hair out of place. i can see her being all about her when she grows up. brad and Angie's kids are gonna care about others because thats how brad and Angie are BUT ANYWAYS CANT WAIT FOR HER MOVIE!

1416 days ago


I would say that the odds of fraternal twins both having Down's Syndrome is almost non-existent.

In the rare glimpses of the twins the past 2 years I have noted some distinct features in both of them. For example, it seems to me that Vivienne has a prominent forehead and jaw thus making it look like her eyes and nose are squished in a bit. But to be honest if you see Angie from the side she and Vivienne have the same profile. So who knows or really cares.

I find the North American proclivity to blame the wrong people in adultery fascinating and absolutely absurd. It is the spouse who cheats, it is the spouse who breaks vows and hearts and ultimately it is the spouse who causes the hurt. A person chooses to have an affair and they (and they alone) are responsible or that choice. Yet North Americans find no fault in the cheating spouse rather they blame either the other woman or the cheated on husband. Before you blast me: think about it. A husband cheats on his wife and the majority of people blame the home wrecker hussy who seduced the husband. A wife cheats it is the fault of the emotionally distant husband as he didn’t fulfill his wife’s needs and forced her into the arms of another man who ‘understands’ her. What is up with that?

1416 days ago


People are making comments about the twins because Jolie and Pitt have put their children out there in the media. Come on folks when was the last time we saw the twins that's right just after there was rumours about the state of Jolie and Pitt's relationship. Jolie was standing daily on the balcony in Venice in full makeup and hair styled holding the twins.. If they were really cared for their kids that would keep they would stop using them as PR tools.

1416 days ago


They are absolutely adorable children but I too have noticed what might be a slight problem with their eyes. I thought it was just me but some of the first posts here noticed it too. It doesn't mean a thing, tho, they are twins and sometimes their development is a tad slower. Like I said, they are precious little babies and I'm sure they will be fine.

1416 days ago


The bios are beautiful and obviously normal. The adopted girl has some developmental issues which is why someone has to always carry her around. Pax is precious. Maddox is mean. What a mess.

1416 days ago


Chelsea Handler is spot on. Angelina plotted and planned and manipulated an already disloyal Brad and it worked. I'm not diminishing Brad's responsibility in all this BUT, Angie is one really big manipulator when it comes to men. Evil. Downright evil, this woman.

Posted at 12:43 PM on Dec 6, 2010 by JLS


Pot calling kettle?

JLS, YOU are downright EVIL!

1416 days ago


One child is squinting because of some bright lights and the other's cheeks are just a little squished by the hat and the way she's being held and ALL OF THEM LOOK THEY WAY THEY LOOK BECAUSE THAT'S HOW THE PICTURE TURNED OUT.

1416 days ago


What adorable children. Brad and Angelina are fantastic parents - lucky children.

1416 days ago


Actually Viv looks a lot like Shiloh did when she was an infant!

Please, refrain from giving out negative opinions about the children ESPECIALLY when there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to warrant it medically!

UNTIL Angie or Brad confirms anything medically regarding their children, i am just going to say how beautiful all of their children are!

And for those spiteful women, these 2 have been together now 6 years and parents to 6 children and appear very happy. IF Brad was remotely happy with Aniston, he would not have left! Would you rather he stayed even if miserable having married the wrong person?
In every interview at the time, Brad expressed his desire to have a large family, but Aniston always said how she was not ready to have a they were on different page there and there are prob other factors as well we do not know about!
So you all need to move on...Sometimes you do not decide who you fall in love with and when!

1416 days ago


So wha? The adopted kids stay at home unless there's a press release? Token kids.

1416 days ago


There was an article that came out in the Enquirer a while back that mentioned something was wrong with the twins, hinted that they possibly had Down's Syndrome or something to that effect. I remember reading that Angelina Jolie was threatening to sue them, and nothing else was mentioned about it again.

1416 days ago


Knox looks typical but Viv looks like she has hydrocephalus or down syndrome. I have seen pictures where she doesn't but mostly it looks as though there is some problem. I don't know if they should replicate again.

1416 days ago


I don't know why Jennifer Aniston has to be mentioned in this?

1416 days ago
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