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'Modern Family' Star

Gets Tips on Circumcision

12/10/2010 2:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

To snip, or not to snip? That was the question posed to Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Mark Ballas ... by a woman on a mission. A mission that revealed waay too much ... in the TMZ newsroom.

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This just goes to show how unaware people are. A complete joke was made about cir***cision. Just because your popular and have money does not in anyway give you a brain. "O, I havent really thought about it." Seriously, these people are undoubtedly have no idea of what it means to challenge norms. Its just easier to fit in right...what a joke.

1416 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

woman!! men's and boy's genitalia is none of your business!!

1416 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

penises smell horribly either way. it sure does not change anything about the basic anatonomy. yuck. cut or not.

1416 days ago


I realize that the point of TMZ is to poke fun at EVERYTHING, but this is not an issue to be taken lightly. The truth IS that 66% of boys in America are left INTACT these days! If we said that everything was "no one's business" then where would our world be? Female Cir***cision was legal at one point... do we find that right? Of course not! So why should it be for baby boys? I also think that getting the message out about ANY kind of cause, especially to celebrities, often requres unexpected encounters with people. It's not like organizations can just stick a flier on the cars of big-name people who could raise awareness about a cause. I think people need to do a LOT more research and actually look at the PROVEN facts... not just crap people put out there to be taken as fact.

1416 days ago


Doesn't she know that most celebs don't have opinions on controversial topics? And even when they do have opinions, their statements are carefully crafted by their PR?? That, and the internet always brings out the nutters on both sides... We're better off talking to friends and families about protecting babies' genital integrity.

1416 days ago


A cir***cised penis looks better. Period.

1416 days ago


To #3, some guys' penises do tend to smell but only because they are too damn stupid to wash adequately. Recently sat next to a guy on the subway and could smell his d*ck through his pants. Yuck!

1416 days ago

joe stat    

I'm sorry but anti cir***cision activists are among the oddest people I've ever had the displeasure of meeting. This woman is very sweet in her approach here but when their claws come out, they can be a rather voracious group. I even had one tell me that raping a baby is less traumatic than cir***cising one is. Huh, really? That's just insane! Look I think it's great when people find a "cause" to get behind but I think with all the terrible things children suffer with in this world...i.e. hunger, homelessness, abuse, etc...this pseudo human rights movement about whether men have hoodies or crewnecks is utterly ridiculous.

1415 days ago


@#4 there is a very big difference between the genital mutilation of female "cir***cision" and he reasons it is performed and cir***cising a male. There are legitimate medical reasons to cir***cise a male child and, if a parent is legitimately concerned about these, it is much safer to have the cir***cision performed in infancy than waiting to adulthood. Cir***cision performed in older children and adults is a major procedure requiring general anesthesia (and is painful to recover from). The increase in incidence & prevalence of diabetes and other disorders associated with peripheral vascular disease alone are legitimate reasons to consider prophylactic cir***cision in infancy.

1415 days ago


These days you cant cut your dog ears or tail because it is illegal but it is legal to cut a part of an healthy baby boy penis..Strange...isn´t?

1415 days ago


What a brave woman! What cowardly TMZers for making light. Mario Lopez talked about it. Why not tell the world where you stand? Celebs could make a difference in protecting infant boys from misguided parents and doctors who get rich on procedures. Cir***cision is a man's decision to be made solely for himself. No one else has the right.

P.S. I seriously doubt that woman works for Intact America, but she just might have an offer if she's interested.

1415 days ago


All we hear is that its not clean, but it up to the person to take care of his body.Its like brushing your teeth,we are tought to take care of our bodies and how to clean ourselfs at young age.Its amazing how many ppl that are NOT cir***sisized have something negitave to say abot it.

1415 days ago


A ridiculous treatment of a serious issue. I wonder if they would do a similar report on female genital cutting? And yes, many cultures practice the direct equivalent of male cir***cision in the US (look it up). Some cultures practice far more horrific versions of genital cutting. But really, where do we draw the line? Whose Body, Whose Rights?

1415 days ago


"The increase in incidence & prevalence of diabetes and other disorders associated with peripheral vascular disease alone are legitimate reasons to consider prophylactic cir***cision in infancy." HUH???????????? You don't really think cir***cision prevents diabetes do you? Really? REALLY? Is this a joke?

In regards to circing as an adult versus infant, infants don't get general anesthesia because they can't! Not because they don't need it because they do need, cir***cision is painful for infants or adults. Perhaps more for infants as the prepuce must be removed from the glans (much like removing a fingernail from the the nail bed) where as adults prepuce's have already naturally come loose.

There are also legitimate reasons to cir***cise a female, decrease in UTIs, looks better, cleaner etc. Sound ridiculous? Because it is!

1415 days ago

Ron Low    

Think about it. It's pretty sad when there isn't a clear and simple answer to: "Are you in favor of cutting healthy normal body parts off without consent of their owner?"

How could anyone be afraid to state their opinion about that? Thanks Sara Gilbert, Penn Jillette, Ben Affleck, Howard Stern, Alan ***ming, Greg Fitzsimmons, and Mario Lopez; just some of the celebs who have recently vocally supported an infant's basic human right to an intact body.

Not one national medical association on earth (not even Israel's) endorses routine amputation of healthy normal body parts.

1415 days ago
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