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Miley Cyrus -- We, The TMZ Jury ...

12/11/2010 1:33 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Thousands of TMZ users have strong reactions to the Miley Cyrus bong video we posted Friday. Some people think she's a L.I.T. (Lindsay-in-training) ... others say the only difference between Miley and your garden variety 18-year-old is that Miley is wildly successful. 

So we gotta ask ...


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57% of voters think that salvia is worse than alcohol?!? obviously none of these people have ever lived on a college campus. the effects of booze are much worse and much more dangerous than 5 minutes of giggling and hallucinations. silly people.

1390 days ago


she thinks it's really cool ya'll.

1390 days ago


Another example of kids with too much money and a sense of entitlement! The public made your career and the public can unmake
your career. This didn't happen overnight Billy Ray. You just might have been able to cover it up when she was younger.
Perhaps she's trying out for the Linda Lovelace role. "Do you mind if I smoke while you eat?"

1390 days ago


My opinon: This was obviously her first time smoking anything. She doesnt know what she is doing. I think she was probably drinking and that is what caused this behaviour. And who cares? Everyone smokes and drinks. What is different is that everyone watches her. I also think the person filimg was the one who sent the video because she was trying to get Miley to talk more to the camera. Miley needs better friends who wont use her for money or fame.

1390 days ago


ummm go to any town in the US and you will find 18 year olds doing MUCH MUCH worse. although its a really dumb high most kids who try salvia do it when they are in high school so you all need to chill and pull your heads out of your butts. shes just tryin to have fun and be a normal girl.

1390 days ago


Not parents Fault
It's the fame and Money and wantin 2 be like her Friends !!

1390 days ago


I love how they're listening to a 40 year old Eagles song. Apparently, there is no generational difference in pop music. Regarding her alleged substance abuse, she clearly wanted this to get out on the Internet.

1390 days ago


The song in the background is Bush- Comedown. Not eagles...

1390 days ago


Whether for publicity or not, whether real drugs or not, Miley is going to have consequences from this behavior. I am sure she is wealthy beyond belief and that her dad probably still has control of her money, but financially she will suffer from her behavior. Miley will end up being the next Lindsey Lohan or Britney Spears unless she redirects her life. I don't blame her for wanting to have fun, but jeepers, does FUN always have to end up with booze and drugs? The so called 'friend' taping this video is NOT a friend or this video wouldn't be up for sale and distribution. I guess time will tell what will happen in the LIFE of Miley Cyrus.

1390 days ago


people r funny Drinking OR Salvia? Look at how many people die and kill because of Drinking. HOW MANY PEOPLE HAS DRINKING HURT? I CAN SAY DRINKING HAS HURT MORE PEOPLE THEN ANYTHING IN THE WORLD. EVERYONE KNOWS ATLEAST ONE PERSON THEY LOVE OR LOVED WHO HAS A PROBLEM WITH DRINKING.(RIP 2 ALL WHO LOST THEIR LIFES BECASUE OF ****ING DRINKING) how many people have Salvia killed i bet not has many! No ones to blame shes 18 years old she will try new things thats wat happens when u grow up. there is alot of other stuff these people can bitch about. L.I.T hahah people r fast to think the worst. Miley Cyrus dont listen to the haters if u want to smoke then smoke. **** WAT PEOPLE THINK BECAUSE THEY ALL TRYED SALVIA OR WEED OR WHATEVER ELSE. PEOPLE TRY THING THATS LIFE CHILL THE **** OUT PEOPLE.

1390 days ago


Holy ****, she is the most annoying person on the face of the planet.

1390 days ago


Really a 6 question poll because a teenager takes a hit on a bong? The way these websites attempt to sensatonalize everything is pathetic. Seriously if all you can do is keep writing about the same thing over and over again then maybe you should reassess your vocation choices. And people if you find this all so fascinating stand up, turn off your computer, get dressed, go outside and find the life you lost somewhere along the line.

1390 days ago


This chick is a complete moron, and should not be put out by Disney as a role model. This is what happens when you whore out young kids. She has a long fall to the bottom coming. Enjoy the gutter Miley.

1390 days ago


none of you will convince me that this was a publicity stunt or otherwise. this video has just ruined her career. you all are saying no way there are others worse than her. not even Lohan was stupid this way at least not that i have seen. who are these people she's with? especially the one that seems to keep trying to get miley to say shizz and take more hits???? does she still have a boyfriend? i think not or maybe he doesn't care cause of her money. in any event i have lost all respect for her and that means nothing but u all know what my point is. If my kids were still of the Miley years, there would be no way, no how, not in this lifetime would i ever let them go to concerts or possess anything having to do with her. I AM SHOCKED, AND THAT'S NOT A JOKE, I REALLY THOUGHT THIS GIRL WAS GONNA BE THE ONE THAT KIDS COULD LOOK UP TO, HAVE CONFIDENCE IN THEMSELVES (BECAUSE OF THE (WAS) SPEECHES SHE WOULD GIVE BOUT, BEING YOURSELF AND NOT GIVING IN TO PEER PRESSURE, BOY SHE BLEW THAT ONE OUT OF THE WATER. ANYWAY, IM JUST RAMBLING, BUT TO CLOSE I WILL SAY "SHAME, SHAME, SHAME ON YOU MILEY (HANNAH MONTANA) CYRUS. I FIGURE YOU HAVE A H.S. DIPLOMA, SO U DO THE MATH AND TRY TO FIGURE OUT JUST HOW MANY TEENS HEARTS U BROKE WHEN THEY SAW THIS VIDEO, AND JUST POSSIBLY HOW MANY WILL DIE BONGING IT UP WITH THAT SHIZZ (AND I MEAN SUICIDE BECAUSE OF THE EFFECTS OF THE SALVIA OR WHATEVER ITS CALLED HALLUCIGENS COUPLED WITH THEIR DISAPPOINTMENT IN YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DUMBAZZ BIATCH!!

1390 days ago


this is for brandon eat ****. your comment is over done and you clearly love the attention. Get a life and let people live theirs. As for Miley. I think she is a normal teenager acting out. It's normal. I think she is a wonderful person and she needs not to listen to fools like you! Go Miley!!!

1390 days ago
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