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Shane Mosley: All Systems Go to Fight Manny Pacquiao

12/13/2010 1:52 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

"Sugar" Shane Mosley is giving strong signs he'll get in the ring with Manny Pacquiao for the title fight on April 16.

Manny Pacquiao vs Shane Mosley
Shane seems pretty confident he'll be the challenger, now that Floyd Mayweather appears unwilling to step up.

Mosley said he thinks the fight will go down at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Place your bets!

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Mark in Texas    

Mayweather is afraid of pacquiao . His ducking is getting to be almost to the point were he is just locking his door and crying in the corner. Mayweather is NOT a champion. He is NOT even a fighter. He is NOT a sportsman. He is however showing that he is a coward. Take the fight with Manny if you have any balls.

1379 days ago


Well...at age 39 and following a nasty (not to add costly) divorce...Shane has all the reasons in the world to seek a huge payday. Pacquiao v. Mosely, if it ever happens...all boils down to...$$$$ and more $$$. Sorry, I'll have to skip this one!

1379 days ago


Manny is going break Mosley down, just like the rest PERIOD!!!!!

1379 days ago

Sheeple Herder    

Shane was a great boxer in his day, but he should have already retired and absolutely should not humiliate himself by facing Manny. This fight is going to go horribly wrong for Mosley! Greed and trying to relive his glory days overtook common sense. You probably can expect his pulverized face to announce his retirement after being completely dismantled by the Pac-Man. It won't be a glorious exit and will be what a lot of people remember instead of all his great past wins. Stupid move.

1379 days ago

boxing bum    

The old fart wants a hefty paycheck. Shane needs a good doctor after the fight. There should be an ambulance in the venue just in case he will have shortness of breath, or an Opthalmologist during the fight to check his eyes every each round!!!

1379 days ago


Unfortunately Arum dictates bring the opponents to pacman showing him which one has the better $$$ and Pacman (can't blame him) says either YES or NO.. With Gayweather prolly goin' to Jail!!!
Pacman is just there to collect his $$ nothing more to PROVE but just entertain Boxing fans!

btw, Pee drinking Marquez blew his chances of landing a 3rd fight by insulting Pacman and thanks to Gayloha's help there will be no JMM will not get his retirement $$$ LOL! better drink more pEE!!

1379 days ago

Marquez the Duck    

Marquez didn't really want to fight Pacquiao. He's ducking him. If he really wants to fight Pacquiao, why is he pricing himself out? He's just using Pacquiao's name to gain popularity. I know styles make fights, but do you think Marquez has a chance against Cotto @ 145? Clottey @ 147? Margarito @ 150?

To those that think Marquez beat Pacquiao twice, like you Marquez and Mayweather, answer this, how many times did Pacquiao floored Marquez? If you were the judge on their first fight, how would you score the first round that Marquez got knocked down 3 times? And did Marquez knocked down Pacquiao in their 2 fights?

The truth is, Marquez doesn't need to duck Pacquiao because Pacquiao is not going to give this disrespectful, unsportsman-like conduct of Marquez a chance at making a lot of money. He can cry all he wants but guess what, when he dies, his cry about "he beat Pacquiao twice" will die with him. Because Manny will be on record books long after everyone that's alive today are all dead.

And Marquez and Floyd will be remembered as the sour losers who keeps on ducking Pacquiao!!

1379 days ago


I like comment #9. Marquez has been embarrassing nobody but himself with his ploys. What's so unbelievable is that Pacquiao clearly has gotten to be a bigger, stronger a fighting machine than when the two last fought. In both fights Pacquiao was already stronger. Marquez, in comparison, has been more or less mediocre. He must be insane to go taunt Pacquiao the way he is doing now. I give Pacquiao tremendous credit for ignoring him.

1379 days ago

Forrest Griffin    

This is a bussinessman's fight, Manny knowing all too well that this fight poses less danger for him and Mosley getting his wish to fight for his retirement pay. Expect the Pachaters to say that pacquiao is beating old and washed up guys but this time he is fighting an african american that's one less criticism for him, oh, maybe not, surely, the next criticism would be he only fights old african american fighters.

1379 days ago

Sheeple Herder    

Oh, and huge thanks to Pacman for crushing the face of that cheating bricks in the glove skuz Margarito! Margarito should have been banned for life and I loved every minute of seeing him being ripped to shreds by Pacquiao! Eff that cheating douche! Mosley should have been forced to watch this fight again immediately before making the decision to fight Manny.

1379 days ago



1379 days ago


I like Shane but Manny is best right now. No one cant beat this dude... i think its a good fight coz Manny brings excitement in the ring and fans love that about Pacman! Mosley is so lucky to get this fight against Manny and he just want a big last payday before he leaves boxing...

Tmz can you guys check Froid whats hes up to and tell him to get out from lalaland and be a man for a change..

1379 days ago


shane, collect your purse and go home...you are no match with manny... its going to be a boring fight..

1379 days ago


Pacquiao need to call a press conference(include TMZ)and announce that he is willing to take the random drug testing and call out Floyd.This is to remove any doubt to his legacy and to put Floyd in the corner so he wont have any more excuses not to fight him.If Floyd still refuse to fight Pacquiao after did this then he is going down in history as a coward even if he got 0 loss.

1379 days ago


Define "coward"- Coward means "Floyd Mayweather Jr."
Define "warrior"- Warrior means "Shane Mosley"

1378 days ago
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