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Hulk Hogan Tyin' the Knot ... TODAY!

12/14/2010 7:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Hulk Hogan is about to walk down the aisle again  -- TMZ has learned the wrestling legend will marry his 35-year-old fiancée this evening at sunset.

It's all going down at the Hogan compound in Clearwater, Florida. We're told Hulk will take his girlfriend Jennifer McDaniel's hand during an intimate ceremony ... with only close friends and family invited.

Hulk's kids, Brooke and Nick, will both be in attendance -- but his ex-wife Linda didn't make the guest list.

As we first reported, Hulk applied for a marriage license last month -- and we're told L.A.-based spiritual guru Dr. Michael Beckwith will perform the ceremony.

Mazel Tov!

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Dr. Bash    

This Hulk Hogan clown….if I ever run into him, I’m gonna lay an ass-whoopin’ on him that he won’t soon forget. I’ll put him in the camel clutch, then I’ll pound his face until it gets uglier than it already is, if that’s possible. He may be big, but I’m scrappy and squirrelly, and I will slap the living **** out of him, then kick his ass for being stupid, too. His real name is Terry. HELLO!??? Who names a boy Terry? Apparently his parents are twice as dumb as their stupid kid. I simply cannot WAIT to run into this clown. I’m gonna drop kick him and slam his face into a make-believe turnbuckle. Then I’ll put the death grip on him while I’m punching him about the neck and shoulders. He stands no chance against me. His worst mistake? Not taking me seriously. Sure, I only weigh 158, but I’m packed with muscle and I’m so good looking that it intimidates EVERYONE. Even Hulk will be attracted to me and my face and my hot muscles, and that will be his waterloo, for it is at that point that I will flap-dock buddy spank his donkey ass and then I’ll make him beg me for forgiveness. Yes….it’s true…I can whoop his ass in a New York minute, and that’s exactly what I’m gonna do when I see this punk. And if he’s riding around on one of those dorky Segways, I’ll whoop his ass THREE times. Once for being a dork, again for being stupid, and a third time for general principle. He should fear me the way France fears Germany. Oh wait…..Terry doesn’t know where France or Germany are located. So let’s make this simple. When I come to Florida, which will be soon, I will hunt this guy down, call out his name, then walk right up to him and deliver an ass whoopin’ that will be one for the ages. Put your girly fists up, Terry, cuz I want a fight, though it won’t be much of one. I’m gonna lay a lickin’ on you. I’ll be like Martina Navratilova…she licks all her opponents, but that’s cuz she’s a bulldike. By the way, your daughter is likely a bulldike too, but if she’s not, she’s still not attractive. She looks too much like you, which is ugly. And remember…I’m gonna kick your ass just for being ugly. So look out, Terry, or Hulk, or whatever your *** name is, cuz I’m gonna slap the **** out of you. Any questions? I didn’t think so, punk.

1378 days ago


she looks way too much like his daughter!!!
Way too much!!

1378 days ago


This girl is smart enough to spend it before divorce hits. To hell with the lawers, get it all yourself. Fresh meat for the 19 year old friend of nicks. Brooke needs to give that little baby boy some, he's never looked the same since he dropped the soap in the prison shower..

1377 days ago


He better learn how to tie he weiner in a knot or that little 19 year old will be taking number 2 wife from him, or who knows might just keep them both although that first one has a lot of miles on her.

1377 days ago


She looks like he could be his mother, is he desperate or what?

1376 days ago


Glad to see u are doing better and i am very happy for u getting married again you deserve to have someone in your life again shes gorgouse, i saw her pic. I hope this last back surgury will help you but being married might help even more and i am glad your beautiful and talented children were their for u cause they are your heart and soul,you have been through alot in your career setledown now and do what drs and new wife says and children.Have a wonderful wedding and a beautiful x-mas and new year u deserve it dude love you Hulk

1369 days ago



1367 days ago


lesson learned do not ever marry unless all that you have is community property or you will get screwed either at the death of the person or the devorce either way you are screwed!!!!!!!

1285 days ago
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