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The Situation Accused of Artwork Heist

12/15/2010 1:34 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It's no "Thomas Crown Affair" -- but The Situation has been accused of jacking a painting of himself via the Internet ... and the artist behind the image is ballistic. 

The artist -- Celeste Gillis -- tells TMZ she contacted The Situation on Facebook last month to tell him she immortalized him on canvas -- and he could either have it for a price ... or credit her art website on his FB page.

Gillis claims The Sitch posted the moob-tacular image on his FB page without doing either (above) ... along with the adding-insult-to-injury caption, "THE MAN THE MYTH THE LEGEND."

Gillis tells TMZ she never asked the Sitch to take down the pic ... because she didn't think he would understand copyright laws. 

No comment from his people.


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An amateur artist and an ugly model. What could go wrong?

1370 days ago


To all the idiots who commented "She has no right to sell his image". She's offering it to HIM! He brought up money. So she has all the right in the world. Also, it's her own interpretation of that s***bag, a public figure. So she can sell it as much as she wants as long as SHE is not using it for commercial use.

I'd print it on toilet paper and use to to clean my dogs behind.

1370 days ago


All he needs is a sailors hat and a pipe and start singing Im Popeye the Sailor Man.....

1370 days ago


If she was smart she'd pay him not to post it--she needs a serious class in portrait painting before calling herself an artist.

1370 days ago


I love how kids assume that all art has to be realistic and they don't understand things like humour and irony in intentionally badly painted charicatures. The fault of the artist is assuming a bunch of dimwits on a site like this would get the point.

1370 days ago


It doesn't matter if you put the your image on a public forum or online with or with out a watermark. Granted he didn't make any money of off it, but she told him he wasn't allowed to use the image with out first compensating her or mentioning her name.

I repeat, watermarks or the absence of them do not mean anything. Even puting ©The Artist 2010 does not make it any more copyrighted. It just makes points it out.

1367 days ago


I've been making a point to ignore the message boards, but I must say that I'm getting awfully sick and tired of so-called "artists" and self-proclaimed experts telling me what I should and shouldn't do with my art.

I created my Jersey Shore paintings (both 'Snooki' & 'The Situation') for fun. It was a light hearted theme for an art show that I organized (along with 10 other artists) back in November. By no means are they meant to be high realism or represent my work in general. In fact, they are the only celebrity portraits that I have ever done. 'The Situation' is obviously meant to be comical, satirical and cartoony, I mean, come on! I would hope that he even realized that.

As for "selling out", I imagine that most of you on here are quite young and still believe in that romantic notion that you can sit in your eclectic little studio painting and masturbating all day until all of the curators come crashing down your door because you're so ****ing brilliant. Well guess what? It doesn't happen that way, and I know dozens of great artists who are creating masterpieces in secrecy because nobody knows they exist, and sadly, probably never will.

Art is a cut throat business like any other. I have been selling art for over a decade now; both my own as well as representing other artists. Let me tell you, it takes a lot of hard work and good marketing skills. When you see an opportunity like the one I had, you take it. The exposure is tremendous and I plan on taking advantage of it as I'm sure anyone would in this situation.

Am I a great artist? That's not for you to decide. I do what makes me happy, I make a pretty decent living from it, and I had some luck working my sales skills to make connections along the way. If you don't like it then go ahead and do things your way. As for me I will continue doing what I love to do, make & sell art and bring happiness to those around me.

Also, nobody is suing anyone for copyright. I was asked if I planned to take legal action and I joked that he probably wouldn't understand copyright laws. People will seriously believe anything they read in the tabloids.

Humbly yours,
Celeste Gillis

1366 days ago
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