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Neverland Ranch -- A Teen Haven for Music

12/18/2010 11:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The owners of the Neverland Ranch -- the former home of Michael Jackson -- want to turn the property into a teenage music haven.

TMZ has learned Colony Capital wants to develop a business plan to turn Neverland into a small music institute -- similar to The Juilliard  School in NYC.  The plan is to teach teens all aspects of music, including writing and performing.

Colony wants to turn the property into a campus, in which scores of teenagers -- rich and poor -- can learn the trade that made Michael Jackson a legend.

There are two big stumbling blocks.  The first is making sure Santa Barbara County will sign off on such a project.

The second -- and bigger issue -- is whether Colony Capital can use Michael Jackson's name to promote such an institute.  TMZ has good news for Colony .... sources directly connected with the Michael Jackson Estate tell us, "It's an interesting idea and we'd be open to it."


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and mymmj5 ..i think the thing with steve harvey rolling up the cords on the machines for the children is one of the funniest skits i have seen..
i also love when chris tucker plays mj as a pimp...too funny

1364 days ago

sandra Uitvlugt    


1364 days ago


and mymmj5 ..i think the thing with steve harvey rolling up the cords on the machines for the children is one of the funniest skits i have seen..i also love when chris tucker plays mj as a pimp...too funny
Posted at 6:20 PM on Dec 28, 2010 by nan
hi nan
It was very funny to see steve pull those cords. " get up"!!"stop all that weezin"......LOL! Steve pulled the cords during his comedy skit about the Titanic in the Kings of Comedy. That movie was one of MJ's favorite.

1364 days ago


Michael Jackson should have taken care of sick orphan kids instead of spoiled kids with greedy parents lurking around.
MJ provided for Orphans, ill children and underprivileged kids. MJ did everything right except allowing the kids and their parents into the main house or to tour with him. Outsiders should have been kept in the park area.(IMO)
When the park was the words of Steve Harvey:
“This room is closed.............Errrrrrrrbody OUT!!!!”

Btw: Steve has an upcoming tour starting next year with Kirk Franklin called:
“The Ain’t Nobody Perfect Tour”! I know it’s going to be a SCREAMFEST OF LAUGHTER.

1364 days ago


mymjj5...thanks for the info..i would love to see steve in person

1364 days ago


jordans mother was down right pathological hunting mj starting back when he got burned and hand delivered a letter supposedly from her son...on the hunt.
Posted at 6:12 PM on Dec 28, 2010 by nan

And I cannot believe that dumb woman June Chandler showed up in court in 2005 and she testified that Michael Jackson was the one stalking her son in 1993 and that he was 'erotically' obsessed with the boy. If you recall that year the singer was on tour and promoting an album and doing press conferences all around the world and he only got one day off a week every week to rest at Neverland. He was tired and needed to sleep most of the time. So when did Michael Jackson have the time and energy to stalk Jordan Chandler and follow him around everywhere and have sex with him day and night non stop 30 times a day as Jordan told his psychiatrist?
I suspect June Chandler was mad at Michael Jackson because he did not have sex with her so she was quick to believe that he was having sex instead with her son who is an homosexual. And I am glad that Michael Jackson did not sleep with June Chandler because the dumb woman would have seen him naked and told her son Jordan who would have told Tom Sneddon that Michael was uncirc*umcised and the singer would have gone to jail because the police pictures and the boy's description of his private parts would have matched.
Michael Jackson once told his mother Katherine that if he could travel back in time he would have tried to avoid meeting June and Jordan Chandler at that Rent-a-wreck office in 1992.

1364 days ago


After 2 years, starting in 1992, he allowed pervert Evan Chandler to destroy him & Jordan.
Posted at 1:12 PM on Dec 28, 2010 by aq

It is not Michael Jackson's fault that the Chandlers destroyed his life. This family was a bunch of sycophants who stalked him and they all had an agenda to get rich off of him.
Evan Chandler was a pervert and a molester and an extorsionist. Do you know that in 1994 he had to close down his dentist office because a bunch of his patients were accusing him of drugging them with anesthesia and that he fondled them in their private parts while they were high? He was sued by a total of 14 people. But Tom Sneddon came to the rescue and helped him get out of his legal mess and all 14 lawsuits were dismissed. And then when the media asked Evan why he closed down his dental office, he replied that the wacko jacko fans were leaving death threats at his office door. LIES!!!
And it is not Michael Jackson's fault that Jordan Chandler's life was destroyed. It's Jordan's own fault because he was a coward incapable of confronting his father who was using him to extorsionate rich celebrities. It's also June Chandler's fault who allowed her crazy ex husband to manipulate her son like that. Nathalie Chandler (Evan Chandler's second wife) did not allowed her son Nikki to be involved in a Michael Jackson sex scandal. Evan was going to sue the singer for 60 million dollars claiming he molested his youngest son Nikki too. But Nathalie knew Evan was crazy and a pathological liar. So she divorced him and fled with her two children Nikki and Emmanuelle to France and she never allowed them to see their father Evan Chandler ever again. Nathalie was a better mother to her kids than June was to her son Jordan.
Meanwhile Dave Schwartz who has a daughter with ex-wife June called Lily Chandler he never allowed her to go to Evan Chandler's house and spend the day with Jordan after the 1993 Michael Jackson sex scandal. Dave said that Evan was a pervert and he did not trust him around his daughter at all.

1364 days ago


there were so many things that tom sneddon should have picked up on with this family..the fact that jordan got the description completely wrong being one of them..and yet he went forward.trying to put a square peg in a round hole...i wonder what a different district atty might have done..
i think sneddon was just an ambitious bigot

1363 days ago


i think sneddon was just an ambitious bigot
Posted at 4:45 PM on Dec 29, 2010 by nan

Tom Sneddon is a racist fool. He hated Michael Jackson so much he made the singer's life a living hell to try to kill him. Tom Sneddon hated Michael Jackson for his looks, for his talent, for his influence on children, and for his fortune. Now that Michael Jackson is dead who is Tom Sneddon going to hate next?

1363 days ago


MJ 4 Life!!!

1360 days ago


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1068 days ago
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