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Incubus Guitarist -- Harvard Educated Rock Star

12/22/2010 7:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Incubus guitarist Mike Einziger is currently enrolled at Harvard University -- so we decided to ask Mr. Smarty Smart Pants some profound, philosophical questions about ... taking acid?!?!?

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Rachel Rothechild    

If he was not in a band he could not get laid to save his life.

1399 days ago


You could try stalking Rivers Cuomo. He also attended Harvard.

1399 days ago

Soiled Midget Panties    

Tom Morello, the (ex) guitar player of rage against the machine graduated from Harvard too from what I remember.

1399 days ago


Has ANY Ivy League school said "no" to any famous person who wanted in no matter how academically qualified they were?
Or does fame "automatically" get you in?

1399 days ago

snookiz snatch stinks    

#1 you're an idiot. someone with the brains and cash to go to harvard ain't got no problem pullin some chicks. fool. And the fact that he is in incubus.....get outta here dude. what the hell do you do, post first on the TMZ comment board......ohhhh ohhhhh watch out ladies! we got a catch on out hands. loser.

1399 days ago


Timothy Leary was handing out acid at Harvard back in the sixties. He got fired however...

1399 days ago

Black Becky    

I love him.

1399 days ago

Y do he got    

I called harvard and they had never heard of him, he must have blown off his career oh well..string bands are DOA.

1399 days ago

lost grrl    

What Harvey is saying about drug use at upper echelon schools is absolutely true. Some of it is because those kids work hard and party harder. Others take drugs as a way of coping with the pressure. I went to a private college that we kind of rivals with the other private college in town. Both are very well respected but the other one (the one I didn't go to) was considered better and those kids were hardcore...shooting up openly in dorm rooms/hallways. They also had a suicide rate to rival any Ivy's.

And there was a girl just the other day..she was a Cornell student and was arrested with a tupperware container full of uncut heroin!

1399 days ago

Rachel Rothechild    

#7 Thank you for being the leader of knowing my initimate mental facilities. It does not matter what Ivy league it was. It was not my point. He is simply not attractive and I said band not school. Kinda slow on the uptake and jealous whew! Way too much energy expounded.

1399 days ago


It's not always about acid and rock & roll.
Sometimes it's about 'shrooms and sitar funk.

1398 days ago


#1, you seem a bit bitter...I'm sure you're super attractive and have a great life. Let us know when u become a rockstar and get into Harvard.

1398 days ago


right on #6 and #13. incubus rocks

1396 days ago


anyone know who's the girl he's with?

983 days ago

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