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New 'Teen Mom' Audio -- Gary's Cover-Up Call

12/30/2010 10:06 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Amber Portwood's baby daddy, Gary Shirley, desperately tried to get his other chick to cover up another alleged Amber beating that occurred just two weeks ago ... according to a recording obtained by TMZ.


The audio -- recorded Dec. 15 -- captures "Teen Mom" co-star Gary on the phone with a girlfriend named Ashley. He's telling her how to stonewall reporters who got wind of a Dec. 14 incident where Amber allegedly beat him again.

Gary advises Ashley to tell reporters, "No comment, no comment, no comment ..." adding, "every time they leave you alone."

During the call, Gary admits, Amber "f**king hit me." You also hear Gary whisper to a friend in the room that Ashley didn't actually see Amber hit him -- she was outside waiting in a car.

In return for Ashley's silence ... Gary makes this gallant offer to her -- "Maybe one day we can start a family."

We previously reported Amber Portman was arrested and charged with felony domestic battery for allegedly beating up her baby daddy in front of their daughter.

According to the police report filed with the court, Amber acknowledged that her violence was true anger and not staged for the TV show.

One of the officers notes in the report that there were "multiple violent and physical fights between [Amber and Gary]" in which Amber punched, slapped and kicked him.

In the outtakes that were not aired on the MTV show, the baby is clearly in the room watching the violence, according to the police report.

Portwood has since pled not guilty to the charges.

Check out video of one of the incidents below.

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No Avatar


I'll admit, I have watched many episodes of 16 and pregnant, plus teen mom. I believe the show started out with good intentions of do***enting how hard teen pregnancy is and the hardship that comes with it. BUT, I think it has morphed into something else. I feel sorry for Leah (and every other kid that has to grow up in a dysfunctional home)and I also feel sorry for both Amber and Gary. You know, I think I feel sorry more for Amber because she has to put up with a deadbeat little boy who can't get out there and provide for his child. Watching the show, he purposely pushes her buttons to get her to the point of exploding. Do I condone her behavior? No, I don't. I believe she should be able to respond in a different manner.
Teenagers (even young children!) have no set boundaries, no knowledge of consequences and definitely NO DISCIPLINE. Don't blame MTV, video games, or whatever excuse you want to insert, blame the parents who raise these kids. Parents have gotten way to relaxed when parenting their children. I'm 26 with a 21month old daughter and I am scared to death of the idea of her growing up in this world. All I can do is raise her the best I can and hope she doesn't end up on some reality show that will degrade her character.

1362 days ago


More f-cked up kids in the world.

1362 days ago


Funny how they didnt call it domestic violence before & went as far as to edit it out of the show. Only now after the new teen mom aired, is someone saying something. Everyone was making a big deal about interracial couple where Markai whose black got physical with her boyfriend James whosw white. MTV is full of B.S. & so is the Dr Drew. Honestly, they need to cut the show it was informative, But unfortunately its sending the wrong message to the kids that are trying to get pregnant just to be on the show.

1362 days ago


why is it ok 4 a woman 2 punch, slap, degrade etc a man on national tv? but snooki got punched one time and everybody went crazy and they never ever aired the clip again

1362 days ago


Honestly, Amber has got to give herself a break. She is bringing to much poparatzi to her family. Her parents, daughter, and herself are in danger. She brings too much stress to her family and to herself. Her daughter just needs to be with a family that can give her nice things and that can care for her not in a harmful environment.

Dont blame the show on her actions. People are just white trash sometimes. The show shows girls that getting pregnant at 15 & 16 is a stress. They really put the show in all perspectives keeping the baby, abortion, adoption, and even having the baby. Boyfriend trouble, family trouble, and just plain taking care of yourself and your baby. Its a good show and has a good meaning but they should film people who can handel the cameras and the child at the same time.

1362 days ago


I don't believe that men should hit women. I want to make that clear to everyone. However, if a woman hits me in the face with a closed fist I feel that she is putting herself in a man's position and should be quickly dealt with. If you act like a man, your girl will show you the respect a man deserves. If not, you get punked out on tv like Gary.

1362 days ago


I feel so sorry for Gary, he has to deal with that ugly ass piece of white trash. Their daughter is so adorable, i dont know how that ugly bitch gave brith to something so damn cute!

1362 days ago


Not guilty, really ? I think the parents should be brought up on child abuse charges for pimping a minor off to the tv show. Teen Mom needs jail time and a Shrink and the kid placed in Foster. Untill she can prove long term stability. Hell she admits she was "truely angry" in the video clip. Baby Daddy, kick him to the curb with his VD infested crew.
Again, MTV sinks to new lows and wonders why their ratings are crap. You all missed out. In the 80's it was pure music videos 24/7 and great. Now, a pop corn fart has more substance.

1362 days ago


I'm a little put off at all the "adults" commenting about how terrible, classless, morally bankrupt the youth of today is. It amazes me not only that you insist it's the youth's fault that garbage like this is on in the first place (I don't know many teen and 20-something MTV producers), but that you don't explore the question of WHY today's youth is so lost...although I'm sure I know the reason. Maybe because you are the fed-up parents that RAISED this generation? I see so many people complain about how their children are so lazy, lack work ethic, responsibility, etc. SOO different than they were...yet, it never occurs to them that perhaps some of the blame lies on their shoulders? Take note, I said SOME; every adult has the ability to make their own choices, but nobody can argue that how you are raised is very indicative of how you'll make those choices. Which generation brought reality TV to life? Which generation continues to reach for the most outrageous and train-wreck-they-won't-look-away-from BS they can put on the air to suck in young viewers that might not KNOW any better? It's not ours...yet, sadly. Just as you would be angry for me to say every parent of this generation is at fault (which I'm definitely not), I would appreciate it if you didn't insinuate that every teen and 20-something is lacking integrity, morals, ethics and intellect. Because while each absolutely applies to some, neither apply to all. Find the source and fix the problem, this "everyone's at fault but me" attitude is probably what created so much of this mess in the first place.

1362 days ago


The mom should be the poster-child for Obamas redistribution of wealth deal.

1362 days ago


ah... the life and times of trailer trash..why do people find these low lifes so intresting

1362 days ago

manuel a    

my first responce when i seen the video was he should of punched the **** out of her but then he would of went to jail and be the blame as useaull and then i took a min to think about it and if i was him id take the tape and pressed charges on her . i wish more men would stop and think before they hit the women in thier lives that are like this women and turn the table around and do what they would do to guy. press charges on women like her so they know they are not different than guys who do this . women also need to understan if it were a dude hitting him he probaly would of punched him back but women think they can hit men and get away with it then cry im the weaker sex. they need to realize if you want to act like a man then dont think you are going to be treated any different. you want to hit like a man expect to get hit like one and dont get all shocked when the man does punch your ass out like a man.

1362 days ago

Social Outcast    

I am a firm watcher of the show and honestly these are feelings and actions on Amber's part that were bound to be unleashed Gary was really a jerk to her and she put up with it. She has hit rock bottom and does need anger management. Abusive? No. I would say that jackass got exactly what was coming to him and come on she is less than half his size I swear Americans are in love with the word "abuse". Really stop calling Amber a bad mom because she can change she just needs help and someone to genuinly reach out to her without pointing a finger. I do feel bad for her daughter is it Leah? I do feel like she witnessed some bad stuff between her parents but my point here is stop pointing one finger because it takes two to tango.

1362 days ago


I love how people are saying "he's a *****, to hit her back or getting another female to beat her up" but if he hit her back, wouldn't he be a woman beater? And is it all of the sudden "two wrongs make a right"?? I think he carried himself very nice, but I think he pokes at her sometimes to tell you the truth. He knows she is like that, but he never walks away before poking at her. Is what he needs to do is get a restraining order, and get custody of the child or put her up for adoption. Amber, I never liked her never will, but she needs to get help. I watch and love the show, every episode is not like this, some are very touching, and some show true responsibility. Being 16 and pregnant is not easy, and I'm glad that there is a show to show that. I know because my bestfriend was pregnant at 15, I am now 21, married and have no children, because I saw her go through that. And I just love how all these hateful words are being tossed around, but is it our place to judge these people, isn't that why we have juries and God?? And anyone who wants to make fun of America, here's the door and don't let it hit you on the way out, you should be ashamed, men and women die for us to speak and be in this country freely. If you don't like it, change it, but don't become a statistic.

1362 days ago


And by the way, if you'd watch the show instead of assuming how Gary is, you'd know why Amber acts out the way she does, but she only knows how to fight back aggresively instead of the way real adults do. Gary is not easy to be in a realationship with. They both need to go their separate ways and figure out what is best for the child.

1362 days ago
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