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Lindsay Lohan -- Targeted in Parking Crackdown

1/6/2011 9:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan's already in trouble for breaking the law in Beverly Hills -- cops decorated the actresses Mercedes with a big, fat parking ticket yesterday while LiLo visited a friend.


Lindsay seemed a little shocked by the citation -- which we're told will run her a cool $65.



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Wasn't there a new law passed that said you CANNOT follow a person's car so close as to cause fear?


1355 days ago


it must be tough to have morons with cameras following you around everywhere you go...guess it would be kool at first but would get very old very quickly

1355 days ago


She's only a scofflaw if she doesn't pay it.
She has no

1355 days ago


Trust me. This is just the beginning. Her "I'm above it all" attitude hasn't changed.

1355 days ago


The first of many, many tickets to come. With any luck, she'll miss one and end up with a bench warrant...

1. Paps only following her so they can't miss the inevitable doof-up that's brewing, i.e. coke on my pants, sitting on Ronson's stairs (easier now, come to think of it, maybe that's the reason for the move, now she can stumble over to Ronson's door and rock and bray and oink and not risk a DUI), or the inevitable overdose. Like many rehabbers, once you are forced to quit for a while, when you get out your tolerance is gone and street drugs literally kick your ass. Just add a little booze and voila, insta-corpse.
2. For several years the Lohans have contacted every media source every day with info on Lindsay's whereabouts and pleas for $$$$. It wouldn't surprise me if some of her more embarrassing moments (all 3MM of them) were not advertised by the rents.
3. Pretty soon Dina, Michael and the rest of the clan whose names escape me will be holding the cameras.

Actually, #3 gives me an idea for a time wasting project. LAUNCH PHOTOSHOP. Don't worry Lohans, I will only use the image for the private enjoyment of your new neighbors and not for monetary gain.

1355 days ago


I used to live in Boston, which has far more parking restrictions and tow happy tow trucks than LA. I only got one parking ticket in 5 years there because I READ THE SIGNS. How hard could it be for Lindsay to do that in Beverly Hills?

1355 days ago


"People on her probably do a lot more wrong that she does, but we don't have paparazzo reporting it or police not doing their jobs fairly."
Let's see: DWIs? Nope, only 2 times for me. Jail? Ummmmm, let's see- nope, only 3 times. Car-jacking? Wow, umm, 1, no 2?? Actually, none! Rehab? There was that time in 1995, but it really didn't count, so, no, only 4!! And, I only call 4 news outlets a week for photos, so, again, Lindsay wins!!!
Anyone else care to share their "doing a lot more wrong" stories??

1355 days ago


Its seen that TMZ is lindsay CHAPERONE.. When is gonna change this site name for lindsay lohan website? this woman never gonna change till she get jail time we know that wont help but it will teach her a lesson that she's not above the law. One of my resolutions for this year is to see LL in jail, i dont think she will make it by the 25 of next months..

1355 days ago


i keep defending her and I've never met her but why does the media have to follow her around? I really hope she is sober and wish her the best.

1355 days ago


For #13

I do not believe the worker lied. Beating up on people when she does not get her way seems to be Lindsay's pattern.

After all, her own mother stated that Lindsay beat her in the face and pushed her out of the car when she dared mention rehab.

It would also be hard to believe that any police department is "gunning for her".

If she obeyed rules none of this would be an issue in the first place. Lindsay is her own worst enemy.

1355 days ago


Geez - enough of this about Lindsey. Next thing you know TMZ will have "BREAKING NEWS - LINDSAY LOHAN HAS GAS - TRIPS ON WAY TO TOILET -BUTT EXPLODES". Why not report on important good stuff like what is OJ up to or how is Phil Spector holding up. Maybe throw in some news like Tiger taken off the cover of his own video game - you know - stuff we LIVE FOR.

Posted at 8:17 AM on Jan 6, 2011 by Kenneth

Ken, if her butt explodes I think most of us would like to see the photos. However, NICOLE would blame it somehow on either Michael or that BF worker who she assaulted.

1355 days ago


why are you seting her each time with stupid question
ask her something like she will might answer for god sake
like why is Ms.Holland is wearing a medical glove?

1355 days ago


If anyone thinks the Paps follow her around, you are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo WRONG!

Lindsay calls the Paps, that chick thats with her (her cough cough assistant/enabler), got into words with the paps and they yelled at her, STOP CALL US THAN! She **** herself and ran into a store it was so funny, talk about getting busted by the paps

PHEW! Who would lend her clothes? Groos! There going to come back not cleaned,stained and smelling like tuna and bad B.O.

I too now wish Lindsay would OD already, so sick of the skank

1355 days ago


3..2...1 and Dina is giving a statement about how Lindsay is such a victim and everyone is out to get her! Newsflash RULES apply to everyone even the s***bag Lohans!

1355 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

actually it was a love letter from the meter maid...i just revealed my true identity....

1355 days ago
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