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Lindsay Lohan Power Meeting -- Let's Get Working

1/7/2011 6:32 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan just walked out of a BIGTIME meeting with a major celebrity jewelry designer  -- as well as key members of her team -- in an effort to kick-start her post-rehab career.

Lindsay's business date was with Pascal Mouawad -- a jeweler who's worked with stars like Heidi Klum and Nicole Richie.

We're told the two sides discussed the possibility of creating an upcoming line together -- the second time they've talked about teaming up. Back in 2009, they kicked around the idea ... but  nothing ever came to fruition.

However, this meeting was all business -- because after the jewelry talk, we're told Lindsay's top people (lawyers, managers, etc) strategized about upcoming film projects and other career moves.

According to our sources, Lindsay has "multiple scripts" to consider.

Not among them ... a biopic of a 1970s porn star.


UPDATE: We're told Pascal gave Lindsay a heart-shaped 10.10 carat diamond Rosette necklace selected by Pascal Mouawad himself. It has an estimated worth of $25,000.


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Does this mean LieHo can peddle this jewelry cell door-to-door?

1387 days ago

Get a Nose Job, please!!!    

I wouldn't wear anything Looney Lindsay endorsed even if it was free. What her "people" don't understand is that the majority of us don't like her. She's a liar, she steals, she's an alcoholic, she's a druggie, she's looks like an old woman, she's dumb as a rock, and somehow she has such an enormous ego she actually think she's important. She loves all of this attention and doesn't realize that she is poor white trash - and always will be. She's disgusting !!!

1387 days ago


This is the reason this little idiot continues her rampage of destruction. People like this jeweler give her a hideous diamond necklace to be the face of their line...what is wrong with these people? Mr. Jewelry Man you can kiss this deal good bye she'll be pawning that ugly thing for drugs next week....sheesh!

1387 days ago


Why the fvvck do woman insist on making their lips look like stuffed sausages.

1387 days ago


@Nicole- Do you really think Lindsay will go till Feb. 25th or whenever without gettin loaded? The paps are watin for her at the Baja Catina, and at the Brig bar. There will be an incident regarding her future at one of these places before or after Aug. 25th, mark my words!
This show is funny!

Posted at 4:00 PM on Jan 7, 2011 by Lucky 130

Yeah even if she relapses with alcohol before the 49 days when she is due back in court then as long as she isn't drinking the alcohol would be out of her system by the time she got tested.
Lindsay learned to her detriment in September that you can't do illegal drugs while being on probation and undergoing random drug tests twice a week.
If she fails a drug test it will be for Adderall but i'm hoping that the 5th rehab was a success

1387 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Nicole, adderall, alcohol, cocaine, any of these is a step back to disaster. Have you seen radaronline? Is this true? This kid is not going to make it without a lot of support.

1387 days ago


@#30 Paul
A message to those who market Lindsay Lohan.

We're not buying anything this bimbo creates,promotes,acts in,or so much as even enjoys.If she's drinking a coke,I'll take a Pepsi.

The American People are sick to death of this family,and especially Lindsay.

A good way not to sell something,is to have Lindsay Lohan endorse it.

We're sick of this family,and that includes Lindsay!!

I agree with this message paul.. What a joke there's houndreds other good actress that way better reputation than this woman. She needs to get married and have like 4kids and disappear from earth.. Yes SNOOKI IS A MAN! ROFL.

1387 days ago


Hmmmm... Radar on line has a completely different take on this "meeting". I wonder which "source" is correct???

1387 days ago

annabelle k    

spectacular. another thing she pawn off to score some blow..

1387 days ago


Nicole, you are a DUMB, DUMB, DUMB, WOMAN! I cannot tell you how many offenders actually show up at my office DRUNK and HIGH! Even when I tell them to come in for a UA and BA! They think they are sooo slick that an altoid will fool me!?!? LOL.

And PO's do make house calls and field visits all the time-moron! You think Lindsay is smarter than her PO? Hell no!! We are always three steps ahead of these offendes, ALWAYS! Unless she has paid her PO off, which is total BS, that is the only way she is getting off. And I don't reccomend she do this...I had a sex offender offer to pay me off once-I placed it on the revocation motion and the Judge was P*SSED OFF-- sent his A** straight to PRISON for the max!!!

Oh yeah, Nicole, PO's are people too...WE do go out to restaurants, bars/clubs etc. We have social lives too, and we do have eyes ya know! Lindsay cannot hide.

And LOL, quit trying to church up the necklace story...we all know it was a PEARL necklace, not a diamond necklace.

1387 days ago


Wow, out three days and she gets a necklace and a Range Rover. Those duck lips have been BUSY. Too bad gifts for favors aren't particularly compelling news, as that trade's been going on since the dawn of time.

1387 days ago


hmmm...I was just reminded of this on another website. What ever happened to that giant payday Lindsay was going to get for her first interview after jail? Guess no one wanted to talk to her after all! Maybe because nobody cares what she has to say anymore?

1387 days ago

David Long    

Who would want to bye this bitch ****. She must need the money to bye more dope.

1387 days ago


Oh Nicole. Sober since September does not really make Lindsay more insurable. Okay, it edges her one step forward on the road but that road is millions of miles long. One step is meaningless. So yes, she has been sober--so far as we currently know--but she was also in rehab during that time. She has yet to prove herself in the real world.

When Robert Downey Jr. got out of prison, he had already been nominated for an Academy Award and an Emmy and he'd won a Golden Globe. And still he was not insurable--AT ALL!!!! Mel Gibson PERSONALLY underwrote the performance bond for his first film post prison. Unless Lindsay knows some people who not only are extremely wealthy but are also willing to risk millions on her behalf, she has a long road ahead of her. (Don't confuse gifts of jewelry or cars with this type of investment. Those people got a ton of free advertising with no risk on their part.)

1387 days ago


And Nicole, you're obviously a huge fan of Lindsay if not an actual Lohan or Lohan employee. That's why it saddens me to read your comments about how many days Lindsay has to hold out until she can drink and do drugs as much as she wants. Or something like today's comment about figuring out how to beat the system with respect to alcohol consumption. It will be great when her current legal troubles come to an end. However, unless she changes her behavior, she will still have a troubled life.

1387 days ago
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