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Palin on Shooting: Stop Mindless Finger Pointing!

1/12/2011 10:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sarah Palin has just posted an 8 minute video about the shooting of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords -- slamming critics who say she may be to blame for the event.

Palin says "We must reject the idea that every time a law is broken, society is guilty rather than the lawbreaker ... Acts of monstrous criminality stand on their own, they begin and end with the criminals who commit them ... not with law abiding citizens who respectively exercise their first amendment rights at campaign rallies."

Palin came under attack after it was discovered Giffords was targeted by Palin on a map released last fall featuring crosshairs over her district.

In the video, she continues, "Journalists and pundits should not manufacture a blood libel that serves only to incite the very hatred and violence they purport to condemn. That is reprehensible."

Palin also adds "We are better than the mindless finger pointing we endured in the wake of the tragedy."


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There is your next president sheeple , THANKS BARRACK , THANKS DUDE !

1377 days ago

Helen Van Patterson Patton     

I truly wish Ms. Palin would practice what she preaches. Every time she opens her mouth something stupid comes out. Remember her BS about Obama "palling around with terrorists"? She doesn't stop to think (or she simply doesn't care) what her idiotic comments can lead to.

I cannot believe this woman has "fans". I have many Republican friends who cannot stand her.

1377 days ago


It would have been helpful if Sarah had manned up after the attack and admitted that her map had been marked with gun sights and she was terribly sorry for what turned out to be a terrible lack of judgment. Instead, she pretended that her map had surveyor marks on it, so no big deal - ludicrous!

I have no idea if Sarah is truly sorry about all of this but I do see continued lack of judgment on her part, which is worrisome in a so-called future president.

1377 days ago



Palin is like a YEAST INFECTION!! just when you thought it would take a break and go away...It pops right out again.

BTW.. I don't usually go out and vote in any general elections because i do feel both parties are all the same, Both in bed with WALL STREET.
But if palin is on any TICKET.. you bet i would find a way to go vote for the other candidate and i don't care who it is or how long in line i would have to wait...

she is that scary and nuts.

1377 days ago


Seriously people. The very comments you post perpetuate hate.

1377 days ago


I'm sorry but she is drumming up support not just for her, but for her party! Listen to it carefully. She talks about HER party, campaining for HER people last march. How we just shake hands and move on. How she doesn't agree with Obama.

This woman whether you want to believe it or not, is partly to blame.

Teaparty supporters have been arrested numerous times over the past two years for inciting violence and assualts at events.

Also, she talks about how the media is bad for what they are saying, YET, she slams others who are talking about clamping down on free speech! But she is saying it isn't fair to attack her!!

She is out of her f'ing mind!

Don't attack me, I want them shut up, BUT, look at the Dems attacking free speech!

1377 days ago


Wonder if Barry Hussein Obama will sit down for a beer summit with the Westboro Church Loons ? There needs to to be peace da valley dawg !

1377 days ago


I'm so happy to see MOST of us have a brain, and that her worshipers are dewindling in numbers.

Clearly, by the posts here, there are maybe three defenders of this foolish woman. We are making progress folks.

On a light note, when is her sex tape coming out?

You know it is coming, when she is broke I suppose it will 'just appear'
She is the type, mo money, mo money, mo money....isn't that what it is really about to the Palin's?
Getting rich off their stupid worshipers? It has been a good gig for her. She should be kissing McMoney's a-s-s every day, without him she would still be a hick in the north, well, she is still a hick of the north but with cash.


1377 days ago

You liberal morons there is NOTHING to show this guy had ANY political motives. This is just a political event for you heartless media & Democrat politicians, you should all burn in hell.
Remember, there is no evidence whatsoever to back the claim that Jared Loughner and his murders had anything at all to do with discourse, radio, rhetoric, tea parties, evil right wingers, or evil left wingers for that matter.

Don’t believe me? Here is essentially every major news organization saying so. It’s simply amazing that this narrative continues somehow.

ABC News

“Though there are no known ties whatsoever between shooting suspect Jared Lee Loughner and Sarah Palin or any part of the Tea Party movement, the “crosshairs” became part of the media coverage of the Tucson shootings from the very beginning.”

LA Times

(23rd paragraph)

“Those seeking a coherent philosophy will probably be frustrated”, said Mark Pitcavage, director of investigative research at the Anti-Defamation League. “So far, most of his beliefs appear to be the product of his own mind, primarily,” he said.

Wall Street Journal

“All he did was play video games and play music,” said Tommy Marriotti, a high school friend. Mr. Marriotti said much of Mr. Loughner’s free time was devoted to the school band. He wasn’t especially political, Mr. Marriotti said, though he expressed frustration with the Bush Administration”

(more below ad)

CBS News

(14th paragraph)

Preliminary examinations of Loughner’s web presence suggest he shared passions with both the far left and far right.

The Washington Post

“Turns out the politics espoused by the alleged gunman, Jared Lee Loughner, 22, are difficult to pin down.

The New Yorker

“Judging from his Internet postings, Jared Lee Loughner is a delusional young man whose inner political landscape is a swamp of dystopian novels, left- and right-wing tracts, conspiracy theories, and contempt for his fellow human beings.”

New York Post

“we really don’t know a thing about Loughner’s motivations”

Washington Post

At this point, there’s no evidence that any statement from any politician sent Jared Loughner over the edge.

ABC News

“However, so far there is no evidence that he has any ties to any political group”

Time Magazine

His exact motivation was not clear, but a former classmate described Loughner as a pot-smoking loner who had rambling beliefs about the world.

Fox News

Megyn Kelly: “…I’m wondering is do you have reason to believe that this particular suspected killer was taking in information or was in any way influenced by the vitriol or the rhetoric that you are referring to on the airwaves”

Sherriff Dupnik: “I have to be specific and say that I don’t have that evidence. The investigation is in it’s initial phases. My belief, and I’ve been watching what has been going on in this country for the last 75 years and I’ve been a police officer for over 50 years, There’s no doubt in my mind that when a number of people try to inflame the public that there is going to some consequences from doing that and I think it’s irrresponsible to do that.”

Megyn Kelly: “Is that, Sheriff, it sounds like you’re being very honest, but that’s just your speculation. That’s not saying it’s fact based at this point.”

Dupnik: “That’s my opinion, period.”


BLITZER: But the question is, is there any evidence that the suspected shooter in this particularcase was a Sarah Palin fan?YELLIN: No.BLITZER: Read Sarah Palin's website?YELLIN: Absolutely not.BLITZER: Watched her FaceBook, her tweets or anything like that?YELLIN: None at all and there is no evidence that this is even inspired by rage other healthcare.


Some liberals quick to point the finger are linking 22-year-old shooter Jared Loughner to the Tea Party—showing the same lack of restraint and tendency to demonize their ideological opponents that they accuse the right of having.


The evidence doesn’t suggest that any of the victims of the Jan. 8 shopping center rampage, including U.S. District Judge John Roll and a 9-year-old child, who were both slain, were shot for their politics, right- or left-wing.

Business Insider

“there’s zero evidence that the Arizona tragedy is somehow related to political speech”

Good Morning America

“The shooter’s motives remain unclear. One acquaintance from 2007 described him as liberal.”

Washington Examiner

There’s little evidence he has a coherent ideology. Loughner’s philosophy professor says the 22-year-old acted like “someone whose brains were scrambled” and whose “thoughts were unrelated to anything in our world.”

The Washington Post

“Loughner’s decision to affiliate as an independent rather than a Republican or Democrat would seem to affirm the sense that while he targeted Giffords in the attack, it was not a decision born of a set of deeply held political beliefs that fit neatly into either party.”

And, let me end by giving credit where some credit is due—a few left wing publications also telling the truth about the story.

Mother Jones

Barring any new evidence that directly links Loughner to any political activism or activities, Democrats will have a tough time pinning the blame on extreme rhetoric.


“around a third of the country that blames rhetoric for the attack, despite evidence that it had nothing to do with it.”

The New Republic

“Conservatives are furious that the shooting of Gabrielle Giffords is being pinned on them. Their indignation is justified. “

Some might say–”Hey, doesn’t this prove that the media IS covering the truth about Loughner? What are you so upset about?”

Mainly because in many of the stories above, these are toss away sentences in an article or column that furthers the storyline. They include one sentence halfway down the page that basically says “oh, by the way, we have no reason to tie these killings with the right. Now, more about the right’s rhetoric and the shooting…”

If you want to complain about our discourse…fine. That’s your right. In fact, it’s part of healthy discourse. But, conservatives have about as much to do with these shootings eggplant parmesan. Absolutely nothing. It would be nice if someone noticed that.

1377 days ago


#33, Thomas,


you are 100% correct. And that is why we need ONE party! Not all this BS back and forth about who is more right than the other.

Things have to change, and NEITHER side will do it!

1377 days ago

Home Skillet    

It would have been helpful if Sarah had manned up after the attack and admitted that her map had been marked with gun sights and she was terribly sorry for what turned out to be a terrible lack of judgment. Instead, she pretended that her map had surveyor marks on it, so no big deal - ludicrous!

I have no idea if Sarah is truly sorry about all of this but I do see continued lack of judgment on her part, which is worrisome in a so-called future president.

You're SO RIGHT, Lou! I thought that many times. "Sarah, even if you don't feel that you have any reason to feel remorseful for the shootings, you need to own that map, step and say you own it, apologize for the lack of judgment and move on." Instead, her handlers go out there and, against a barometer of common sense, try to spin it as, "... those aren't gunsites - those are surveyor symbols!" THAT ALONE, the cover-up, the magician trying to fool the audience with his slight-of-hand, shows that Sarah and her crack team of handlers knew that their map was inciteful and knew that they are complicit in these murders. ONLY - her supporters just don't - or refuse - to see that because they're as dazed by her as those fish she clubs over the head. It's a remarkable view of a scary segment of our society.

Sarah Palin is no more qualified to lead a band, nevermind a country, than I am to perform neurosurgery or commandeer a rocketship to the moon. Sarah Palin - the Cancer of American Politics.

1377 days ago


I feel compassionate toward most humans that suffer from a cognitive impairment, but Sarah Palin is not one of them. She defines the term "retarded". I cannot fathom how or why she has slipped through God's fingers and is still plaguing this planet with her idiocy.
My views have zero connection to a political party, and no, I am not a "******ger". I become physically ill will I see her stupid-looking face, or hear her "let's drink moonshine" voice.

Thnak you for listening to my rant, and I am sorry if I offended anyone.

1377 days ago


MOST of you people on here are the people I'm afraid of most. Just a bunch a blame and finger pointing. Opinions are like azzholes...everybody has one and they all stink. The world is full of left and right wing nuts alike. No more change! We have enough laws. We have enough government involvement. Get off welfare and go to work and stop bitching and blaming. Stop asking for gov. help. Buy a gun and defend yourself FROM the nuts. No one is at fault unless YOU are one of THEM. Get help so your mindless sheeple chatter will not cause another tragedy.

1377 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

Oh... the 'self-pity.' What a dumb b*tch. Everything is always "poor me". She is such an idiot. Those words were used for the Holocaust blaming. I know she did not know that in her own brain. Someone put those words in their for her. Weak excuse for a human-being she is.
So now she only knows Reagan & George Washington in the entire US History. She really needs to red more US History. The most outrageous thing she doesn't know is that the political movement she supposedly leads (Tea Party Inbreds) is based on the false idea that the protest of the Boston Tea Party was actually an 'American' revolt when in fact everyone was still 'British.'
LOL!!! LAME!!!

1377 days ago

wasted days and wasted nights    

No, Sarah is not to blame for any of this. The shooter is responsible for his own actions and no one should blame anyone else on his behalf. But it is reprehensible that Sarah uses gunsights on her political map--and it is borderline worse that she has told fibs about it. Surveyor's sight, my eye.

1377 days ago
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