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Dire Straits -- Classic Song Ruled Offensive in Canada

1/13/2011 2:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

26 years after the Dire Straits classic hit "Money for Nothing" first hit the airwaves ... the song has been ruled "too offensive" to be broadcast on Canadian radio ... because of a homophobic lyric.


The issue first arose last year, after someone filed a complaint explaining that the song contained the homophobic F-word ... three different times.

The Canadian Broadcast Standards Council ruled that the word is indeed offensive -- and ordered radio stations to use an edited version of the song.

The CBSC explained that societal values have "shifted" since the song debuted ... and "the broadcast of the song in 2010 must reflect those values, rather than those of 1985."


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Home Skillet    

Yeah - but, to be fair, in the song "that little ***got" is doing really, really well. He has his own jet airplane and he's a millionaire. I'd be fine with the song if I were him.

1378 days ago

Ronald RayGun    

This political correctness bs is just ruining the world. So sad.

1378 days ago


lol home skillet took my joke!

1378 days ago


Oh, Canada:(

1378 days ago


Yeah buddy that's his own hair

1378 days ago

They are crayz!!    

the edited verison playing in canada now says " d ick licker " instaed of fa ggot

1378 days ago


hmmmmm edit Mark Twain, edit the Dire Straits . . . years and years from now when people read about our history they won't have an idea of what really happened because we have sanitized it all so well.

1378 days ago

Ronald RayGun    

I didn't realize that today's values included having your head up your ass! Canada you suck!

1378 days ago


What total crap. Do they play rap music with the 'n' word and talk of 'hos'? Do they play Alice In Chains 'Man In a Box' with the lyric 'Jesus Christ. Deny your maker.'? That's ridiculous.

Also, please stop referring to every use of that word as 'homophobic'. It is possible to use a rude word and not actually be a homophobe. All this PC bull is filling the world with whiners who think being called something rude is tantamount to being battered. It's not. Either grow a pair or put on your big girl panties and get over it. (Depending on your gender, of course. I wouldn't want to offend.)

1378 days ago

D Wayne    

Hey Canada, take off eh hoser douche bags! Damn French.

1378 days ago


@ #6


1378 days ago


Yes, Canada, but have you banned rap? How many rap songs exactly with words like Ho, Nig***, and other words have been banned. I am sure all the rap songs that denegrate women are played up there in Canada and no one complains. Political correctness run amok.

1378 days ago

ashley macisaac    

I'm sorry but as a Caandian Celebrity- I am offended that our courts made this desicison- Im a ***got and Im quiter fine with being a ***got- and if people contiune to allow such words to creat pain -then they miss the point of President Obama's message last night concerning the shooting in Tuscon- WOrds are not to blame-people are to blame- and those who want to call me ***got negativly may be wrong- but I'm certain Dire Straights with allthier drugs and rock and roll had some times that weren't so straight-Give me a break- ***got is not a dirty word when used properly- ei-Im gay and when i have sex with my ***got husband-the act is called two ***s have sex.Get over it

1378 days ago


It's a great song, but still I am always surprised to hear the word f*gg*t on the radio. You would link they would just edit the word out instead of making a big deal about it....

1378 days ago

moe l.    

Canaduh! A little sensitive are we????

1378 days ago
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