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Zodiac Signs -- Times, They Aren't a Changin'

1/14/2011 9:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Astrology buffs across the country freaked out this week when they thought their astrological sign had changed -- but it turns out they all stayed the same.

New Astrological Dates
Check out this gallery of stars whose astrological sign -- including Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, the 13th zodiac sign Ophiuchus and Sagittarius --  would have changed ... if all this nonsense was true.  


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Flying Blind    

the world has tilted since the signs where made, so they are wrong anyway 1st

1345 days ago

nancy jo    

Go Taurus!!!!

1345 days ago


can sign be identified by that person's mobile no.(9868084749)

1345 days ago

The Astrologian    

This “news blast” returns almost as reliably as a Hailey’s Comet on and each time people panic in the streets claiming the sky is falling. We can always predict that this little misinformation meteor will dash across headlines with similar results each time. No reason to worry about your natal sign. What surprises me is that someone actually hauls it out as if it is a ‘shocking new discovery’, when all anyone has to do is run a Google search and find the identical story repeated over and over again through the years, 2007, 2003, 1999, 1994....there even books on this stuff. But suddenly it newsworthy? Maybe in the Babylonian Free Press, circa 200BC....

Every four or five years there is a news blitz to the effect that astrology as we know it has changed and we are no longer the sign are what we once were or thought we were, and astrology and all of our prognostications are wrong by default. Suddenly you are no longer a Leo and now you have to turn that Lion tattoo into a Crab. And to make matters worse, a new Zodiac invader, the “13th Zodiac sign” Ophiuchus, has entered the scene. Shock!...Awe!

NEWS FLASH: There are twelve divisions or signs along the zodiacal belt, that once generally aligned with twelve of the prominent constellations in that ecliptic. These are Solar oriented ecliptical divisions, mapped in the sky by Lagranian orbital separations and the spaces in between them as seen from Earth’s perspective. As we are fully aware, this has shifted over time; I think they teach this in elementary schools now kiddos, don’t they? But some people seem to be still a bit out of the loop on this one.

Nothing has changed, except maybe someone finally woke up to this fact and declared it a ‘new discovery’...all over again.

One thing you can count on with certainty, most astrologers are quite aware of complex astronomical functions and almost all astronomers are completely clueless when it comes to even the most basics fundamentals of astrological

From Michael Erlewine
Technical Stuff that might be over the heads of astronomers that we astrologers are fully aware of....

Sidereal Zodiac: One of several zodiacs used by various astrologers, both ancient and modern, which is fixed with reference to the stars. Conversion from the Tropical Zodiac to a Sidereal Zodiac is normally specified by giving the longitude of the Vernal Point in terms of the Sidereal Zodiac, or (equivalently) the value of the Ayanamasha for a specific date. Western sidereal astrologers use the value of the SVP (Synetic Vernal Point) specified by ***an and Allen, which defines the mean longitude of the Vernal Point of the epoch BY1950.0 to be exactly 335°57'28.64", which is equivalent to stating that its Ayanamsha is 24°02'31.36". The ***an-Allen determination leads to a Zodiac which is identical to that used by ancient astrologers (Egyptian, Babylonian, Persian, Arabian, Magi). Its use has been established to within 0.1° for the period BC786-AD500, and to within less than 5° as early as BC2767. All ancient astrologers used the same Sidereal Zodiac, but its universality diminished from the time of Claudius Ptolemy (about 75AD) until its re-discovery by Cyril ***an in our century. Modern {Hindu Astrology}, which is clearly derived from Greek sources after the Alexandrian conquests which followed his rise to power in BC336, and reflect much of the work of Ptolemy, uses one of a set of Ayanamshas, which yield coordinate systems some of which are only approximately fixed with reference to the stars. And so on….

1345 days ago


You can't have astrology without "LEO"! lol

1345 days ago


My favorite easily accessible astrological forecast site:

1345 days ago

Joe Smo    

Sounds to me like that you freaks in Cally can't accept the possibility of your sign changing. Oh my God! Who am I! I don't know anymore! The world must be ending! Oh the humanity....hahahahahaha!

Go grab yourself another crystal and shove it up your ass. I heard that will prevent your sign/personality from changing.

1345 days ago

D Wayne    

Here's your sign

1345 days ago



1345 days ago


Astrology is beyond stupid.

1345 days ago


The seasonal (tropical) zodiac which most of us know was created by a philosepher named Ptolemy well after the true zodiac was discovered. He created the tropical zodiac to simplify it. This was 2000+ years ago people. When simplifying it, he surely didn't think this many people would care today and to be honest, it wasn't his concern. He made it simple for the uneducated to believe in.

Fast-Forward to today....

Go ahead and keep your sign or whatever. By doing so you are admitting to yourself that astrology has nothing to do with the stars, the sun or anything of that nature. When you look for your "sign" in the sky, you are in turn lying to yourself again.

Saying that your zodiac hasn't changed because some mystic decided to "codify" the zodiac as "geocentric" and not relating to constellations is like saying that if you're 25, you're still the same height you were when you were 9.

The zodiac is based on what constellation the sun is in! That IS part of the definition of zodiac. Go ahead and look it up. That requirement doesn't just "change" because some guy named Ptolemy says "ooh, this is tricky, let's just make it always the same so we don't have to recognize that every 2000 years or so, it changes a full constellation."

Astronomy proves Astrology is stupid over and over again yet people still think it's valid.

You know why? Because Astrology has nothing to do with science. It has everything to do with perception, and people's perceptions are skewed and distorted. People like to hear what they want to hear, they want their beliefs and ideas confirmed, they don't want to learn something new or difficult or complex or be told they might be wrong, and Astrology gives that to them: a bias of confirmation skewed toward the individual, to make them happy.

1345 days ago


No idea what you are talking about. This is crazy town now.

1345 days ago

say what?     

Ha ha ha, actually I agree with you, ChillzReborn. I think your comment is hilarious. (I'm not making of you) :)

1345 days ago


Tauruses are THE BEST!!! :D

1345 days ago


I tend to think that astronomers are right and tmz is wrong. It's called percussion. Read a book. Now you could ask why am I reading this article In the first place, to answer I thought it was about the change not celebrities.

1345 days ago
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