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Joan Rivers -- Sarah Palin Is 'Stupid and a Threat'

1/17/2011 2:43 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sarah Palin deserves criticism -- and BLAME -- for the horrifying shooting in Tucson, AZ ... this according to Joan Rivers.

Joan Rivers
Joan was at the Critic's Choice Awards party in Hollywood this weekend when things turned political -- and Joan exclaimed ... "This woman is just stupid and a threat."

So we gotta ask...



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# 45 W You hit the nail on the head. Joan Rivers=Used Douchbag.

Joy Bayfart and Kathy Griffin==Liberal skank douchbags.

1283 days ago


joan rivers is a dum bitch and ugly as hell and shes the one that might cause the shoter she so fat off base her brain is fried with all that clown make up on her

1283 days ago


Watch the full video SMH!!!!!

1283 days ago


Joan Rivers is retarded. Sounds like she is trying to make her insignificant career into something significant. Honestly I would not piss in her mouth if her tongue was on fire.

1283 days ago


Joan Rivers is a loud,foul mouthed attention seeking outdated comic who uses her so-called humour, to get her point across. Hurry up and die already.
The gun man did it, not Palin for **** sakes.

1283 days ago


I don't care that much about politics and I am certainly no "fan" of Sarah Palin, but honestly, Joan should keep her commentary to fashion and keep her politics to herself.

1283 days ago


Just because someone who is not Jewish didn't know that "blood libel" was offensive to Jewish people doesn't mean that she's stupid. I'm sure that a lot of people didn't know it was steeped in anti-semetic cultures throughout history. I personally had to google it. How many people know in depth the history of other nationalities tragedy' many people out there know about the Irish Potato Famine.............probably mostly the Irish.

Sarah Palin obviously used the term after being falsely accused of the horrific attack on innocent people in Arizona.

I don't get the name calling. Why can't people disagree in a civil way?

1283 days ago


No wonder her husband committed suicide.

1283 days ago


Joan Rivers? What is she...about 208 by now? Rivers wants someone to get out of her face, they need to know where her face actually is. Some of it is in the wastebasket in a doctor's office somewhere. Then the rest of it is up her own a$$. I could never understand the appeal of Joan Rivers. Was she supposed to be a star back in 1920s?

Why does every hollywood weirdo "C-lister" think they are some kind of expert on foreign or domestic policy? Seriously, her, sean penn, rosie o'fata$$, roseanne barr, julia roberts, alec baldwin. They think that pedestal the country puts them on is some kind of device that gives them intelligence. They ought to read a book that isn't found in the fiction or self-help section once in a while. That might make them more credible.

1283 days ago

STL Hawkeye    

Poor Joan; Sarah Palin is younger, prettier, richer and accomplished more than she has in her 95 years and the bitterness that seeps from that crotch she calls a mouth is sad.

1283 days ago


Such Stupidity, but then again look who it is coming from. No one is to blame but the person that pulled the trigger.

1283 days ago


And this is coming from Joan Rivers? Yeah, I wonder what she has accomplished...nothing I can think of.

One of the stupidest women on TV = Joan Rivers.

And I am not even a Palin supporter, but damn let's give the woman credit. Don't agree with her? fine then say why you moron.

You can't accomplish what Palin's accomplish and be stupid. That's a stupid thing to say. I am glad Ricky gave it to them. Hollywood snobs

1283 days ago


I don't think anyone can be blamed for the actions of a mentally ill person.
Palin and her followers are in a different category and equally dangerous for a number of reasons none of which is psychosis.

1283 days ago


Im disappointed in Joan. I thought she was smarter than this. Such a socialist opinion from someone who if it were not for the 1st amendment would not have a career. Think before they take your right to free speech away Joan!

1283 days ago


I sure as hell DO blame that bitch Sarah, but I also blame a lot of other idiots who haven't learned a damned thing from this whole assassination attempt and the fact that this clown is nothing more than a pathetic piece of crap with NO "political leanings".

I've heard that he's been kept separate from the rest of the prisoners for most of the day, with the exception of an hour to shower and exercise. They should force him to watch all the news articles about how Ms. Giffords is going to LIVE. But then, he'll probably just think that it's a conspiracy to drive him crazy(er than he already is).

1283 days ago
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